Every business, large or small, is primarily concerned with its most important assets, that is, its human resources or HR. Consequently, the HR department is common to all organizations. Today, the process of recruiting, training, and managing the workforce has undergone a huge transformation.

HR departments are organized into small and easy-to-manage units, each of which is responsible for a specific task, such as recruiting new staff, training existing staff, retaining employees, supervising, and so on. Now to manage the entire process, business organizations require robust and competent Human Resource Management Software. Adequate Infosoft is conceptualized and developed by Unicode Solutions, an HR Software Development Company. We effortlessly compile all workforce management systems to augment business efficiency. This version of the HR software solution includes various processes which include HR information system, attendance, leave management, payroll, and performance management which removes the complex management of the HR process with spreadsheets and formulas.

Benefits of Our Human Resource Management Software

  • Digitized Employee Database

The most important function of our HR software is the electronic storage of all employee information, which can be easily managed and retrieved when needed. This improves the overall productivity of the organization by eliminating the need to maintain a myriad of files and workforce details.

  • Payroll Accounting System

Our HRM software includes an automated payroll system that reduces the need for third-party payroll. The payroll system can be easily integrated with employee information, time, and attendance tracking software. This helps in accurately calculating employees ’salaries and other benefits without the possibility of error.

  • Employee Self-help Portals

Employee self-help portals empower their employees by allowing them to access and maintain their own information and keep it up to date, such as changes in title, marital status, and so on. time and effort for other significant operations.

  • Performance Management

This management is particularly useful in providing specialized training to employees, reviewing evaluations, awarding rewards, and improving the overall productivity of the company. This allows HR managers to monitor the performance of each employee and get a clear picture of their strengths and exemplary abilities. 

  • Stress-free Workforce Management

With our robust HR software, there is no need to maintain long spreadsheets and assign tasks to employees via email. The software helps you perform all major operations on a single platform, including assigning work tasks, evaluating progress, reviewing employee performance, and even rewarding.

  • Recruitment Systems

Our software efficiently manages thousands of application forms and helps managers find the most promising talent. Linking the system to the employee database can later make it easier to quickly convert the information from the application form into an employee file without any hassle.

Important Features of Our Human Resource Management Software

Payroll Accounting:  This feature helps you track employee salaries, bonuses, care funds, health and medical deductions, and salaries.

Employee Records: This includes general employee information, all health insurance and tax information, and stores your job history, performance appraisal, awards, and certifications.

Training Management: This allows you to offer distance learning and live training to your employees.

Talent Management:  Used especially in tech-driven organizations, this feature allows HR managers to offer online training to their employees to expand their skills and better contribute to the value of the company.

Benefit Management: The service provides full information on employee benefits.

Compensation Management:  This allows managers to reward their best performing employees with bonuses based on the value they achieve for the company.

Performance Tracking: Employees can review or review other employees. This allows HR managers to gain quick insight into employee performance.

Document Management: This allows you to manage all employee documents by their name or document type. 

Onboarding: Onboarding makes it easy for new employees to learn about the company’s policies and find all the information they need about the company or employer on a single platform.

Recruitment: The recruitment module helps you build a robust talent database that can add value to your company. This helps you create ads, manage the applications of hundreds of applicants, administer important documents, and more.

Timesheet: This helps HR managers get to know the time employees spend on different projects.

Why You Should Choose Adequate Infosoft

As an experienced company for more than a decade, Adequate Infosoft serves more customers worldwide. Our commitment and efforts to develop HR Management Software have led to mutually fruitful results, whether from our customers or ours. We make 100 percent of efforts to provide the most appropriate services to our customers.

  • Comprehensive Product

We deliver robust HR software to our customers that is simple to use, intuitive, and easy to use. We work according to the unique needs of our customers and with the help of a great platform, we create innovative software for them with all the necessary modules.

  • Latest Technologies

In addition to in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, we keep ourselves up-to-date with hands-on experience of upcoming HR management development trends. This results in the development of robust software and allows us to be at the forefront of the competitive market.

  • Adding Value

Our belief in simplification and added value is most likely; HR solutions result in a great combination of usability and functionality for our people, leading to brand recognition. Maximizing our opportunities was our value priority.

  • We Are Distinctive

Software development with robust design, innovation, and out-of-the-box creativity is our strength; this led to more results than expected and high esteem. We value our customers and always meet their expectations.

Technologies We Used 


  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • Vue.js
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • DevOps Services
  • Azure DevOps


  • .Net
  • Node.js
  • C#
  • PHP
  • C++
  • .NET Core


  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • MEAN
  • CakePHP


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Swift
  • Flutter
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Xamarin


  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure


  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • DynamoDb
  • SQLite
  • Firebase


  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • Zoho
  • Power BI


  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Kentico
  • DotNetNuke
  • Sitefinity

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