Are you planning to build a mobile gaming application? Don’t know where to hire mobile game developers? Adequate Infosoft is the one-stop mobile gaming app development company that helps you build your dream project. Building a creative and scalable mobile game app is a tough task. The sudden surge in the video game popularity after PubG and Fortnite is responsible for the increased gaming market. There are a plethora of mobile games that you can play but only a few are popular among gamers. 

The business giants are inducing billions of dollars in the gaming industry and the market experts are bullish over this. This multi-billion dollar industry is expected to thrive more in the future and hence is the best time to invest money in mobile game development. The difference between the demand and supply for mobile game development is huge. Adequate Infosoft has the best mobile game development solution for you. 

Hire best Mobile Game Developers

Adequate Infosoft is the leading mobile game development company that inculcates skilled and professional developers for game development. Our developers are familiar with the advanced technologies that help in launching your gaming application. We have the expertise and experience in building a mobile gaming application on various platforms including Android and iOS. 

A creative idea with powerful concepts and fascinating features is enough to allure millions of video game players around the world. Our developers are familiar with the technologies and tools used for mobile game development like Unity, Cocos -JS PlayCanvas, Cocos2D, and so on. 

Mobile Game Development Services

Adequate Infosoft has a dedicated and passionate mobile game development team that only focuses on delivering high-quality products before the deadline. With the help of extensive tools and technology, we aim to meet the client’s needs. 

Mobile Game Design and Development

We aim to provide full-stack development solutions for mobile game development. From developing a game to launching the game and providing the post-release support, we include everything. The architecture of the game plays a key role in scaling the content. The comprehensive analysis after the app launch and assessment of the game viability ensure the regular update of the content in order to keep the players engaged. 

Flash Mobile Game Development 

Flash mobile games have seen an exponential surge in recent years and the reason behind its popularity is easy installation and cost-free games. Adequate Infosoft offers the best solutions in this niche. The Flash design and animation enable you to develop a high-quality Flash game application. Whether you want to design normal or complicated flash games our developers will help you in creating both of them.

2D and 3D Game Development

The craze for the 2D and 3D games is still there as these games offer multiple levels and challenges which is a treat for the players. Adequate Infosoft is a renowned 2D and 3D gaming development company. We are experts in building creative and fun mobile game applications that include all genres including FPS, TPS, multi-player, and RPGs. In order to develop engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, immersive graphics, and interesting narrative it is necessary to hire experienced developers. Adequate Infosoft is a one-stop gaming application development company where you can get all gaming development solutions. 

Web and Desktop Game Development

The scope of web games is still in play as more and more people are showing interest in playing web-based games. The present-day Web experiments and innovations have made it possible to make exciting and fun, first-rate games for the Web. Do not undermine web games as straightforward and simple games. We are talking about building world-class 3D first-person shooters and RPGs. With the help of JavaScript and new APIs, you can build an interesting architecture for your games that altercation the program (or on HTML5-fueled gadgets) without making compromises. 

Game Testing and Analysis

Testing games is a useful but repetitive process to analyse the pattern and architecture of the game. The game testing mainly focuses on finding the bug, following the fundamental design, and improving the visuals in the game . In short, testing helps to correct the mistake if any, and then finalise the application. Quality confirmation is an important factor as it allows the developers to provide high-quality applications to their clients. Comprehend the general game part design and document engineering, the stream, the record structures, and the conditions related to the game. 

Not only this, the testing enables the developers to update their applications when needed and apply the new features and functionalities in the application. A computer game analyzer ought to guarantee that no new issues were presented.

Our Gaming Features

  • Multiplayer Gaming

With the help of the Multiplayer Gaming feature, various players can come together and play on one platform. It connects multiple players at the same time and builds the network. When the user sends the connection request to another user or player, both the players come together and play the game. Our game application developers will help you develop this feature with the help of which multiple players can take part. 

  • Stage Management

Level Management or Stage Management is the feature that displays the number of levels in the game. The player will also get notification of the completed levels. As the player completes one stage they will be promoted to the next level automatically.

  • Score Management

The prime focus of Score Management is keeping the record of the score and providing the reward accordingly. The rewards will be based on the levels completed. The higher the level the sweeter the reward. These earned points let the user view them for their update and are stored in the internal wallet.

  • Wallet Management

The Wallet Management feature enables the players to view their rewards and the points from wallets. All the points are stored in the wallet and then converted into rewards. The player can easily redeem the points from the wallet for any kind of in-app purchase.

  • Points Purchases

Points Purchase allows the player to buy more points via an online payment system. The packages which are set by admin have a different pricing criterion for each point.

  • Messaging Friends

These are the most interesting features that are available in recent video games. With the help of this feature, a player can chat online with multiple players while playing the game. This takes the gaming experience to a new level.

  • Gifting

The gifting feature allows the player of the game to offer his/her reward points, cards, etc., to any other friends as well.

  • Real Friends List

Find your real friends from the social network. This feature enables the user to connect with the real friends of the social media platform. They can invite each other and start playing the game together.g

Technologies We Use

Adequate Infosoft is one of the few game development companies that offer high-quality services worldwide. Our developers are skilled and professional in developing a complex and engaging mobile game. We are familiar with the advanced technologies and aim to meet the client’s needs. Here are some of the technologies that we use in order to create a mobile game.

  • Smart Fox Server
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • HTML 5
  • Android
  • COCOS 20X 
  • Photon
  • IOS 9

Adequate Infosoft is a leading mobile game development company that can turn your dream project into a reality. Our motto is the client’s satisfaction which is why we plan and deliver the product effectively and efficiently. For more queries feel free to connect with us. We will be happy to help you with our team of client service specialists whose primary goal is to make your projects a phenomenal success. Just email us at or Let’s talk over a call 0120-4198878

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