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Design responsive web applications leveraging Ajax technology. Update the web page and exchange data with a server without reloading the entire web page. Both javascript and XML, are the best languages for website development and altogether they harness the power to create a magical website.

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Being a leading custom software development company in India, we are affianced in delivering numerous software services for clients. These services are rendered under the supervision of our skilled developers who try to eliminate all small errors in the web application.

Why use Ajax?

Over the past few years, Ajax has become a sought-after programming technique. It first appeared in March 1999 and since then it is creating a buzz in the market. The popularity of Ajax is increasing day by day and most existing developers are familiar with this trending programming language for developing web application development.

Using Javascript and XML has its own advantages but the combination of these two powerful languages is even worth the importance. Ajax comes with the feature of both Javascript and XML hence getting more responsive.

Why use Ajax?

Benefits of using Ajax

Ajax has some benefits that both Javascript and XML independently fail to provide. Hence it is the most sought-after programming language used in almost every custom software development company nowadays. Here are the Fundamental features of Ajax that make it different from other integrated languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Ajax permits site pages to be refreshed non-concurrently by interchanging information through a web server. Also, developers can make changes to a particular part of a page without disturbing the entire page. This is undoubtedly the best feature of Ajax for which it is so much in demand these days.
Ajax works on both front-end and back-end smartly. It specifically transfers information from the front end to the back end. All codes of Ajax are written in JavaScript, whereas to design server-side developers can use their choice of language.
Ajax is a progressive language, a combination of two famous languages Javascript and XML that already make it the supreme language for web development. Moreover, it comes with interactive features that help developers to create responsive and speedy websites.
Ajax does not exactly come under the JavaScript library. However, it is a combination of multiple technologies created to meet the changing market trends.

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