Tickets & Invites System See how our dedicated software developers created a ticketing and event management system to generate tickets, send invitations, and manage guest entry at the event.

Tickets & Invites System

Building the effecient ticketing and event management system for the event organizers that includes tickets and invitation creation, sale of tickets, and tickets verifications.

Client Requirement

Client wants a ticketing and event management system with a primary focus on ticket generation, invitations, and entry management. The software should also help organizers to track sales and verify the entry of guests at the event center.

The Ticket Acquisition Process

  • Users have to visit to register(Facebook,Gmail, and mobile)
  • Select your event and ticket type
  • Pay for the event ticket via your preferred payment method (MoMo, Credit/Debit Card)
  • Guest will get an e-ticket (QRCode) with special encryption in their Mytickets > Inbox
  • Users can save the ticket to mobile/desktop for offline access
  • Present ticket at the event center
  • The ticket will be scanned to provide access to the guests.

Fig 1:- Show the a General flow of Event Management

Our Approach to Develop Project

  1. 01
    Define the scope and requirements of the software:

    Determine what features and functions the software should have and what problem it will solve.

  2. 02
    Do the Competitive Analysis:

    Perform the competitive analysis to advise the best UI/UX design and features. It will help the client to remain ahead of their competitors.

  3. 03
    Design the software architecture:

    Create a high-level design of the software's structure and how its different components will interact with each other. Also, evaluating the phase-wise traffic the application may have will help us to advise the client on resource requirement

  4. 04
    Develop the software:

    Write the code and develop the software according to the design and requirements.

  5. 05
    Testing Phase:

    Test the software to ensure it functions as intended and meets the requirements.

  6. 06

    Release the software to users, either through a web application or a downloadable program. Then after main the application and providing support.

Technologies Deployed

  • For Database:
    MS SQL Server 2017
  • For Web based Application:
    C#, .Net Framework 4.5 , Web API, HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, J-Query, Angular 7
  • For Android App:
    Java, Eclipse, Android Development Framework .
  • For Apple App:
    iOS Framework, Swift
  • For Hosting Server:
    IIS on Windows Environment
  • For Environment:
    Amazon Web Services (EC2)

Development & Implementation

A. User Panel

My Tickets Tab:

Here users can see the list of tickets that they brought. They can see the ticket details and download the tickets as well. Users have also the option to see the previous tickets.


Create Events tab:

Here user can create the event in three simple steps

Step 1- Enter event details
Step 2- Enter location
Step 3- Upload image/video and click on “PUBLISH”

Manage Event Tab:

Here you can find the list of the events you've created. The "Edit" button will take you back to the Create Event to change the specific event page. The “invitation list” button will display the list of invitation which you have send for that event. “Preview” button will display the details of the event.


Invitation Tab:

This tab will provide invitations for all your events. Click on the total invitation to see the list of people whom the user has sent an invitation. Click on the Invitations button to send invitations. We have two options there. One is for single invitations and another is for bulk invitations.

1. Single Invitation

Here user can send invitation to single user.

2. Bulk Invitation

Here user can send bulk invitation. Download the template to see the format of the sheet.


Invitation Overview Tab:

Here user can see the overview of the invitation. They can also the status for their invitation.


Notification Tab:

Here user will receive all the notification from the admin


Message Tab:

Here user can connect with ticket and invites admin


My Account Tab:

My Account Tab has two separate panels one for handling personal details and the second one for security settings

1. Personal setting

Here user can change their email, name, last name

2. Security setting

Here user can change their password


B. Public User/Event organizer Panel

Dashboard Tab:

Here user can see the overview of their account.


C. Event Creation Panel

  • Create Event
  • Create Tickets
  • Manage Event
  • Invitation

D. Event Promotion Panel


Here user can create the offer code for each event. User has the option to create a discount on basis of a percentage or fixed price.


Here user can send the broadcast request to a single person or in bulk


Here users can take the subscription to highlight their event. They will display their event on top sections according to the subscription and users have to pay for each subscription.

E. Transaction Panel

  • History
  • Withdraw
  • Sale
  • Check Failed Payment Status
  • Notification
  • Message

F. User Permission Panel

  • Create User
  • Account Type
  • Create Scan User

G. Setting Panel

Company Profile

  • Company setting: where they can change the details related to the company
  • Security: Here user can change the password.
  • Banking Details: Here users have to enter their banking details from which they will do the transaction. Users also have to enter the MOMO mobile no for payment.

H. Admin Panel


Here user can see the overview of their account. User can see the top event with the ticket sold details.


Organizer Tab

I. Payment

  • Earning
  • Sales
  • Withdraw Request
  • Broadcast
  • Subscription
  • Invitation

Final Outcome

What Our Clients Say About Us

Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Here are some kind words of our precious clients they have used to express their satisfaction with our service.