Augmented Reality(AR) is the trending technology that enables the user to interact with the digital world using real-world objects or interact with the real-world using digital mediums. Nowadays technology has overstepped the realms of gaming and also has established its presence in the business landscape. No wonder, to elevate the user experiences to the next level more and more businesses are embracing it. Adequate Infosoft offers innovative and effective AR app development services giving the cutting-edge to your business. With the digital world offering special opportunities to interact and engage with customers we help brands and commercials link the real world. Including Android, iOS, and Windows, our AR application development expertise extends to a range of platforms. Our Augmented Reality experts enhance product communication and help the business to enjoy a market share of relevance with increased brand recognition. 

How AR App Development Services Help Businesses?

  • Provides with Cross-Platform Support
  • Helps in increasing customer engagement rate
  • Increase sales and generate high revenue
  • Details Access to Analytics
  • Enhance User Interaction

Why Choose Us?

Our AR app development company offers innovative and effective AR services and solutions through cutting-edge technology. AR is improving productivity, helping people, increasing efficiency, and engaging audiences. For iPad, iPhone, Android, and windows, our developers create Augmented Reality apps.

  • Customer Experience

We present the overlays of the designs and showcase it to the consumers to visualize their product’s color, size, features, and other factors. To customize their product by experiencing AR in the real world through it the user has several options.

  • Marketing

Our marketing strategies include AR to attract customers. Through interactive videos and more AR-based marketing and promotional apps make you view the ads.

  • Manufacturing

Using AR we repair your cars and other gadgets. Let your problem get solved in no time by simply follow the working of the AR representation. One can easily visualize the troubleshooting procedures by using AR overlays.

  • Education

Our learning and development for the student are pretty much easier now. By using AR overlays provide real-time lessons to the class.

Our Services as an AR Mobile Development

Augmented Reality is all about the creative holograms. It takes the breath to make intuitive multi-dimensional images for clients. Here we have the mastery of our enlarged reality applications designers in each AR solution.

  • Location-Based AR

Track your client’s area shrewd by AR area based services. These can ready to get to the highlights gadget, for example, accelerometer, GPS, precise pinpoint location, and so forth. 

  • Recognition-based AR Apps

We make an application that perceives visual by QR codes and shows the comparing picture. These applications are skilled to recognize the article with 3D images. 

  • Superimposition-based AR

This is somewhat like acknowledgment innovation. It replaces an item or its part with an expanded view. One can make standout UX for the customers. 

  • Android and iOS Apps

Augmented Reality app development is safely handled in both Android and iOS variants. We trust in the quality and subsequently they comprise of the exceptionally viable OS. We make stunning applications for you as well as guarantee to nature of it. We guarantee that these applications run flawlessly. That makes us a first-rate AR application advancement organization over the globe. 

  • Integration to E-commerce

Move your shopping involvement in online business AR services. Witness the following degree of deals, marking, in-store insight to upgrade the client communication. Let your clients recognize their item by first taking a gander at them and afterward choose. Lift up your image with AR and let the world know another and novel method of sales.

  • AR Game App Development

Now make the gaming more intriguing by adding the AR to it. We have a technoscientific group that makes charming designs as well as have their specialization in AR Games. Our group use device for games, for example, Corona, Unreal Engine, Unity, and so on. We help you to convey an extraordinary game encounter that absolutely has the following level of innovation in it. 

  • Tools and Technology We Use?

Being an Augmented Reality app development company with the correct assets and experience, we bring rich innovation aptitude into the tasks we embrace. Here are a few technologies that we use to make client-driven AR applications. 

  • Smart Glasses Support

We manufacture an application that is viable with HoloLens and Google Glass that help signals and voice recognition. 

  • 3D Object Tracking

Integrate of this feature is to build up the complex applications which perceive object consistently. These are primarily utilized in stores. 

  • Cloud Recognition

We use cloud storage for storing for a lot of AR information by the client. Making progressed AR encounters for the versatile clients that envision a huge number of markers.

  1. Wikitude
  2. Unity 5
  3. Vuforia
  4. ARKit
  5. ARCore
  6. XCode 7

Adequate Infosoft is one of the leading technology firms for creating top-notch AR apps for various industries. Augmented Reality can transform the ways in which a user interacts with your products right from gaming to educational, medical apps, and marketing campaigns. To provide you with a cutting edge Augmented Reality experience, Adequate Infosoft is prepped up with the necessary technological supremacy and experience. 

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