The battles of which smartphones are better between Apple and other Android phones is an endless argument but the requirement of efficient applications on both the operating systems whether it is for iOS or Android smartphones is the recurring necessity that must be monitored intricately. With the rise of industries, a tremendous increase in the department of application development for iOS and Android phones is very lucid. But such a process requires experienced web development teams that can convert your desirable wishes into a functional app. That’s why you need Adequate Infosoft technologies to customize your projects and yield a successful application for your leading firm. Adequate Infosoft is an iOS and Android application development company that has gained more than 10 years of expertise in major development fields to provide their clients with incredible services.

How Adequate Infosoft Proceeds the App Development Services?

Application development requires some basic approaches to lead a systematic study throughout the working procedures of the desired application and its outcome that must be completely secured and authorised. Therefore, the following points will help you understand our skilled approaches for iOS or Android App development.

  • Mobile App Consulting We are a team of skilled iOS or Android App developers who adjoin a systematic approach for building apps according to the requirements of clients. To understand the client’s product goals we process an in-depth discussion which later aids us to develop a strategy for optimizing the cross-platform build. Such a strategy helps us to provide the apps that resemble and perform just like native apps and ensure the client’s goals.
  • App Development: This accounts for a very substantial process in app development where Adequate Infosft initially confirms a finite deadline that ensures all the developers to give you on-time delivery of work. We cover intuitive UI design, cross-platform app development for iOS, Android and other platforms as well as customization all according to client’s needs hence we can deliver the exact result. Our team has a thorough knowledge of the components and functions of the React Native API Library so you can easily discuss specific requirements amidst the process. Such flexibility can’t be achieved in any other iOS or Android App development company.
  • Mobile App Migration:  This process is all about the client’s priorities of project development where we try to improve the UI/UX of their legacy of mobile apps through re-engineering or migration to React Native platform. We have an experienced developing workforce that gives us efficient and fast-paced solutions to modernize mobile applications making them deliver on performance and user experience.

Programming Languages Used by Us

For Android

We usually prefer Java, which is also currently the most popular programming language in the world. While there is an alternative programming language for Android App development for providing a hasty project named as Kotlin. This coding language is easier to read for developers and coding can be done in a more efficient way. One more famous programming language for Android apps, especially among our new iOS or Android App developers, is C#. Along with that, the most popular backend languages for top Android apps from a long time are Python and C++ which were in the leading markets. All of such coding is enveloped and supported by helpful tools like Unity and Xamarin to create games and multi-platform applications according to the client’s requirements.

For iOS

Since Apple’s native mobile app development language is Objective-C that was one of the first programming languages and proved to be useful for creating apps on several devices that’s why we have a lot of experienced iOS App-based developers. A more modern programming language is Swift which was launched in 2014 and created as a replacement for Objective-C for which we have hired new and young creative minds for transcending leading results. Due to streamlined language and advanced error checking system, it’s easier and faster for our iOS App developers to build applications easily. Rest Python, HTML5 and C++ are the most initial languages that are majorly used if there are none of the above iOS developers available. Still, these basic languages are still functional and yield appropriate application results for iPhones.

Integrated Development Environment Used by Us

For Android

These tools serve an environment for back-end application development and are some of the most careful tasks that are handled only by the experienced groups of our Android App developers team. The most common IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) for Android, used by us are Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ.

For iOS 

Developing iOS-based apps is a really tricky process and takes more days than the usual android apps, therefore, we have fewer options but the most common one used by our iOS App-based developers in Xcode 8. This IDE makes it possible to prototype the user interface (UI) without complex coding and enables developers to create apps for all Apple devices, therefore, we succeed for smarter IDE that is App code for coding our applications. This intelligent development environment allows our programmers to execute coding in a faster way by automating daily tasks and carrying out code inspections easily.

Major Tools for App Development Used by Us

Usage of software and framework is a significant gateway that sustains the core functionality of any application whether it is designed for iPhones or Androids. Therefore, Adequate Infosoft takes gentle and meticulous care while designing and choosing their tools and technologies for iOS or Android App development. There are some major tools used by our company as follows:

1. PhoneGap

PhoneGap also is known as Apache Cordova is open-source software that uses CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, frameworks to create native applications for multiple platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS. There are various other frameworks by Adequate Infosoft that focuses on the best software to deliver the perfect results.

