For 2 decades Adequate Infosoft utilized an Integrated Quality Assurance practice to ensure the highest quality of our deliverables. We have refined our quality assurance and testing strategy and methodology to seamlessly integrate into the development lifecycle without crossing the important boundary between development and software quality assurance processes.

Our Quality Assurance activities includes..

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QA Management Plan

Quality is the degree to which a project meets its requirements. Our Quality Management Plan directs the project manager to perform quality management and quality assurance activities for a project. The aim is to describe how quality can be managed throughout the project life cycle. Our quality management planning defines project-relevant quality policies and procedures for both project results and project processes, determines who is responsible for what, and documents compliance.

Set the Check points

A checkpoint is to make verification points that compare the current value to the expected value of the specified properties of the object. If the current and expected values match, it generates a PASS state, otherwise a FAIL state. We create checkpoints very carefully so that every aspect gets tested without any hurdle. Our process while setting the checkpoints we keep our clients in the loop.

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Multi Testing Strategy

The two main categories need to be considered: strategy and investment when we cut into a software testing project. Needless to say, the strategy comes first and the multi-testing strategy is our priority. Without knowing what techniques and tools are needed to comprehensively test a website or application, it is not possible to determine how much investment a project will require. So use multi testing strategies to get perfect software testing outcomes.

Major Change Impact Analysis

Our Impact Analysis is defined as analyzing the impact of changes in the deployed product or application. It provides information about areas of the system that may be caused by a change in a particular section or feature of the application. With the incorporation of new features into the application or product, it becomes imperative to check the influence of these new features or changes on the performance of the system. For this reason, our Impact Analysis is done.

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Manage Good Relations

We, as a part of the business community, often try to make a successful deal on the basis of good relations with clients. We have a skill full team that handles our clients in a very professional and polite way. That's why our clients want long-lasting good relations with us.

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