Uddan Mobile Application See how our dedicated developers have designed a fully functional fintech mobile app for our clients. This app provides various online services to the users.

Uddan Mobile Application

Uddan is basically a native Android app. This app provides various services like Online Airline Booking, Mobile Recharge, Money Transfer, etc. The features and functions include customer requirements, admin, support, payment systems

Client Requirement

About Udaan: Uddan is a native Android app that provides various services like online airline booking, mobile recharge, money transfer, etc. to the users.

The client was looking to develop a mobile app for customers, admins, and support staff and also want to integrated it with the payment system and booking APIs for ticket booking in J&K.

Our Approach to Develop Project

  1. 01
    Define the app requirements:

    To develop Udaan, we carefully defined the requirements of the app, including its features, target audience, user flow, and platform. After all, we should have a clear understanding of the client's business goals and objectives to align the app development process accordingly.

  2. 02
    Conduct market research:

    Our developers conducted a market research to understand the competition and identify the essential features that the app must-have. This helped us determine the app's unique value proposition and differentiate it from the competition.

  3. 03
    Choose the technology stack:

    Based on the app requirements, we selected the appropriate technology stack that would be required to build the app. It included programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

  4. 04
    Design the user interface:

    After selecting the appropriate technology stack, we started designing the user interface. We make sure that the UI is intuitive, visually appealing, and easy to use. Also, the UI should be optimized for both mobile and desktop devices.

  5. 05
    Develop the app:

    Our ingenious developers start developing the app using agile development methodology, which involves iterative development and testing. Also, we closely monitored the development process to ensure that the app met the defined requirements of clients and could be delivered on time.

  6. 06
    Test the app:

    Once the app was ready to use, we conducted thorough testing to ensure that it was bug-free and performed as expected. We performed functional testing, performance testing, and security testing o the app to ensure its reliability.

  7. 07
    Deploy the app:

    Finally, we deployed the app on the server and configure it to handle the expected traffic. After deployment, we optimized it for performance and scalability and also monitor its performance to fix any issues that arise.

Technologies Deployed

  • For Database: MS SQL Server 2017
  • For Android App: Kotlin, Android Studio
  • For Apple App: Objective-C, iOS Framework
  • For Hosting Server: IIS on Windows Environment
  • For Environment: Amazon Web Services (EC2)

Features and functionalities:

  • Login

    For new users to login and register on the app.

  • SignUp

    Click on the Sign Up button to create an account on Uddan. There are three types of accounts available in Uddan: user, agent, and distributor.

  • Home Page

    The home screen is the main screen of the app. The customer will see this screen after a successful login.

  • Airline

    Click on Airline Module to search for a domestic or international flight tickets and book .

    • Domestic Flight booking
    • International flight booking
  • Submit Cancellation

    Users can cancel the booked flight after enter the booking id

  • View Ticket

    Customers can check/View their booked tickets from View Ticket Module on this screen.

  • Booking Report

    This screen will show the status of the booked tickets: i.e. Booked or cancelled

  • Recharge

    User can make recharge from this screen in the app.

    • Mobile Recharge
    • DTH Recharge
    • Data Card Recharge
  • Recharge History

    Click on the Recharge History Module to view your recharge history.

  • Money Transfer

    Click on the Money Transfer Module to make the transactions. Note: User need to register on Uddan to make a transaction for money transfer

  • Sender Home Screen

    Enter the registered mobile number and click on the login button to see the Sender home screen.

  • Update Adhar

    The user can update his Adhar number, if t is not updated. Click on update aadhar and enter the Aadhar no and PAN no.

  • Add Beneficiary

    To add the beneficiary to the transfer, go to the "Add Beneficiary" module.

  • View All Beneficiary
  • Send Money
  • Transaction Report
  • Bill Payment
  • PostPaid Mobile
  • LandLine Payment
  • Electricity Payment
  • Gas Payment
  • Insurance
  • Bill Payment History
  • Account
  • Online Payment

    The user can add money to the wallet from this screen.

  • Payment

    The user can make payments to other users from this screen.

  • Dispute
  • Complaint History
  • Complaint

    Click on complaint button to submit complaint.

  • News

    Click on new button to see latest news.

Final Outcome

What Our Clients Say About Us

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