What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source front-end JavaScript framework built on TypeScript. This web framework is used to develop single-page applications and is widely used by several global corporations. AngularJS was initially developed and released 11 years ago on October 20, 2010, and is currently managed by Google. It is harnessed with so many incomparable features for which most of the developers use this web framework to develop solo-paged applications. If you are looking for a company providing AngularJS development services for your organization then you can contact Adequate Infosoft as your digital development partner.

Adequate infosoft is in the market to bring revolution in the It industry by offering a complete range of software development services. Our developers are experienced enough to develop intricate software, web, and mobile applications as per client requirements. There are so many benefits of using an AngularJS framework for web development. So, you can undoubtedly hire an Angular JS development company to design a coherent single-page web or mobile application for your business.

Key Benefits of using AngularJS framework

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Require Less Coding

AngularJS is a proficient web framework that requires less coding. Developers can substantially use coding in the AngularJS framework and design a customer-centric application that requires no getters/setters.

Angular JS Development, Angular JS Services, Angular JS Developers, UI

Declarative UI

Declarative User Interface makes applications more understandable, easy to use, and manage. Also, developers and designers can work together on the AngularJS framework with HTML to deliver the project on time.

Angular JS Development, Angular JS Services, Angular JS Developers, Testing


Testing is an in-built feature in AngularJS. All JavaScript coding has to pass a number of tests to make the application free of faults.

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Design Development Workflow

Developers can add or remove HTML / CSS markup without breaking the application.

Angular JS Development, Angular JS Services, Angular JS Developers, flexibility


AngularJS is a highly flexible framework because of enough filters in it as filters categorize the data before final execution.

Angular JS Development, Angular JS Services, Angular JS Developers, Page

Single Page Applications

AngularJS is typically released to design single-page applications. But with time they are releasing updates that allow developers to design complicated applications as well.

Hire AngularJS Developers of Adequate Infosoft For Expressive Coding

Never settle for less

Adequate Infosoft is a company that is always committed to delivering the best AngularJS web development services to clients. With our AngularJS development services, anyone can customize, migrate, upgrade, or perform maintenance on their website.

End-to-end Testing

Our developers perform End-to-end Testing before handing over the application to the clients. Multiple arrays of testing ensure quality standards in the AngularJS application.

Smart Developer

We have a team of Smart Developers who work all together to make the application impeccable. Our developers opt for a unique and smart approach to accomplish the AngularJS development task.

Best MVC Support

We ensure flawless coding with MVC components. Also, the use of MVC components saves a lot of time and effort.

Dynamic & Internet Rich apps

Our Development team is qualified to design and develop dynamic and internet-rich applications. These applications work smoothly and anyone can use them easily without any additional effort.


We as a prominent AngularJS app development company know that it is hard to manage finances to develop a progressive application, hence we are providing a cost-effective AngularJS development service within the given time.

Hire Adequate Infosoft For AngularJS Development Services

Adequate Infosoft is the perfect organization if you are looking for a team with expert AngularJS developers who are experienced in creating cutting-edge single-page applications. We welcome you to click on the contact us tab to send your query to Adequate infosoft and get affordable quotations to hire the best developers from our team and be part of our wide-spreading services. Our team is harnessed with all features such as binding, MVC, scope, routing, connectivity, control, services, cross-platform development, and unit testing. All these features of our organization help us to accomplish the development workflow with minimum effort. We are one of the best companies using AngularJS Framework to design top-notch applications that are fulfilling the customer’s requirement. Our organization is focused on delivering AngularJS development services for well-established global clients and for startups companies since incorporation. We believe that a cutting-edge single-page application can also have the power to bring a revolution in anyone's business.

Why Choose AngularJS for Developing Business Solutions

AngularJS is a better technology with less coding. It allows you to create single-page applications that are interactive and responsive. Applications designed with AngularJS are easy to maintain and perfect for integration with the existing HTML platform. Most companies look forward to hiring AngularJS developers, especially the developers who have excellent programming skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking, who strive to stay ahead in this technological era. When you want to hire AngularJS developers, make Adequate Infosoft Solutions your first preference. We offer excellent AngularJS development services that meet all your programming needs and deliver our services on time. Our AngularJS developers have quality-driven applications and ensure that we choose the technology that best suits the customer’s needs. We are committed to providing the best software outsourcing solutions that are simple and reliable to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Benefits of using AngularJS for Web Development

Angular calls itself a “superhero JavaScript framework”. Undoubtedly, this has become the latest hit in application development. The AngularJS framework allows developers to create better, scalable, and more attractive web designs.

