Asset Management and Tracking Software App

Client Requirement

Client is looking for a Web portal for login to centralised data, user and item management. Account & billing management, Sales, Knowledge base, Support, Blog, Pricing, Features & other content pages on CMS as well as a Mobile app (Android, iOS& Windows) for user interaction, data recording, notifications and tracking.

Solution Provided By Us

Here, At Adequate InfosoftPvt. Ltd., we developed and web portal as well as a mobile application having functions:
  • Each asset has a QR code or Bar code label stuck to it. All users can download the app onto their smart phone and be given a unique login. Assets assign to users.
  • If a user needs to give an asset to another user, they scan the QR Code from within the app and select the user they wish to transfer the asset.
  • The users, those are reassigning the asset get a push notification for asking them to accept or decline that asset.
  • If they accept, their phone camera should open and they should take as many photos of the asset as they see fit. Photo records are saved against that asset and they then take responsibility for that asset.
  • Against each asset, there are some options for users to generate damage reports, loss reports, repair requests.
  • Users can assign privileges of what assets they can take responsibility for.
  • Some users have authority to add new assets and some have authority to remove assets from the list. (When removing assets, a reason such as lost, stolen, sold, damaged & not repairable should be entered. Options for notes on the asset removal are liketo whom it was sold to, how it was broken, crime reference numbers etc.)
We have added modules with required features and functions within the application as given below:

1. User Management:

  • User Roles - Account Holder, Managers, Staff, each with editable privileges.
  • Manage User Access
  • Moderation - Optionalcontrol for administrator approval before staff/users is able to reserve and check items out from the system.
  • Control Alert/Notification settings
  • 2 Step auth login
  • Login with Google/Outlook account
  • SAML SSO or equally secure logins
  • Signature capture on the apps

2. Asset Management:

  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Manage different asset types
  • Clone tools for ease of data entry.
  • Photos for each item or batch (optional)
  • Transfer & assign assets/items between users
  • Check out and check in of asset to a location
  • Availability Calendar shows you which assets and asset stock are available, reserved, checked out or under maintenance.
  • Assign responsible person for each item/asset
  • Inventory reports / Audits
  • Account holder overview (including geo tracking map)
  • Customise, service intervals, notifications for a type or group of assets etc
  • Sub user management
  • Offline data storage &recording sync to central database when back online.
  • Data entry, remembers already used variables to speed up item entry and data entry.
  • QR codes on items can be scanned by non users of the service and be given an owner id and contact information
  • Dashboard Calendar - see what's due in, Google calendar, outlook and iCloud Calendar syncs
  • Dashboard Map
  • Dashboard Financial review (if enabled for type of asset)
  • Reservations - plan ahead for management.
  • Purchase Orders - Automatically update items linked to Purchase Orders, and manage vendors and procurement costs all from one place.
  • Invoice, Purchase orders & bills api integrations with popular accounting software such as Xero, Sage &QuickBooks.
  • Label Scanner and Designer
  • Excel Import and Export of items.
  • Data Backups to dropbox and similar services/options
  • Report Exports, csv, PDFs etc
  • Customized Views
  • Custom fields for asset management, specific requirement tailored to the admin holder.
  • Bundle & Package items/assets into groups if required.
  • Depreciation Management
  • Stock option. Notification when stock drops below a user defined level.

3. Services and Maintenance

  • Create & manage maintenance records and schedules
  • Request repair
  • Request service
  • Service history reports
  • Condition reports
  • Damage reports
  • Maintenance Alerts

Technologies Used

  • Front End: React JS
  • Back End: C# asp.Net Core
  • Database: Mongo DB and MS SQL
  • 3rd party API’s: QuickBooks, Google API and many more
  • Hosting: AWS Cloud

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