With the rise of increasingly contagious diseases consultation of doctors through a distant medium has become a necessity for a lot of people. Therefore, Adequate Infosoft offers a complete app and website solution for the healthcare industry. If you are looking for a doctor consultation app development or a doctor’s website development, we understand the needs of the healthcare industry and provide you the right kind of services accordingly. Our IT experts with good knowledge of the health industry make your desirable application possible in the least amount of time having efficient functionality. Preferential mobile applications for hospitals also store personalized and customized records for each and every patient. Along with consultation management, such applications are a great aid in taking real-time information and substantial details about pharmacies, hospitals, labs as well as other healthcare services efficiently reducing the time consumption of manforce data entries by the healthcare employees.

Services We Offer

Doctor Consultation Applications are in high demand but along with various other health necessities, Adequate Infosoft designs custom web applications that are segregated into various other services we prosper to offer at affordable prices without any extra down payments.

Appointment Booking :

With us, you can create apps through which a patient can book an appointment with the desired doctor. Through such applications, patients can select the doctor according to their schedules and manage their time conveniently without missing any doctor’s appointments.

Book Lab:

Adequate Infosoft also designs various web applications that offer the booking of the lab for further testing procedures in health departments. Since people wait for a really long time outside laboratories for their appointments or test results Adequate Infosoft creates applications that can provide booking facilities to the users for the ease of both pharmacists and the patient.

Health Checkup:

Doctors in general, get the patients who used to be in a hurry to get cured. But what about normal health check-ups?

Corporate Tie-ups:

Large hospitals are getting tied up with the other hospitals for the availability of the doctors of each department which we leverage to connect the users with distinct professionals in one application.

Why Choose Our Assistance?

Appointments Can Be Managed with Ease.

The doctor booking app development team manages that all bookings are easily made by patients with the security of their payment gateways and appointed according to the slots available for any doctor.

You get Confirmation & Reminders On SMS therefore you do not have to drop by the doctor’s office every single day till your reports come.

Immediate confirmation between doctor and patient is managed therefore once the appointment is booked there comes no-hassle afterward.

Services to add Referrals and Grow the Community is also provided in cases of small commercial healthcare centers. Our application also offers an alternative to the full booking obstacle where the doctors or clinics anytime can refer their patients to other doctors if they find it appropriate for the patient and also track the progress whenever they desire.

You can Search for Hospitals, Doctors, or Pharmacies Using Geo-location tracking, just like a map of healthcare showing pop up doctor places around you.

With the medical apps developed by Adequate Infosoft, you can make good use of geo-location.

Track Your Patients with Ease & Comfort.

Technologies We Use


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language that runs all the coded documents or web pages designed to be displayed in a web browser. Through various assistance of technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripting languages such as JavaScript and VBScript highly graphic websites are designed by the Adequate Infosoft application developers.


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a programming language that is used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML as described above. Adequate Infosoft uses CSS as a cornerstone technology of the World Wide Web, alongside HTML and JavaScript that further proceed into efficient doctor consultation app development services. 


This is one of the best programming languages for any application development that lets the developers “write once, run anywhere” (WORA) programs to produce analogous results regardless of the platform. We can easily playout with the flexibility of its coding that aids our Full-stack developers to deliver with maximum efficiency.

  • RhoMobile: This is an open-source framework that allows all the native app development accessibility over multiple platforms. Web technologies like  CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, and Ruby, are used to build all kinds of apps including doctor consultation app development for most major operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Appcelerator:  One of the classic open-source frameworks that is one of the best choices to develop hardware-based apps usually. But Adequate Infosoft hires mobile app developers that can play with such classic frameworks to give our clients something creative and useful. HTML, PHP, and JavaScript are used by this platform to create native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows UWP.
  • PhoneGap:  This is one of the famous open-source software which is also known with the name of ‘Apache Cordova’. This software uses CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, to create native applications over multiple platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS. You can build wallet apps subsisting grounds with such incredible technologies very easily. Since this framework allows mixing native and hybrid code snippets you can create apps that are neither truly native mobile nor web-based applications.
  • React Native: This JavaScript library is an open-source framework that has become the most preferred doctor consultation app development technology nowadays. It offers sustainable support to IDEs and other mobile app development tools and enables the developers to create native apps for iOS and Android platforms very easily.
  • Ionic: This is a framework that uses front-end programming languages like HTML5 and is widely preferred for doctor’s consultation app development. This framework combines HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript to build native based apps and create their UI functionalities with ease in web development technologies. Such mobile applications developed with this technology works on iOS’s UIWebView or Android’s WebView.
  • Xamarin: One of the famous cross-platform frameworks with coding advantages of C# and it uses single code across iOs, Android, Windows, and other platforms that give it one of the higher statuses in developers’ coding patterns. Adequate Infosoft hires app developers that can combine these benefits of code sharing to create productive applications for our clients.

Hope you understood all the required essential layouts of doctor consultation app development services that Adequate Infosoft prospers to offer on every custom web development solution. You can extend your power source income and commercial reputation among the industry through our instant health-related mobile app development solutions embarking from the complex use of various tools and technologies. Just contact us through the given below form or

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