Security Software development teams of Adequate Infosoft have been working in the Security Sector for decades for companies with core competencies in Application Security having client base in countries like Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, Belarus, The Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ghana, South Africa, UK, US, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and other European & Asian countries.

Importance of Security Software Development

Custom software that incorporates security measures during the development process ensures that the software meets the organization’s unique requirements for flawless performance with minimal security risks. Due to the general nature of off-the-shelf software solutions, they are inherently less secure and less tailored to your unique needs in the long run. If you want your systems to run for years without errors and security breaches, it’s important to work with a professional software development company that can design, develop, and maintain your software with the latest security enhancements.

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Security Steps We Follow in SDLC

Security Software Development, Security Software Solutions, Security Software Developers, adequateinfosoft Analysis Process

Requirement Analysis

At this early stage, requirements for new functions are gathered from various stakeholders. It is important to define the security aspects of the functional requirements for the new release.

Employ a combination of use and misuse cases

The user must be able to check their availability before they can renew their membership.

Conduct security risk assessment and create a risk profile

Users only need to see their own contact information and no one else.


This section covers the scope requirements in a plan for how this should look in the actual application. Here, functional requirements usually describe what should happen, while security requirements usually focus on what shouldn’t be.

Privilege Separation

The page must load the user's name, email address, phone number, and address from the CUSTOMER_INFO table in the database and display it on the screen.

Multiple Security Layers

Before retrieving data from the database, we must verify that the user has a valid session token. If not, the user should be redirected to the login page.

Threat Modeling

Threat modeling consists of identifying possible attack scenarios and adding appropriate countermeasures in application design. Modeling identifies potential threats early, thus reducing the associated costs and laying the groundwork for future response plans.

Secure Design

The design document and subsequent updates shall be validated in light of security requirements. Early design reviews help identify services that are exposed to security risks before they are implemented.

Third-party software tracking

Vulnerabilities in third-party components can weaken the entire system, making it important to monitor their security and apply patches if necessary. Regular inspection of third-party software helps identify areas at risk from compromised components and corrects deficiencies.

Security Software Development, Security Software Solutions, Security Software Developers, adequateinfosoft Design Process
Security Software Development, Security Software Solutions, Security Software Developers, adequateinfosoft Development Process


During the development phase, our teams make sure that they use secure coding standards. While performing the usual code review to ensure the project has the specified features and functions, our developers also pay attention to any security vulnerabilities in the code.

OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)

One of the principles of OWASP is that all of their material is freely and easily accessible on their website, allowing anyone to improve the security of their own web application. The materials we offer include documentation, tools, videos, and forums.


The purpose of this section is to identify and correct application errors. This includes running automatic and manual tests, identifying and correcting problems. Our SDLC practices suggested in this section is:

Penetration testing

It is a good idea to invite a team of third-party security professionals to simulate possible attacks. External experts rely on their knowledge and intuition to create attack scenarios that the team can ignore.

Security Software Development, Security Software Solutions, Security Software Developers, adequateinfosoft Testing Process
Security Software Development, Security Software Solutions, Security Software Developers, adequateinfosoft Implementation Process

Production and post-production stages

The software is ready to be installed on the production system, but the process of secure software development isn’t finished yet. Microsoft offers a set of practices to stick to after the product has finally seen the light:

Conduct ultimate security review

Identify appropriate security emergency connections, create security service plans for third-party code, and code inherited from other groups within the organization.

Certify the final product

You can uncover vulnerabilities that were missed during previous scans. The final review should verify that all misuse and security risks identified in the requirements analysis phase are being addressed.

Execute incidence response plan

It helps to ensure that all software requirements are met. And archiving helps you perform additional maintenance operations.

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