Uddan Mobile Application

Client Requirement

Uddan is basically a native Android app. This app provide various services like Online Airline Booking, Mobile Recharge, Money Transfer, etc.

Client is looking for an with features and functions for Customer, Admin, Support, etc. He also want to be integrated it with Payment system as well as booking APIs for ticket booking in J&K.

Solution Provided By Us

1. Login Screen:

If user is not registered before then he need to register first after that he will logged into driver account.

2. SignUp Screen:

Click on SignUp button to Create the Account on Uddan. There are three type of Account are available in Uddan as: a User, an Agent and a Distributor.

3. Home Screen:

After Login Home screen is look like the below Screen.

4. Airline:

Click on airline Module below screen is open. Here user can search either Domestic or International flight.


Click on Air-Domestic Module below Screen is open. Here user can search the domestic flights.

6. Domestic Flight List:

After Entering the Source and Destination and click on Search button below screen is open.

7. For Air-International:

Same screen is open to search the flight and booking the flight.

8. Submit Cancellation:

If User want to cancel the flight then click on submit cancellation module and enter the booking id to cancel the booking. Below is the screen for cancellation.

9. View Ticket:

Click on View Ticket Module on this screen enter the booking id and click on submit button to see the ticket.

10. Booking Report:

For Booking and Cancellation Report below screen is open.

11. Recharge Module:

Click on Recharge Module below screen is open.

12. Mobile Recharge

Click on Mobile Recharge to below screen is open here user can enter the mobile no select operator and enter the amount or browse the plan to view the plan and click on Process to Recharge.

13. DTH Recharge:

Click on DTH Recharge module to Recharge the DTH. Below screen is open.

14. Data Card Recharge:

Click on Data Recharge to recharge your Data Card. Below screen is open.

15. Recharge History:

Click on Recharge History Module to view your recharge history.

16. Money Transfer:

Click on Money Transfer Module to make the transactions. Before make transaction user need to register on Uddan for money transfer. Once he registered then user can start the money transfer. Screen is given below.

17. Sender Home Screen:

Enter the registered mobile no and click on login button then the Sender home screen is open. Screen given below.

18. Update Adhar:

If Adhar no is not update then click on update adhar and enter the Adhar no and pan no to update the adhar. Below screen is given below.

19. Add Beneficiary:

Click on Add Beneficiary module for adding the beneficiary to transfer the money. Below screen is coming.

20. View All Beneficiary:

Click on View/Send Money to view the list of added beneficiary. Below screen is open.

21. Send Money:

Click on Send money button to transfer the amount to baneficiary account. Below screen is open.

22. Transaction Report:

Click on transaction report to see the list of transaction. Transaction list screen is given below.

23. Bill Payment:

Click on bill payment module below screen is open.

24. PostPaid Mobile:

Click on PostPaid Mobile to pay the postpaid mobile bill. Below screen is open.

25. LandLine Payment:

For LandLine payment click on LandLine Payment module below screen is open.

26. Electricity Payment:

For Electricity bill payment click on Electricity Payment module below screen is open.

27. Gas Payment:

Click on Gas Payment module to pay your gas bill. Below screen is open.

28. Insurance:

Click on insurance module to pay your insurance bill. Below screen is open.

29. Bill Payment history:

Click on bill payment history module to view the list of bill.

30. Account:

Click on Account module below screen is open.

31. Online Payment:

Click on online payment to add the money in wallet.

32. Payment Screen:

Enter the amount and click on precede button then payment screen is open. Below screen is coming.

33. Dispute:

Click on Dispute button below screen is open.

34. Complaint History:

Click on complaint history to view the list of complaint.

35. Complaint:

Click on complaint module to submit complaint .below screen is open.

36. News:

Click on new module below screen is open and display the news. Screen is given below.

Technologies Used

  • For Database: MS SQL Server 2017
  • For Android App: Kotlin, Android Studio
  • For Apple App: Objective-C, iOS Framework
  • For Hosting Server: IIS on Windows Environment
  • For Environment: Amazon Web Services (EC2)

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