With the peek of technological evolution, there is an endless number of gadget implants that prosper great use in our daily lives. But incorporating them all together into our homes or offices is not an easy job. Hence, Smart home automation services of various leading web development companies come into the business and provide advanced home automation solutions that are designed with the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Adequate Infosoft is a professional top custom web development platform that endeavors to create smart homes and smart cities through its leading web development solutions that are not only economically viable but uphold an environmentally responsible efficient use of available resources.

Our home automation solutions yielded by deep discussion from business delivering instant operations using wearable technology, mobile applications, and web intervention are consistent and efficient. So, whether it is setting the thermostat at the optimum levels or managing home security based on the arrangement of rooms, we will make your ideas and indulgences come to life.

Why You Need House Automation Development?

  • Improved Living standards
  • Flexibility for new devices
  • Easy Performace tracking
  • Home management insights
  • Improved appliance functionality
  • Reduced Human effort
  • Enhanced home security
  • Increased energy efficiency

Technologies Used By Us

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi modem generates the prime access to the internet through which any cloud-based home automation allows the devices to connect and broadcasts the signals for further processes. 

Bluetooth: This medium is used for a short-range of mobile devices, processors, and many other electronic devices in houses. Bluetooth handles the voice commands very efficiently and makes a personal network functioning within the 2.4 GHz band. A lot of home automation development services these days incorporate Bluetooth for MP3 players, mobile and personal computers.

ZigBee: This is a specialised Bluetooth which is specific for working over the networks in wireless personal areas. It’s the cheapest source of connectivity module. ZigBee technology doesn’t comply necessarily with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth services. Its,  designed for functions where the data transfer rate is very less and the capacity for ad hoc channelling is required.

 Z-Wave: This is a wireless communications procedure used for home automation development solutions by adequate Infosoft. It provides the application layer interoperability within home systems of different manufacturers that are a part of its association. It is also a radio frequency technology that builds the connection between each other. 

Li-Fi: Li-Fi known as light fidelity is a great tool like infrared which instead of radiations uses light to transmit data between two devices. This is used in between the shortest distance of interference sustained by light as compared to radiofrequency waves. Usually, its use in explosion hazard environments where mobile phones are generally restricted. 

UPB: UPB stands for Universal Powerline Bus that proves to be a very great tool in home automation development. With the use of powerline UPB signals, you can control the signals very cost-effectively and in a reliable manner.

Amazon Echo: Everyone has heard by far now what Alexa has to say through this amazon technology which is a great tool to listen to music, home controls, information provider like weather, news, and other necessary help. It’s very renowned voice-controlling speakers that work as commanded.

Wink Hub 2: With a sleek connectivity device this tool helps in multiple wireless devices to build connections The devices can easily be controlled through the Wink Hub app on your mobile devices too.  It is a faster and most secure way to let your devices connect with each other

Apple Homekit: For the Apple tech lover this is a highly expensive but very amazing Homekit which is truly an expert in all the home automation services ranging from your home sensors, cameras, locks till the switches at home. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod and takes all the commands which you forward to Siri and things will be done within a second. 

Our Services

IoT Home Automation Solutions

Development of IoT (Internet of Things) that stores, analyze, and processes streaming data from devices and applications using IoT cloud-based services. We  Integrate home automation platforms with Bluetooth hardware for auto-discovery and reconciliation of smart devices together.

Smart Home Management Solutions

Our skilled smart home automation app developers design data intelligence modules with home automation software to track history and analyze power consumption. We also create intuitive user dashboards for home automation management through scheduling capabilities. 

Embedded Software Integration

Our developers generate embedded software for home automation devices so that the user can easily connect to smart appliances and communicate to in-home servers via REST or SOAP protocols.

Home Control Software Development

Through our web software, and internet independent remote home automation platforms you can control lighting, irrigations, cameras, alarms, gates, climate, energy, garage doors, entertainment systems, water, and door locks without any hassle. Along with that we also offer a voice integration with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit to make your home tech smarter and voice commended.

Smart Home App UI UX Design

Adequate Infosoft Designs intuitive user interfaces for home automation development solutions and smart home applications enhancing the user’s engagement and interactivity. Our skilled team devote their creativity in creating user-centric dashboards for smart home apps

We are a software development company that builds all kinds of smart home applications enabling end-users to lead a convenient lifestyle. With our furnished smart home software solutions users can control their home appliances and home kit accessories easily. Therefore, avail our services to build and launch the best smart home applications that are capable of centrally managing your home appliances with increased expediency Hope you understood all the relatable regions of smart home development services that Adequate Infosoft prospers offering custom software web development platform and a highly skilled team that can extend your power source in commerce or any business model via embarking complex use of various tools and technologies. Just contact us through the given below form or

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