With similar aims, getting the end-product as quickly and efficiently as possible DevOps and Agile are the two software development methodologies. There is often some confusion between both methodologies while many organizations are hoping to employ these practices. Agile vs. DevOps has become one of the hottest debates in the industry. Before we look at how DevOps differs from Agile, let’s first understand the two methods.

What is DevOps?

Focuses on communication, integration, and collaboration between IT professionals, DevOps is a software development method to enable rapid deployment of products. DevOps is a culture that fosters collaboration between the development and operations teams. This allows the faster and automated installation of the code into production. It helps increase the speed of your organization in delivering applications and services. It can be defined as the coordination of development and IT operation.

The DevOps software development focus on the core values:

  • DevOps helps the Development and Operations teams work together to deploy code faster and in an automated and repeatable way.
  • DevOps paces organizational speed in delivering applications and services. This allows organizations to better serve their customers and compete more strongly in the marketplace
  • With better communication and collaboration DevOps can also be defined as a series of development and IT operations.
  • DevOps has become one of the most valuable business disciplines for businesses or organizations.
  • DevOps has greatly improved the quality and speed of application delivery.

What is Agile?

The agile methodology involves a continuous iteration of development and testing in the SDLC process. It emphasizes iterative, incremental, and evolutionary development. For final testing, the agile development process breaks down the product into smaller pieces and integrates them. It can be implemented in many ways, including scrum, kanban, scrum, XP, and so on.

Agile software development focuses on four core values:

  • Working software with comprehensive documentation.
  • Responded to change over following a plan.
  • Customer cooperation during contract negotiations.
  • Individual and team interaction over process and tools.

DevOps vs. Agile

Despite the similarities, DevOps and agile are not the same, and some say DevOps is better than agile! To eliminate the clutter, it is important to land on the nuts and bolts.


  • Both are software development methodologies; this cannot be disputed.
  • Agile has been around for over 20 years, and DevOps has been in the picture quite recently. 
  • Both belief in rapid software development and its principles are based on how quickly software can be developed without harming the customer or operations.


  • The difference between Agile and DevOps is what happens after development. 
  • Software development, testing, and installation take place in both DevOps and the agile version. However, pure mobility usually stops after these three stages. In contrast, DevOps contains operations that occur continuously. Therefore, monitoring and software development are also continuous.
  • In agile, separate people are responsible for software development, testing, and installation. In DevOps, the engineering role of DevOps is responsible for everything; development is an operation and operation is development.
  • DevOps is more related to cost reduction, and agile is more synonymous with lean and reducible waste, and concepts such as agile project accounting and minimally viable product (MVP) are relevant. 
  • Agile focuses on and embodies empiricism (adaptation, transparency, and control) rather than predictive measures.

Both Agile and DevOps strive to deliver quality software on time. The difference between agile and DevOps is that agile focuses on optimizing the development lifecycle, while DevOps combines development and operations in a CI/CD environment.

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