Crypto Wallet App with B2C Marketplace Platform

Client Requirement

Client needs a B2C for someone who is able to build a market place app for both iOS and Android and website like Depopas they referred. They want a website created in which people could also use to purchase and browse, so sellers who have posted items for sale through the app, will be able to attract customers through a website as well as app. Payments - App, should have payment functionality like a standard payment App but must also able to send and receive payment via multiple crypto-coins. They want the functionality to be able to take a % commission from each sale depending on which price bracket the sale falls within.

There would be four type of user should be registered.

  • Customer(s)
  • Merchant(s)
  • Diver(s)
  • Market Place (Administrators)
  • Staff of Admin

Client Also need an API for Mobile Apps of Marketplace.

Solution Provided By Us

We provides following User Roles for mobile app:

  • Merchant
  • Customer
  • Administrator
  • Delivery Man
  • Support (if required)

Features for CryptoWallet App (Android and iOS)

The Customer can download the App from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We have added following screens with required features in the application:

A. Splash screen forinstallation which will perform following functions as:

  • Show animated company logo
  • Download necessary data whererequired and Take allpermissions
  • Check Device ID, SIM ID and necessary data for devicelock
  • Check versioncompatibility and do Installation

B. Splash screen After Installationis created that perform following functions as:

  • Show animatedlogo and Checkauthorization
  • Check database for all necessarydata and download any requireddata
  • Check version compatibility

C. Signup Screen for register as a Customer or Merchant through:

  • Mobile number and OTP verification.
  • Than Accept Terms andconditions
  • User pass and create account ondatabase
  • Profile creation including present address, permanent address, email ID,location data if permitted by user
  • PINcreation than Nominee data collection including NID front andback
  • Crypto accountverification

D. Login Screen with not editable mobile No.filled, Password, Checkauthorization:

  • If you Forget password than you canInput PIN correctly to resetpassword for checkingauthorization
  • If youForgetPINthan you canInput password correctly to resetPIN and check authorization
  • If youForget both PIN andPasswordthan you cananswer security question correctly to reset both PIN andPassword for checking authorization

E. For Security purpose:

If you will provideIncorrect PIN or Pass, only Pin, Only Password, or combined entry 3 times, or anysecurity questions wrong answer, it will lock theaccount than you can Dial call centre number to reactivate theaccount.

F. Auto Login Function:

We also provided Auto login function where User choose to auto login on until they logout from the app and if Any security issues come auto login will be forced logout.

G. Update Device:

If new device cross check all security and set newdevice than complete process to update device and will alsoLogout from all olddevice.

H. Cross Check Security:

If new SIM ID cross check all security than app has ability to update SIM ID and remove Old SIMID.

I. Lost Device:

If you lost your Device and have new SIM and forget password and PIN than you can contact Dial call centre number to reactivate theaccount

J. We add following options in Landing page:

  • Tap to check balance
  • Payment
  • Transfer
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • MyQR (Customer Can Pay and Merchants can Receive the payment )
  • Log
  • Message
  • Geofence
  • Chat
  • Navigationmenu

K. Bank verification:

Here, we also provided Bank verification function.

L. Deposit:

User can direct Deposit money to cryptowallet from bank or card or Vice versa

M. Withdraw :

User can also Withdraw money from cryptowallet to bank.

N. Transfer (Only for Customer):

  • Transfer cryptomoney to another registered user by QR codescan or bynumber
  • Transfer non registered number but they will get it in their cryptowallet when they register

O. Payment Method:

  • Pay Cryptomoney by scanning QR code (Customer)
  • Receive Cryptomoney by scanning QR Code (Merchants )

P. Message Screen:

  • All in appmessage.
  • Sorted bysender
  • Select and deleteoption
  • Design, layout and message box functions will be like default mobilemessage

Q. GeoFence:

  • Show all merchants in 1-5 mile radius
  • Show custom message with individual merchant location pin
  • Show moving objects

R. Augmentedreality:

App has ability to show merchant pin and details with augmentedreality.

S. Log/statement Screen:

  • Show transaction log section wise- Deposit, withdraw, transfer, payment
  • Show time wise – today, last 7 days, month wise and custom date selection
  • Bring to related log area from notification
  • Tap on each transaction entry will open detailed transaction details in pop up.
  • User can save that as pdf invoice with merchant logo as standard invoice format.

T. QR Code:

User can click on my QR and download my QR in large format to print with name, profile pic, mobile no and QR code. QR code was designed with multi-colour and carved edge.

U. Chat Functionality :

Chat function using 3rd Party SDK where user canonly chat with registered user and when logged in

  • Send friend request to chat
  • Invite to chat for Text, audio, video chat
  • Create chat groups
  • Emotions
  • Send files
  • Default chat rules will be applied
  • Show all friends and can remove from friend list
  • Block, abuse report option
  • End to end encryption
  • Chat enable declaration

V. 3rd Party Integration:

Through 3rd partyintegration, user can alsoLoad Talk time for mobileoperators as well as can Bill pay through cryptocurrency. User can also scratch cards to seeoffers.

W. Referral Codes:

If Usersends invitation to others to join CryptoWallet.

  • Successful invitation will be added to referral list and earn benefits in the form of Cryptomoneyas per setting from back end
  • Redeem Cryptomoney as referral earnings
  • Show full reports of benefits earned per reference

X. Language Switch Option:

We also provided Language switchoption in between English and Bangla.

Y. Notification:

Notification for all actions as

  • Link notifications to related areas in the app
  • Push notifications where needed
  • Discount or other offers notification with links in app messagingsystem

Z. Nearby Area offers:

  • When user enter to any store or any areas start showing offers from that store orareas
  • Show 3rd party coupons and offers which are integrated withbackend.

Technologies Used

  • For Database:
    MS SQL Server 2017
  • For Web based Application:
    C#, .Net Framework 4.5 , Web API, HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, J-Query, Angular 7
  • For Android App:
    Java, Eclipse, Android Development Framework.
  • For Apple App:
    iOS Framework, Swift
  • For Hosting Server:
  • For Environment:
    Amazon Web Services (EC2)

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