To represent video content to the user, video streaming is the dominant way. TV is experiencing its last days, which allows let it out, nowadays. With the evolution of video streaming applications, a new generation of people lost their interest from TV. So,  in the coming future, on-demand live video streaming application development services.  This is the main and sole reason why most of the investors in the market are heavily investing in video streaming application development. Choosing the best features to have in your application let our video streaming application development company assist you.

Why Live Streaming?

The fact that video is the most engaging type of content is probably not new to anyone in 2019 when it occupies about 85% of the global traffic. Modern people choose to access media basing on personal schedules because they are no longer committed to TV listings. You’ll realize why streaming apps are here to stay because it provides you perks like user-friendly interface, highest-resolution picture, and plenty of user-oriented features.

Why Adequate Infosoft?

Adequate Infosoft is not just a distribution of app development services, but a platform that ties up our clients with the world of technology. Having foreseen the rise of media streaming, we dedicated a part of our team solely to the streaming app development. Today, we have successfully completed 200+ applications, including those with live streaming functionality.

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Our Services

  • Video Strategy & Solutions

The technological constraints can easily overwhelm your vision when envisioning your app or platform’s video experience. Our experienced video strategy team has expertise in the technical aspects of creating video-based solutions and products and in-depth practical knowledge of streaming, transcoding, rate limiting, and infrastructure development. 

  • Video App Modernisation

Yesterday’s shiny new video solution can be today’s out-dated drag on your bottom-line if you don’t keep up with the latest technology. Our combative developers can quickly assess your existing infrastructure and technology stack to design and deploy efficient modernizations for your legacy system. The result is a more robust video experience that can save you time, money, and headaches while earning you more engaged, connected customers.

  • Video App Development & Deployment

Every aspect, from UX and UI to architecture configuration, implementation, and solution deployment, in the world of video-enabled and video-based experiences, requires a high level of detail and expertise. Regardless of the platform — be it VOD, enterprise live streaming, video conferencing, or video commerce — we make sure your OTT content is top-quality and delivers without a glitch.

  • Support & Maintenance

The launch is only ever a beginning, and when it comes to video, the ongoing maintenance and support necessary to keep your customer experience smooth and seamless can be complicated. We’re here to assist with strategic updates and upgrades that keep your competitive edge sharp and your operations hassle-free as your partner in video streaming app development.

Our Features 

  • Subscriptions

To keep the user connected and updated, the subscription feature has to be integrated by us. The user can be notified whenever any new video is uploaded by their favorite channel or band or anything that interests them. The subscription can be kept either free or paid as the developer’s preference.

  • Privacy Settings

In this ultra social world, people are on their heels to share their stuff on social media but up to a certain limit. Everyone has a right to decide what they desire to share with the public and whatnot. This brings to inserting privacy settings to allow the user to choose social media platforms or friends for broadcasting their likes.

  • Updated Content

A section must be added to the app to allow the user to know about the new addition. If the newer content has been posted or there has been some addition to the older ones, it should be displayed in the updated content section and also shows the notification.

  • Local Storage

They can store their videos in the app for a limited span of time and watch it even without internet access.

  • Search Options

If the user has a particular video to watch, the search option can help them watch that without having to scroll the entire data of the app. A filter is a good option to integrate to assist the user search according to language, type, topic, length, topic, trend, date, location, and frequently watched.

  • Video Sharing

When the user watches something amazing, they instantly intend to share it with their near and dear ones. When the video streaming application offers this feature of sharing, the user will be happy and satisfied.

  • Adaptive Video Streaming

This is one of the must-have features when it comes to video streaming application development. Even when the network bandwidth is down, the user can still watch videos flawlessly without any hindrance. For lower quality streaming 144p and for higher-quality streaming, 1080p to full HD should be kept. 

  • Registration Options

This is one of the prime features which any video streaming app development company should integrate. Multiple registrations or login options should be availed for user convenience. Facebook login, Google login, or mobile number for OTP should be the choices user should be availed with for registration.

  • Local Storage

Video streaming app development must have a live streaming feature but the user can’t have 24*7 access to the Internet. So, the Local storage feature will avail offline access to the user.

  • Personal Profile

The user must be enabled with the option to personalize their profile and edit it their own way. The user is at the privilege to manage their watched videos, saved videos, subscribed channels, and history. On a contrary, the video streaming app developers can track the number of subscribers, genres of video, a number of times of replays, type of videos shared, viewers’ types of interests to offer the user with what they like.

  • Watchlist

With this feature, the user can create a bucket list & add their movies or videos or shows on the watchlist. They don’t have to search next time when they are free. Just open the watchlist and start playing.

  • Review and Ratings

The users can share their app experience & rate them accordingly. This will improve the credibility of your app and help your app grab an increased number of users.

  • Push Notifications

Users stay notified about what’s lined up for them or what new has been released. This is a great tool for mobile app developers to keep the user engaged and updated at the same time.

  • Real-time Analytics

It’s an admin side feature to help them make an informed decision. The admin can keep track of the number of live viewers and broadcasters. The admin will be fairly in the know of the number of users and their usage type to form strategies and implement them.

  • Resume Watching

This feature of the video streaming app will allow the user to resume the video exactly where they left without having to forward or rewind every\time they don’t finish the video.

What We Aimed?

Adequate Infosoft is aware of the latest trends running in the market and is highly proficient in video streaming app development. We know that the television phase comes to its end, and people are switching towards live video streaming apps. We have a team of highly expert app developers for both iOS and Android platforms. We work broadly for the satisfaction of our client’s requirements through the perfect use of all the devices and process for their benefit. 

Technologies We Use

Streaming Protocols: 

Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, M2TS, MPEG-DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, RTMP

Media Formats: H.264

Media Containers: FLV, MP4

Media Processing Platform: Livestream, Muvi, Ustream, Vimeo PRO, Wowza Media Systems, Brightcove, Contus Vplay, DaCast, Flash Media Server, JW Live.

Geolocation: Google Maps, MapKit/Core Location (iOS)

Messaging: Firebase, PubNub, Twilio

Programming Languages/Frameworks:

C++ (GO), HTML5/CSS3, Java, JavaScript (Node.js, React, RxJS, Restify, EmberJS, AngularJS, BackboneJS), Python, Ruby (Ruby on Rails)

Data storage/management:  Atlas-DB, Cassandra, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL

Analytics:  MixPanel, Mode, Parquet, Pig, Presto, Spark, Google Analytics, Hadoop, Hive,

Cloud Platforms: Amazon EC2/S3

CDN: Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, Fastly, Open Connect

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