Are you planning to enter into the world of gaming applications? If yes, it is a good decision because and you would get lots of monetary benefits if you get it designed well. It goes without saying that today the market of gaming applications has matured and is growing rapidly. Thus, it is the best time to launch your gaming application with a powerful concept and alluring features to attract a billion gamers. You can develop a premium-paid game or a free-to-play one as per your budget and requirements. Either way, it is important to make the gameplay engaging enough to capture the attention of your target audiences, and it must be bugs free.

In the mobile app market, games application represent one of the most popular and profitable segments. They can possess millions of active users and regularly top the most-downloaded app charts on mobile marketplaces. Ranging from multi-billion dollar grossing 3D games to non-profit educational experiences, tt’s an incredibly diverse sector. Our familiarity with game development and commitment to pushing the envelope of technology has made Adequate Infosoft a leading mobile game development company in the industry.

Who We Are?

Adequate Infosoft has hired a highly-talented team of game developers who can create several interactive and seamless mobile games for cross platforms. We offer extraordinary game development services that focus on genre-specific games, gameplay, intuitive characters, and breath-taking levels. We develop all kinds of games that match the client requirements whether it is 2D or 3D. With the focus to deliver a game application with HD display, high-end processor, spectacular graphics, and other essential attributes our hardworking, creative, and well-versed game developers build unique high-end game applications for the users.

Our combative team brings stunning and animated game solutions for users. The leading mobile game development company‘s aim is to bring our customers ideas into reality and offer them the game application according to the competitive market which can meet all the demands of the user, clients, and players in terms of modernity and advanced features.

Why Choose Us?

  • Best Performing Gaming Apps

We are competent to create those mobile game apps that require only single time downloading and can be used/play an unlimited period of time without any bother of changes. These apps are the best way to keep your audience engaged for a long time and promote your services.

  • Cross-Platform

Our prime and sole aim to develop such exciting games that support the cross-platform feature, means can run across every platform without any sort of hassle because the demand for cross-platform gaming app development is increasing day by day.

  • Coded in  Well-Known Technologies

We use well-known technologies to code the game application in order to support different mobile platforms. The deployment and maintenance of advanced features are also possible in our applications.

  • Invariable Look & Feel

It is not hard for our experienced developers and programmers to create those apps that provide a constant look and feel across a variety of platforms. We are admirable to create a single code, which can run easily on all platforms.

Types of Game We Offer

Adequate Infosoft offers you a different game category to meet the market demands of iPhone and Android game development.

  • Action Games
  • Casino Games
  • Board Game
  • Educational Games
  • Racing and Shooting Game
  • Sports Game App

Our Gaming Features

  • Multiplayer Gaming

The Multiplayer Gaming feature allows your user to play with other connected users of the network. The user needs to send a gaming request to other players to join the game and can start playing. Our game application developers are adept at delivering workable gaming solutions of all shapes and sizes.

  • Stage Management

This kind of feature provided by us lets you know about the number of levels of the game and the user’s place in it. When a user completes a stage, he/she will be taken to the next level/stage.

  • Score Management

This feature allows keeping a back up of user reward points. Whenever the user completes a stage, he/she will be rewarded with points. These earned points let the user view them for their update and are stored in the internal wallet.

  • Wallet Management

The Wallet Management feature helps the user to view their reward points from the internal wallet. They can redeem these points for any kind of in-app purchases.

  • Points Purchases

This feature allows the user to purchase more points through an online payment. The packages which are set by admin have a different pricing criterion for each point.

  • Messaging Friends

This extra-amazing feature allows the players to chat with the other players within the game. This takes the gaming experience to a new level.

  • Gifting

The gifting feature allows the player of the game to offer his/her reward points, cards, etc., to any other friends as well.

  • Real Friends List

Find your real friends from the social network. This feature enables the user to connect with the real friends of the social media platform. They can invite each other and start playing the game together.

Our Game Development Services

Our game app development services to meet the desires of our client’s by the best game app developer.

  • Mobile Game Design and Development
  • Flash Mobile Game Development
  • Game Engine Design and Development
  • Social Media Game Development
  • Game Testing and Analysis
  • 2D and 3D Game Development
  • Core and Casual Game Designing
  • Core and Casual Game Designing
  • Web-based and Desktop Games

Technologies We Use

  • Smart Fox Server
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • HTML 5
  • Android
  • COCOS 20X 
  • Photon
  • IOS 9

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