Online Booking Management System Adequate Infosoft has delivered an excellent booking management system for a hotel chain that is not just user-friendly but comes with additional features to add/list multiple hotels.

Online Booking Management System

The Online Booking Management System helps in creating the robust solutions that simplifies the online bookings, direct bookings, and automated invoicing.

Client Requirement

  • The client needs a Booking Management System for his hotel chain that should be user-friendly with a feature to add/list multiple hotels.
  • Customers can make online bookings effortlessly using the software by creating an account.
  • Hotel’s admin can manage all their bookings and create tickets for checked-in guest through the software.
  • The hotel can also use the hotel Channel Manager with the booking software.

Our Approach to Develop Project

  1. 01
    Define the scope and requirements of the software:

    Determine what features and functions the software should have and what problem it will solve.

  2. 02
    Do the Competitive Analysis:

    Perform the competitive analysis to advise the best UI/UX design and features. It will help the client to remain ahead of their competitors.

  3. 03
    Design the software architecture:

    Create a high-level design of the software's structure and how its different components will interact with each other. Also, evaluating the phase-wise traffic the application may have will help us to advise the client on resource requirement

  4. 04
    Develop the software:

    Write the code and develop the software according to the design and requirements.

  5. 05
    Testing Phase:

    Test the software to ensure it functions as intended and meets the requirements.

  6. 06

    Release the software to users, either through a web application or a downloadable program. Then after main the application and providing support.

Technologies Deployed

  • For Database:
    MS SQL Server 2017
  • For Web based Application:
    C#, .Net Framework 4.5 , Web API, HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, J-Query, Angular 7
  • For Embedded technology and Hardware:
    Thermal Camera, IR Transmitter , IR Receivers , Raspberry PI Micro Controller , Open CV Python
  • For Android App:
    Java, Eclipse, Android Development Framework.
  • For Apple App:
    iOSFramework, Swift
  • For Hosting Server:
    IIS on Windows Environment
  • ForEnvironment:
    Amazon Web Services (EC2)

Development & Implementation

We have designed the following functions in the Booking Management System platform:

  • Online Booking Facilitation:
  • Room Allocation & Confirmation:
  • Gate Security Link and Communication.
  • Automated Guest Estimation
  • Guest Profile Management
  • Guest Concession (Loyalty Program)
  • Staff Information:
  • Payment Capturing & Reporting
  • Daily On-site cash payments (Recording & Accountability )
  • Online & Onsite customer feedback.
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Auditing
  • Fraud Detection
  • Financial Statements
  • Daily accounting & Financial Management
  • Income & Expenditure Report
  • Transactional Reconciliation

Modules Created By Us:


We Have added the following features to the admin panel:

  • Dashboard
  • Booking
  • Rooms: This page contains information about the room like
    • Room list/structure
    • Room Type
    • Add Room
  • Services: This tab allows hotel chain owners to create a list of additional services provided by them like SPA and Yoga services etc.
  • Restaurants: This is restaurant of the hotel. User who is check-in and user from outside, both can use restaurants.
  • Events: Here you can create the events for the hotel. We have two option here as Add new Event and All Event
  • Transportation: Here you will receive all the request of the Transport. You can also add driver here.
  • Guest Profile Management: Here you can see the list of guest/ user. You can add the offer for those users. We have two option as Guest list and Guest Plan
  • Staff Managaement: Here is the details of all the staff members which are working on the hotel.
  • Payment Report & Capturing: Here you can create your daily cash report
  • Accounting: Here you can see all the details related to your account. We have four option here as
    • Booking transaction
    • Expense
    • Sales
    • Transaction
  • Communication: Here is system which works internally for the hotel staff. They can connect with each other via Chat and Email
  • Notification: Where they received notification which is send by admin. Admin can create notification from here
  • Auditing: Here we have some important auditing report
    • Transaction Report
    • Delay Transaction Report
    • Recollected Transaction
    • Profit/Loss Report
  • User Permission: Here user can create a sub-user who can access the admin panel. We have 2 options here as Create a user and Create a permission
  • Setting: Here you can manage the setting for the entire website. We have below options
    • General setting
    • Security setting
    • Event setting
    • Price setting
    • Other setting


User can login with Email or Google/Facebook/twitter or register their fresh account through this panel.

  • Dashboard: Here is the overview of the user account. User can see their booking, payment, cashback, and all the notification here.
  • My Booking: Here users can see the list of bookings with their status.
  • My Event: Where the user can see all the events that he has booked
  • My Profile: Here user can enter their profile info
  • My Payment: Here user can see the payment details
  • Notification: Here you can see the list of notification


Here you can log in with Email or Google/Facebook/Twitter and if you are a new user, then you can register.

  • Home page
  • Room
  • Location
  • Event
  • Restaurant
  • Services
  • Contact Us

Final Outcome

How Client Found Us?

Our large online presence as a software development company helped the client find us when he searched Google for Online Booking Management System.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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