2. Appcelerator 

This is an open-source framework that is generally used to develop hardware-based apps. The platform uses HTML, PHP, and JavaScript to create native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows UWP. This framework executes best under hardware apps therefore, you can find major developers well acquainted with this framework.

3. RhoMobile

RhoMobile is a powerful open-source framework that allows native app development for multiple platforms. It uses web technologies like  CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, and Ruby, to build apps for most major operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows.

4. WidgetPad 

If anyone wants extra functions in their applications then Adequate Infosoft uses WidgetPad which is one of the best open-source environments for mobile app developments. This uses technologies like JavaScript and HTML5 to offer a multitude of options like source code editing, versioning, and distribution. Such a flexible pattern leads to various Android and iOS mobile app developers to code under this platform for Android, iOS, and web.

5. MoSync

This kit supports programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and Python. It is an integrated collection with Eclipse-based IDE and enables native mobile app development for multiple platforms using C/ C++ programming. 

App Development Frameworks Used by Us

Frameworks are the building blocks of any application. Therefore, Adequate Infosoft focuses on the cross-platform app developments that have also gained momentum and one can certainly credit the best of the frameworks for this major transformation we use today are as follows:

Onsen UI: This is an open-source UI framework that owns the components for HTML5 and it creates beautiful and performant cross-platform mobile applications. These frameworks are based on Web Components which provide bindings for Angular 1, 2+, React, Vue.js & other frameworks.

React Native: This is one of the most popular cross-platform mobile app development frameworks that is natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android app development companies which deliver the framework of an application already developed by Facebook rendering beautiful mobile apps built on top of ReactJS & javascript.

Xamarin: This framework is based on the sense of yielding true Windows, Android, and iOS mobile apps. This process is an abstraction layer that manages the communication between a shared code of underlying platform code from C# with .NET. The apps can be created for any mobile platform with 96% of the source code reusability through this framework that’s why Adequate Infosoft owns the top developers in this field for app development. 

Ionic:  Ionic is a widely used cross-platform framework built with Angular and Apache Cordova that enables the ability to develop apps for three different platforms, namely- iOS, Android, and Windows. This framework uses minimal DOM to maximize performance and deliver better efficiency. Adequate Infosoft works in providing native APIs like Ionic Native and Cordova to aid the procedure of application development.

PhoneGap: Also known as Adobe PhoneGap is a cross-platform app development framework developed by Nitobi and it was previously titled as Apache Cordova. This framework is considered as a reliable platform for app development using the skilled developers in Adequate Infosoft that can develop apps in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.

Flutter: Flutter is a UI toolkit launched by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled apps for both mobile & web applications by keeping the single codebase. This kit is based on an object-oriented programming language- Dart. which rarely people learn. Still, Adequate Infosoft has hired various iOS and Android developers that can work in this field.

jQuery Mobile: JQuery Mobile is an HTML5-based user interface framework, that was built on top of the jQuery Core JavaScript framework designed to make responsive websites or applications for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. This framework is very useful in building on jQuery and jQueryUI to deliver the API features for mobile web applications via keeping the single code version.

Mobile Angular UI: This is a free open-source mobile UI framework under MIT License which uses the Angular framework in combination with Twitter Bootstrap to simplify the mobile app development process. It provides numerous UI components like switches, overlays, scrollable areas, navbars to build a seamless intuitive and attractive user interface for mobile applications.

Corona: One of the topmost open-source cross-platform frameworks that are ideal for rapidly creating apps and games for mobile devices, desktop, tablets & smart TV. It is powered by Lua based framework light-weight scripting language that offers speed, ease of usage, and flexibility to develop apps. Adequate Infosoft uses these technologies for faster delivery of projects

Appcelerator Titanium: This is a hybrid mobile app development framework, which is a very powerful mobile development platform for designing cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android app development using a single code base. It’s based open-source Titanium, a JavaScript-based SDK with over 5000 APIs for Android, iOS, Windows, and HTML5 that allows you to reuse up to 90% of code if you are targeting multiple platforms.

Our Expertise

We are a team of skilled developers who maintain their work ethics to serve you with the finest IT custom services. With a long-range of more than 100 successful IT projects covering more than 85 happy clients, we have gained 10 years of expertise that enable us to lead into every iOS and Android App development company server assistance transcending a high quality of standardised work. There are major zones in which we successfully lead the best of expertise in the fields of e-Learning, On-demand, Social Networking, e-commerce, Finance and Banking, Entertainment, Logistics, Healthcare, Travel, and Tourism and Transportation.

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