Salon System

Salon System

Platform where all salon companies can register on the website to provide services to customers. Salon businesses can manage their business in a paperless manner and Customers can search and book Salon services by searching nearest salon.

Client Requirement

The client wants to develop a platform where all salon companies can register on the website to provide services to customers.

  • Salon businesses can manage their business in a paperless manner
  • Customers can search and book Salon services by searching nearest salon
  • Sellers can sell their products to the salons.

Our Approach to Develop Project

We followed a systematic approach to meet the client's requirements and develop the salon system. Firstly, we conducted in-depth discussions with the client to understand their specific needs, preferences, and business processes. This helped us create a comprehensive project roadmap and define the scope of work. Here is the roadmap of this salon system.

  1. 01
    Requirements Gathering:

    During the initial phase, we conducted in-depth discussions with the client to understand their specific needs and preferences. We analyzed the client’s business processes and the services he wanted to provide through this system.

  2. 02
    Planning and Design:

    Based on the requirements gathered, we created a detailed project plan and decided on the UI/UX design for the salon system app. We also planned for timelines, milestones, and deliverables, which we shared with the client for approval.

  3. 03
    Agile Development:

    To ensure flexibility and timely delivery, we followed an agile methodology to develop this salon system. We broke the project into smaller tasks, which we completed iteratively. We held daily stand-up meetings with the client to review progress, identify roadblocks, and adjust the plan as necessary.

  4. 04
    Quality Assurance:

    To ensure the quality of the final product, we implemented a comprehensive testing process. We conducted unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing to ensure that the salon system app met the client's requirements and was free of bugs.

  5. 05
    Deployment and Maintenance:

    Once the app was developed and tested, we deployed it to the client's servers and provided training to the salon staff on how to use it. We also provided ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the app remained up-to-date and fully functional.

Technologies Deployed

  • For Web Front end: Angular
  • For Web Back-end: Laravel
  • For Mobile Development: ReactNative, Node.js (server-side development)
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Others: RESTful API architecture, Booking APIs, Social Media APIs

Development & Implementation

There are four types of users

  • Paid Service Seeker
  • Commission Service Provider
  • Paid Salon Supplier
  • Commission Salon Supplier


  • Manage subscription plans (Starter, Basic, Premium package)
  • Manage availability calendar
  • Manage Payment methods (subscription purchase plan, payment from service providers)
  • Manage user accounts Admin can setup user account for vary roles (example appointment control agent this person can view all appointment of service providers, make sure all appointment status in good term)
  • Manage financial accounts
  • Manage/Create discount Coupons Support Service provider create new services, setup profile, promotions, etc.…can setup anything in service providers and Salon Suppliers Pages -- View/Manage Social media accounts


  • Notification
  • Private Messaging
  • Membership subscription plan
  • Post services (Haircuts, massages, manicure, etc. )
  • Featured Services
  • Edit/delete services
  • Discounts/coupons (Happy Hours Discounts, Reward Point Program, Membership Packages, E-Gift, Senior Discount, Student Discount)
  • Set price
  • Set availability calendar (synced with a scheduler)
    • i) Schedule Appointments
    • ii) Add new appointment from dashboard
    • ii) Manage own calendar and mark dates as unavailable
    • iv) Set availability Staffs
    • v) Sync with personal calendar
  • Payment method authentication
    • i) Collect payment online or in-person
  • Receive booking request
    • i) Manage Your Clients
    • ii) Communicate Effortlessly
  • Manage booking:
    • i) Automatic appointment reminders
    • ii) Manage schedule virtually
    • Analytic:
    • i) Custom records and waivers
    • ii) Track analytic and performances
  • Messages
  • Feedback/rating system
  • Email/SMS notification (up to 6 email to be sent when book online or offline)
  • Financial accounts (Sort by date/week/month/year or by users accounts)
  • Privacy settings
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Technician setup (profile, login, check calendar, view earning (salary & commission, tips)
  • Set Reward Point on Services (reward point given to user) -- Set Happy Hours Discount on Services (example, Service A is on setup for discount at 25% from 9am to 2pm on Tuesday and Friday) return to normal price afterward
  • Set Receptionist (Salon Owner can assign receptionist to take care of the booking activity in salon) certain item can be restricted from receptionist role)
  • CUSTOM PRICES FOR VIP CLIENTS Want to offer special prices to friends and long-time clients? Set up custom prices and appointment durations only visible to that client.
  • EMPLOYEE ACCESS CONTROLS Each employee can be given their own login with access levels set by you.
  • Set Your Cancellation Policy (You set your cancellation policy.
  • Custom Colors (Automatically color code appointments by service type, staff member, or appointment status.)
  • Flexible Booking (Decide whether to manually approve each appointment request — or allow them to be booked straight into your calendar.)
  • Integrated Inventory (Upload and track inventory in one place. When you sell products, you'll automatically be alerted when it's time to re-order.)
  • Calculate Payroll (Let staff clock in and clock out. Automatically calculate staff compensation based on hours worked, commissions, and tips.
  • Multiple Employees
  • Allow customers to specify staff member when booking
  • Vary services, prices and availability by employee
  • Give each employee with their own account (with access controls)
  • Calculate compensation based on hours worked and commissions -- Employees can clock in/out for accurate hours tracking
  • Multiple Locations -- Filter bookings, clients and metrics by location
  • Control which locations each employee can access
  • Allow customers to specify their preferred location
  • Mobile Business
  • Access anywhere with our iPhone/Android app
  • Choose your service radius
  • Update the price after on-site estimate
  • Let customers select service location
  • Promoters
  • Offer off-peak pricing incentives during slow times
  • Sell packages and bundles with multiple appointments
  • Enable promo codes with discounts
  • Separate prices for new and existing customers
  • Post worker needs on separate area: Which users can search and apply by getting the contact details of the respective organization and get hired.
  • Control Freak
    • i) Set custom prices and appointment durations by client
    • ii) Manually approve each appointment request
    • iii) Require advance notice or buffer times between appointments
    • iv) Enforce cancellation policies
    • v) Online Payments
    • iv) Receive payments by direct deposit, PayPal or check
    • v) Direct payment to employees/contractors for their own clients
    • vi) Tips from customers can be added to payment after appointment


  • Search for services
  • Advanced Search
  • Service details
  • Check availability calendar
  • Wish list (save to favorites)
  • Book services (User can rebook last service used once login)
  • Guest Checkout
  • Payment gateway integration (Escrow system: Payment is held with the site till released after service is complete)
  • Feedback/rating system
  • Order/Booking Management (My Account)
  • Social media share
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Email/SMS notification
  • Financial accounts (Sort by date/week/month/year or by users accounts)/Transaction History Buy E-gift from a service provider, gift can be shared to a friend via email or SMS codes
  • Send A Gift - The user can buy and send a gift to a friend, the friend receives gift active and use service from the selected service provider
  • Share Gift amount (ie, $100 gift value, can be shared to a friend in the amount of $40) send via email or sms codes
  • Buy a Membership from Service Provider, 3 months, 6 months, 12 month Membership type (single service or selected service offer by service provider)
  • Reward Point - User can earn reward point by using services at service provider, each point represent a $
  • Happy Hours Discount
  • Invite a friend (allow user to invite a friend to use this service, he or she will earn reward point or certain commission from the service providers)
  • Privacy settings

Final Outcome

Web Screen:

Mobile Screen:

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