POS Software We have designed this POS software for a restaurant to efficiently manage its order, customers, menus, and seating area through a web or mobile app.

POS Software

POS software provides the full-stack solution for the Restaurant and Ordering Management System. The prime focus of this management system is to keep the menu items up-to-date with high-resolutioned photos.

Client Requirement

In this project, the client wants POS software for his restaurant and an order management system that can run on the web and on mobile applications.

Our Approach to Develop Project

Our approach to developing this project is very simple, and we started by gathering the basic requirements of our client that include the features, and functionality they need, such as menu management, order management, payment processing, inventory management, reporting, and analytics.

  1. 01
    Designing the user interface:

    After gathering all the requirements of the clients, we started designing the user interface. While designing the user interface, we make sure to make it as intuitive and user-friendly as it can be for customers and staff.

  2. 02
    Website development:

    After deciding on the user interface, we start building the website by creating a homepage, menu page, and ordering page. Ensure that the website is mobile responsive, loads quickly, and is optimized for search engines.

  3. 03
    App development:

    We designed apps for both iOS and Android platforms using a cross-platform development framework like React Native or Flutter. We also ensure that the app has all the necessary features for customers and is user-friendly.

  4. 04
    Integrate the POS system:

    We integrate the website and app with the POS system to enable real-time communication between the restaurant staff and the customers.

  5. 05
    Test the system:

    Our developers vigorously test the app and website on different parameters to ensure that it is bug-free, perform well, and meet the requirements.

  6. 06
    Launch the system:

    After successful testing, we launch the app for common user and provide training to staff and customers on how to use the system.

Technologies Deployed

For Web App:

  • Asp.net with MVC Framework, MSSQL
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • Payment Gateway, Social APIs

For Mobile Application:

  • Android SDK, iOS Framework
  • Xamarin 2.0 (C#), Adobe Flash (Flash/AIR)
  • Swift and iOS SDK

Development & Implementation

A. Management

Customizable Menu:

This feature allows restaurant owners to create customizable menus in minutes and easily update it from anywhere. Also, keep your staff informed on your menu items and show customers mouth-watering photos of your dishes and drinks that will make them order more.

Adjustable Floor Plan:

Update your floor plan in real-time to accommodate last-minute reservations and big groups. Colour indicators will show if a table is free, occupied or ready to pay allowing the owner to add or remove tables on the fly to accommodate the rush

Stock Management:

Keep track of what you have in stock so you never run out of your best-selling items.

B. Ordering

Mobile Service:

Whether they are at a table, at the bar, or on the terrace, customers expect one thing: impeccable service. Wherever they are, give them the same options, information, and answers.

Self-Order Menu:

This option in the app allows customers to place their own orders and send their request directly to the kitchen so staff can focus on what to prepare first.

Takeout And Delivery:

Get more orders with a POS that allows you to process takeout and delivery requests on the spot.


With Our Restaurant Application, end the meal as easily as it started, by dividing the bills the way your customers want.


Allergies, food restrictions or simply preferences, your customers won’t appreciate any error if they tell you to take out an ingredient from their order. Our modifiers feature allows you to put all requests directly into the system so you never forget what they asked.

C. iPad (Remote Ordering )

Mobile Service:

Bring your POS as you go from customer to customer and access all your service tools from a mobile device. Offer patrons the same level of high-quality experience no matter where they are seated.

Cloud-Based POS:

With a cloud-based POS, your business is always with you - even as you leave the restaurant. Enjoy the freedom of going everywhere you need to be while keeping an eye on your establishment.

Improved Communication:

You don’t need to go to the kitchen or the bar to communicate with your staff. Any orders entered into the POS are immediately received by your back-of house staff.

Offline Mode:

When your Internet goes down, you don’t have to panic, and your customers don’t have to know. Our restaurant application works offline as well as online. Once your connection is restored, all the data is synchronized.

D. Staff

Minimal Training:

Get an intuitive POS that will make your staff’s job easier and be rewarded with efficient employees that are happy to work for you.

User Permissions:

Retain control over your business with Lightspeed’s permission settings per employee or by user group. With user permissions, you decide what your individual employees have access to.

Tip Management:

Light speed Restaurant helps you manage tips in total transparency, no matter how you and your team decide to divide them. Avoid errors and frustrating miscommunications by adding everything in your POS.

Staff Reporting:

You don’t need to micro-manage your team to know what’s going on. Let the system help you define KPIs for your employees so they can excel.

E. Multi-Store

Customer Data:

Now you can check one platform for information on every returning customer, per location, and offer the kind of personal service that will drive loyalty.

Growth Tools:

Opening a new location? Quickly add it in your POS and get selling instantly.

Multi-Location Reporting:

Managing a multi-location business is being able to see the big picture and pay attention to detail. Our Restaurant App allows you to see how individual locations are doing and how you can do it better.

F. Reporting

End-Of-Day Reports:

This POS software gives access to end-of-day reports that give you a clear breakdown of how your business is doing.

Staff Reports:

Know what your staff is up to by tracking employee shifts, ensuring you know when they clock in and out. Schedule wait for staff and have the right amount of iPads based on the influx of customers.

Mobile Reporting:

Access real-time reports on any device, whether you’re at your restaurant, at home or out and about. Our restaurant POS is cloud-based, pulling reliable and consistent reports, regardless of the device you use.

G. Customer Management

Customer Profiles:

Get to know your customers by creating profiles that let you know how often they come and their favorite items on your menu. Your staff will be able to offer more personal service and give patrons a memorable experience.

Timed Promotions:

Save your staff’s time and add promotions directly into Restaurant POS. At the indicated time, prices will decrease and revert back to the original when it’s over. The system does it all for you.

Final Outcome

What Our Clients Say About Us

Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Here are some kind words of our precious clients they have used to express their satisfaction with our service.