On Demand Telemedicine Platform Assist your patients virtually with a well-developed on-demand telemedicine platform. We have designed a telemedicine platform to provide quality healthcare services remotely.

On Demand Telemedicine Platform

Telemedicine Platform is the digital platform that inculcate the framework for the virtual private clinic. The prime features includes virtual meeting with the doctor, medical representatives with doctor, and other medical services.

Client Requirement

  • Client wants an interactive private clinic platform that could connect doctors and patients virtually. He wants this to be a one-stop digital telemedicine platform named “MyClickDoctor”.
  • He also wants an automatic medical scan management system.
  • The client initially wants a cloud solution with a high response time and scalable database for at least 1,000 doctors and 500 patients.

Features required:

  • Registration
  • Video and on-call consultation
  • Document management
  • Smooth payment Gateway

Main requirements:

  • Can store more than 10 years of documents
  • Video records (currently inquiring about legal aspects – (input/recommendation from software developers are welcome)
  • Minimal Hardware: PC and Smartphone
  • Bandwidth requirements

Our Approach to Develop Project

  • Our strategy to develop ‘MyClickDoctor’ was very straightforward and we decided to choose our target audience, scope, and features initially.
  • In the second step, we choose the appropriate model and technology stack that can meet the requirement of the platform.
  • Afterward, we develop the platform in an iterative process with continuous testing and feedback. Also, we ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Finally, we launch the platform in multiple phases to ensure stability and user satisfaction. We also keep an eye on the platform and make changes based on what users say and how their needs change.

Technologies Deployed

  • Backend:
    .NET CORE 3.5 (C#), ASP.Net CORE, SQLServer 2018
  • Frontend:
  • Payment Gateway:
  • Video Call:
    JITSI Server, WebRTC

Development & Implementation

  • We created an intuitive design for the website and application.
  • Here, At Adequate, Our team crafted the website with all essential features for Doctors, Patients, HCPs (health care professionals), Medical Representatives, Nurses, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, Pharmaceutical Managers, Medical Scan Operator, and Managers so that User can fulfill their personal and health care needs.
  • We added main functions as registration, booking time, virtual meeting, quick patient overview and recommendation documents, etc. using the latest technologies.
  • Software is easy to use, have clear and easy to understand user interface, not sensitive to high overload, has user-specific documentation and training material (PDF and video), etc.
  • Here, we also provide features for feedback opportunities and add scalable functions (banner for the patient interface, EMR (electronic medical record) data exchange, etc.
  • Software was completely reliable as unique user identification, user data protection guarantee, continuous smooth workflow, GDPR, etc. as well as fully responsive hence compatible for all screen sizes and to mobiles, iPads, and iPhones.
  • Payment method was given to MyClickDoctor using Barion, with more payment options (Bank transfer, Wallet Monet, etc)
  • We make this website available for users in two languages: English and Hungarian.
  • MyClickDoctor is a cutting-edge app solution that enhanced patient care by providing quicker access to prescribed medications. The client discovered that over a short period of time, website searches had dramatically increased by 20%.

Final Outcome

How Client Found Us?

The client found us in a Google search when he was looking for a telemedicine solution; they found us due to our large online presence as a software company.

Client Profile

Client: Entrepreneur Location: Budapest, Hungary Industry: Telemedicine

Client Testimonials

I am literally astounded by how quickly the team delivered a functional website. The approach was exceptional, and the team was entirely focused. I highly appreciate that they took my project requirements as seriously as I wanted. Thanks!!

Users truly loved this website and reported that 40% of them use it regularly for digital health tools.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Here are some kind words of our precious clients they have used to express their satisfaction with our service.