Our Blockchain development solutions

Blockchain technology is reinventing the set of networks that is decentralized that helps in keeping the data and transactions secured. Despite its slow start, in the last couple of years, blockchain technology is adopted by a wide range of industries especially product-based businesses to conduct secure transactions in terms of exchanging money as well as information. Being a leading custom software development company Adequate lnfosoft has built high-quality and scalable blockchain technology-based applications that provide security for large enterprises and start-ups.

Blockchain Services Adequate Infosoft Delivers

The enterprises can leverage our high-proficient blockchain development team that provides customized blockchain solutions for existing enterprises and develop new decentralized networks for the businesses.

Decentralized Apps

We built robust decentralized software applications and integrate them into the existing product-based or non-IT business models which provide a secured and transparent environment for business transactions.

Wallets Development

Our blockchain developers have developed customized desktop and mobile wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, and many more. We develop the wallets focusing on the business and demands of the enterprises.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract is the set of programs that are pre-defined in the blockchain system and is used to execute the agreements automatically. Our blockchain experts develop an intelligent contract code to automate the execution of the code without third-party involvement.

POC Development

Get Block-of-Concept (POC) development services for Blockchain projects such as medical document management, legal documents, identity management, vote tracking, etc.

Blockchain Testing & Migration

Prior to deployment, our testing team conducts rigorous testing for functionality, peer/node testing, and smart contracting. We will also move your existing business into the blockchain.

Blockchain Security

The fraud-free transaction is the biggest issue in today’s digital world that blockchain technology solves. With the help of this technology, we provide a secured marketplace that allows the secured transaction between sellers and consumers without third-party interference.

Key Benefits of using Blockchain

These are some of the key benefits of using a decentralized blockchain network for your company.

Blockchain Development, Blockchain Services, Blockchain Developers, Transparency


Blockchain technology is built to make the transactions process transparent. This helps the businesses to build trust among the consumer in the long run and strengthens the business relationships.

Blockchain Development, Blockchain Services, Blockchain Developers, Security

Enhance Security

The immutability of records increases security and builds trust for confident business segmentation and systematic operation. Blockchain strengthens its business future and makes it technically dominant and more advanced.

Blockchain Development, Blockchain Services, Blockchain Developers, Costs

Reduced Costs

Transaction time gets half when round-the-clock remittance mitigates. Therefore, the expectation of currency exchange and deposits is drastically reduced. Third-party authentication and expedited transaction mitigation reduce transaction costs.

Blockchain Development, Blockchain Services, Blockchain Developers, Accessibility


Wider access and the open nature of the general ledger maintain the integrity and quality of the data. This will improve the amount of data available for processing; thus, data and process automation based on a preset condition simplifies the ecosystem.

Blockchain Development, Blockchain Services, Blockchain Developers, Decentralized


It is a decentralized general ledger system with no central system. The information generated by the node is centralized among all participants in the network.

Blockchain Development, Blockchain Services, Blockchain Developers, Shared


The best thing about technology is that it is more reliable when shared with a large network.

Blockchain Platforms we use

There are many platforms for blockchain app development but we focus on scalable and flexible platforms that help the enterprise to meet its business objectives.


It is an open-source public platform that is used in blockchain Developing App development along with generating ICOs of smart-contract functionality that is unlike a bitcoin, holds flexible and adaptable working credits.


EOS platform is used to offer smart contract capability, decentralized application hosting, and storage of enterprise solutions. This platform aid in solving the scalability issues that people usually find in other blockchain development platforms.


One of the leading open-source platforms is used to create advanced and modern blockchain solutions such as building blockchain solutions based on IoT, creating blockchain apps for supply chain management, etc.


It is an open-source DLT based solution that is used for providing faster and secure payment services between connected IoT devices through the direction of acyclic graph (DAG) technology and offers unique characteristics, like free transactions no matter what the size of the transaction upholds.

Programming Languages

The programming languages that Adequate Infosoft developers use to build the application using blockchain are mentioned below.


This language is used to code for smart contracts blockchain development. Due to its features including an easy, employ static analysis, and a consistent layout offering showing improvement of the basic cryptocurrency languages like Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Bitcoin Script.


This is a statically typed blockchain development language used majorly for building smart contracts that run on the EVM. Through this language, you can easily implement self-regulated business logic in smart contracts and get great advice from our blockchain development solutions for further growth.

Our Expertise

Our experience in blockchain technology allows us to create applications for a wide range of industries using blockchain.


Our Blockchain Healthcare solutions are known to aid in real-world healthcare issues including fragments of patient data and the traditional model of drug design databases.

Education & Learning

From the impressive recordkeeping features to tracking student credentials, verifying identities, or increasing the efficiency of existing nodes, we aid educational institutions with the most magnificent services.

Travel & Tourism

In the process of identity verification or tracking luggage, making payments, and introducing customer loyalty schemes, our blockchain development solutions decentralize the travel & tourism businesses efficiently.

Finance & Payments

While developing Blockchain applications, we amalgamate the decentralization element in your payment app to maintain an immutable record and eliminate any space for online theft or fraud.


We’re one of the best blockchain development companies that offer enhancements of data-gathering capabilities, executing payments, ensuring product authentication, and more for our valuable retail clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The main purpose of the blockchain is to eliminate the risk of data tampering and make the transactions secure and transparent. The transparent transaction method entrusts the consumer faith in enterprises.
There are many blockchain platforms but Adequate Infosoft developers focus on some prime blockchain platforms including Etherium, Hypetledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Indy, Stellar, Corda, Hedera Hashgraph, and so on.
Since Blockchain is still new and people are slowly and gradually adopting this new technology. Finding skilled and experienced developers is difficult. We provide skilled and enthusiastic developers that are capable of solving complex problems in this niche.
The main aim of blockchain technology is secure data securing and transferring which is why this technology is now accepted by a wide range of industries including healthcare, insurance, digital identity, lending, supply chain, and logistics, media and entertainment, and many more.

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