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What is MEAN?

MEAN is basically a short form of javascript-based technologies that are used in the development of web applications. The complete abbreviation of MEAN stack is MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. Every technology mentioned in the name of Mean stack has its unique role in web development. One of these is a library, framework, storage, and database system. Mean Stack is a collection of user-friendly and progressive, full-stack JavaScript frameworks. All of these frameworks are used in MEAN stack development for building dynamic websites and applications. It is a proven fast and organized method of web development that can build prototypes of web applications based on MEAN.

of each component to MEAN

Why do you need MEAN stack development?
Why do you need

MEAN stack development for your business project?

The development of a MEAN stack project is not limited to the designing and developing of a website or application. It is based on the open-source capabilities that allow a developer to design simple frontend or backend development. Our experienced and well-trained MEAN stack developers will fulfill all your requirements to add more value and functionality to your website.

Our ingenious developers use progressive methods to save time and deliver maximum output at the client's end. We make sure that your website is always one step ahead of your competitors.

Key Benefits of using

MEAN Stack framework

Hire MEAN Developers
Hire MEAN Developers of

Adequate Infosoft For Next-level Coding

Adequate Infosoft is a Custom Software Development Company with more than 2 decades of experience. We are highly dedicated to our work and always make sure to render our clients the best. Our broad experience in this domain allows us to deal with our clients with extreme perfection. Here are the main features that you will get from us during the MEAN Stack Development service. Being a Custom Software Development Company, we are dealing with multiple Softwares development services as per the demand of our clients. This extreme dedication has made our organization bring so far and we will continue to deliver the services with the same fluency in future as well.

Advantages You would get after

hiring MEAN stack development

Languages used in

MEAN stack development

There are different programming languages that our developers know and have also worked on since the very beginning. But few languages are specifically used in MEAN stack development. Here are the most popular languages that are used by our MEAN stack Developers to design web applications.







Popular Frameworks

used in MEAN stack development

There are uncountable frameworks available in the market but for MEAN Stack you can use a few of them. The popular frameworks are progressive, developer-friendly, and open-sourced, therefore our MEAN stack developers can use these Popular Frameworks without any hassle of paying any additional charges.

Angular Js

Angular is an open-source, TypeScript-based framework extensively used in MEAN Stack Development. Google is the prime author of this powerful framework and anyone can use this framework for personal or commercial use. Angular is the upgraded version of AngularJS but has comparatively less demand in the market.

Express Js

Express.js or Express is another essential framework mainly used in MEAN Stack Development companies. This framework is mainly used to design the backend park of any web application. Express.js has got the MIT license and is completely free to use by anybody. Like Angular.JS, you can use Express.js for both commercial and personal use. Express.js is the perfect framework tool to design a single page of multiple pages web applications. Express.js guarantees smooth data transfer by managing the frontend and database to the end-user.

Most leading companies in the development of mobile and web applications are making extensive use of MEAN stack technologies to deliver next-generation mobile and web applications. If you want to develop any application or website with MEAN stack technology, contact Adequate Infosoft.

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