The Entity Framework is an ORM (Object Relational Mapper), a set of technical solutions that support data-driven software applications. It basically provides the mechanism for building the application and generates business objects and entities according to database tables and 

Adequate Infosoft is a leading Entity Framework development company. The developers of Adequate Infosoft are able to take full advantage of all the features required for a data-centric software application. We ensure that your database application is organized and run efficiently with the best modelling techniques

What is Entity Framework?

The Entity Framework is a set of tools that supports the development of data-driven software applications. Using the Entity Framework, developers can use less code to develop and manage data-driven applications. Entity Framework is a set of technical components of ADO.NET that are useful for designing and developing data-oriented software applications.

Why Entity Framework Development Services from Adequate Infosoft?

The Entity Framework is not an alternative to ADO.NET, but of course, the developer does not have to write ADO.NET code. The Entity Framework is best for developing data-driven software applications. The Entity Framework supports the creation of all kinds of mappings, the mapping of entities to multiple tables, the splitting of tables, complex types, inheritance hierarchies, and so on.

To develop the most advanced applications, we analyze the full capabilities of Entity Framework features such as mapping designer, conceptual layer API, and more. We have extremely skilled developers who are proficient in modelling techniques. The primary goal of the Adequate Infosoft is to design and develop EF that makes database applications superior and more advantageous.

Our professional Entity Framework developers use the latest tools and technologies, for which we have always provided outstanding quality with a high degree of security, data-oriented software applications.

Why Choose Us?

1. Dedicated Developer Team

We have a dedicated development team that builds advanced applications for you with your business model in mind. They use the latest tools and technologies for the best results.

2. Advanced Modeling Techniques

To deliver high-quality & secured data orientation software applications we use the latest tools and technologies.

3. Agile Methodology

Following the agile methodology, we continuously focus on product development and testing, which was developed by the developers of the entity framework.

4. On-time Project Delivery

We know the value of time that’s why we always ensure to deliver our projects on-time.

5. 100% Transparency

While we are working on your project, we ensure 100% transparency during the development process.

6. Cost-Effective & Competitive Price

At a very cost-effective and competitive price, we provide our development services.

Our Features

1. Quick Development

As the framework offers access to core data your application development time is cut to half.

2. Application-Centric

Including inherited types, complex members, and relationships we offer an application-centric object model.

3. Edit Mapping

Without changing the application code you can edit mappings between the object model and the storage-specific schema. 

4. Query Support

Offers language-integrated Query support (LINQ to Entities) for checking IntelliSense and compile-time syntax.

Our Technological Expertise

Get the latest technological solutions for next-generation ASP.NET applications with ASP.NET application development services of Adequate Infosoft:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 / 4.8
  • HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and AJAX
  • Visual Studio .NET 2017/2019
  • VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, VC++
  • LAMP, SOA, SQL Server
  • JavaScript Framework integration
  • LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entity, LINQ

Ready To Get Started?

Stay ahead of the competition with our professional, personalized, and enterprise-class Entity Framework development services. Our Entity Framework development company expertise with modern technologies to address the critical needs of global clients across industries. Our Entity Framework development solution has one of the best client-retention rates across the industry. 

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