Easy MVC Implementation

Compared to other frameworks, Angular is much more comfortable and self-implementing. Other frameworks implement the Model-View-Controller (MVC) function by asking you to split your application into MVC components and then write code to concatenate them. That is too much work. Whereas Angular implements MVC by asking you to split your app into MVC components, then Angular will do the rest.

Easy to Understand Data Model

The AngularJS framework offers the flexibility to add and change properties, review objects, and arrange them as you like. AngularJS data models are direct old JavaScript objects. Angular's Plain's old JavaScript makes the code clearer and more natural.

Excellent data binding efficiency

AngularJS allows you to design an application with a two-way data binding feature. Applications designed with such features are more responsive and provide an uninterrupted browsing experience to the customers. Developers can use jQuery; JavaScript MVC libraries to link models in AngularJS according to their view.

Best JS for Single-Page Applications

The AngularJS framework is the best solution currently available for One-Page applications. AngularJS helps you build one-page applications, such as Gmail, where there is no waiting time to reload the page. In short, a fast and clean application for your product or service.

Apt for Test-first Approach

Most developers believe that a test-driven development provides zero error during installation. When trusting the development process or the test-first approach, AngularJS is the right choice.

AngularJS tools

We are a globally associated AngularJS web development company engaged in designing custom AngularJS web and mobile applications. Adequate Infosoft is a team of talented developers and programmers who have ample knowledge of tools and technologies. Here are some tools, technologies, and libraries that our developers frequently used to create a customer-centric platform using AngularJS.


Webstorm is an IDE for javascript that offers intelligent coding opportunities to developers. It is a great navigation tool harnessed with an error-detecting feature.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a software development tool developed by Microsoft. Being a pioneering tool it is harnessed with many features that other similar tools fail to provide. It allows developers to do Accurate Coding with Quick Debugging and testing features. Visual Studio comes with Customization Options that increase the functionalities of the program.


Every program needs testing for smooth execution. Karma is basically a test-runner or a testing tool based on node. It allows the designer or tester to test the JavaScript codes in real browsers. Karma requires a Nodejs engine installed in the system to run smoothly and get access to all programs through the node package manager.

Aptana Studio

Our adept developers have sufficient knowledge of Aptana Studio that help them to create web applications more efficiently. Aptana Studio supports JavaScript, CSS, HTML, DOM and comes with outlining JavaScript debugging, warning notifications, and integrated documentation features.


Every developer in the present era is aware of the Protractor testing framework. It is generally used for testing AngularJS applications.


AngularFire for AngularJS developers works as a library that allows them to store their coding, run authentication, and deploy services. It requires Firebase installed in the system to authenticate users and store the admissible data.


Mocha is a JavaScript test framework that is packed with all modern features. It can run on Node.js in the browser and makes the testing task simple and entertaining.


Cucumber is another testing tool that is extensively used in Angular JS web application development companies. It is an open-source software testing tool that has got MIT License and is written in Ruby. Cucumber allows developers to write test cases that can be understood by anyone irrespective of their technical knowledge.


Selenium is another testing tool that our developers are handy with. It is an open-source project that can be used with a range of tools and libraries that support vivid web browsers. Selenium creates a playback tool that can test functions without knowledge of any scripting language.


Jasmine is a famous testing framework that can be used for JavaScript. Developers can use Jasmine on any JavaScript-enabled platform and test for errors in the coding. It is quite popular among developers as it is featured with easy-to-read syntax and is based on other unit testing frameworks available in the market like ScrewUnit, JSSpec, JSpec, and RSpec.


Djangular allows developers to create separate content for each application unlines Django that is used to create a single massive application. This reusable application allows developers to use applications as per their selection.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the modern text editor tools that every developer is well aware of. It can be used to code, markup, and prose in AngularJS development.

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Adequate Infosoft is a leading company engaged in offering customized solutions to start-ups to large companies, depending on their business type and project needs. Our dedicated AngularJS developers have both the experience and expertise to understand your requirements and to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solutions that will meet your goals. From the beginning to the end of the project, we provide reliable front-end development support.

We are offering scalable and affordable AngularJS development solutions for building dynamic websites. Our developers are well acquainted with the latest developments in the field. So Adequate Infosoft is the best AngularJS development company that employs experienced Angular JS developers around the world. Get the best AngularJS development solutions from us that can help you to grow your business globally. We provide affordable, flexible, and customizable services on the nature of your business. Hire our robust team of experienced Angular JS developers and get quality service with a professional approach.

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