Music is the best partner of a lonely soul, perhaps. I think everyone loves to listen to music in their spare time which has eventually increased the demand for music streaming apps in the market. There are thousands of best music streaming services available in the market that are generating profit for their owners but the finest is the one that is designed using visionary techniques. At Adequate Infosoft,  we are delivering a comprehensive range of avant-garde live music streaming application development services to clients.

 If you are looking forward to hiring music app developers from India to get uninterrupted Music App Design and Development Services then you can contact us without a second thought. We are one among the best, all dedicated to serving the industry relying on our domain experience. We are providing an audio-streaming app development service for individuals as well as for business purposes. Clients can contact us to design a feature-rich audio-streaming application of their choice.

The media and entertainment industry is dilating progressively inch by inch resulting in an increasing demand for custom-made applications for specific use. Presently, during the surge of covid-19, we have seen a sudden explosion in the use of music streaming applications as it has become the best-loved elapse of many peoples during that time. 

Looking forward to the rise in demand for music streaming applications, several custom software development companies in India have decided to put their hands into the development of live music streaming applications and we are also one of them. Counting on our talented music streaming app developers, we are engaged in providing a broad range of music streaming app development services to our clients. 

Types of music streaming applications:

Depending on the preference of customers there are different types of Music Streaming applications and Adequate Infosoft is proficient in designing all of those with the help of their in-house team of talented music app developers.

Music Editing Apps

Editing audio files to create a piece of trending music is not so challenging anymore. Our designers are working continuously round the clock to design a music editing application for the solace of the customers. Customers can use our music editing application to edit and mix audios to create a completely new tune. These music editing applications are aiding modern musicians to combine and create music that their audience loves to hear.

Online music streaming applications. 

After music editing software, the demand for online music streaming applications is at great heights. In the past few years, the music industry has evolved so much and that has opened several opportunities for Dedicated software developers in India as well as they are more inclined to develop contemporary music streaming applications. Adequate Infosoft is trusted music streaming app development company engaged in designing a broad range of music streaming applications to meet the demand of the customers. 

Live music streaming Apps

Being a celebrated music software development company, we are engaged in designing live music streaming Apps with a wide range of features inbuilt into it. Our music streaming apps are flawless, and allow users to download and save music, create separate playlist and share it within their community. Also, these applications are Digital Rights management supported that provide complete privacy to the customers and are secure to use. 

Revamp music streaming experience with the best features: 

Innovational Features of the music applications are something that makes it different from others. We always wanted to do something different to stand out in the market and hence get betrothed in designing and developing music streaming applications with full enthusiasm. 

Until now we have developed music streaming apps for android and iOS devices that are concurring the market with their dynamic features. Our music streaming application comes with the following outstanding features that you will get in rare applications available in the market. 

Offline streaming

Along with live streaming, we provide offline streaming features in our developed music streaming applications. This feature allows customers to get uninterrupted music listening experiences regardless of data pack validity. 

Support 3D sound effect

Adequate Infosoft is best in developing music streaming apps and software that support 3D sound effects. Our designed applications are best known for bringing a revolution to the music industry by providing the best audio experiences. Now you can enjoy the fullest by getting HD clear 3D sound effects on these applications. 

Airplay support

We are designing the best music streaming app for iOS devices that supports airplay. You can download our music streaming app on iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices and connect it with other compatible devices to stream live music. 

DRM supported security

While streaming our favorite songs, we are concerned about the privacy of our content. To ensure a stress-free music streaming experience at the customer’s end, we are providing DRM-supported security features in our applications. Now you can listen to your favorite music without taking the stress of your privacy as your content is completely secure with us. 

Easy playlist creation

Now customers can create a playlist of their favorite songs in the application and share it with their friends to swank their choice of songs. This feature provided by our music app development company allows users to save and maintain different styles of music on their devices without consuming data repeatedly. 

Affordable Subscription Plans

To meet the various needs and demands of customers we are providing affordable subscription plans in our music streaming apps. Now you can enjoy your favorite music without any interruption by purchasing the best subscription plan that fits your pocket.

Easy Search Filters

Easy Search Filters in music streaming apps are given so that customers would be able to sort out songs from their favorite musician or singer. Also, customers can filter among songs of different genres according to their preferences and choices. 

Save your favorites

In our music streaming apps, customers get an option to save their favorites in an independent playlist. This feature permit user to listen to their favorite songs repeatedly on a loop without a pause.

We are among the famous music app development companies with a team of dedicated music app developers based in India. Our organization has more than a decade of experience in app development, music software integration, and plugin development for various music streaming apps. All we want is to create a niche in the music industry through our revolutionary music streaming service.

If you are desperately searching for a music app development company to hire experienced software developers then reach out to Adequate Infosoft. We are in the business to design the best music streaming app for android and iOS platforms. Clients can contact us on the below details to hire dedicated music app developers and design tailored music streaming apps for their business.

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