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AEM Mobile Application

AEM is an advertising company that connects every day to businesses and organizations. Mobile application is for drivers to track their route.

Client Requirement

AEM is an advertising company that connects everyday drivers to businesses and organizations. The client wants to design a mobile application for drivers, using which they can track their route and their monthly payments depending on the miles they drive with advertisements on their vehicle.

Our Approach to Develop Project

To develop this app, we have followed the below approach to design the mobile app:

  1. 01
    Step 1:

    First of all, we defined the app's objectives and then determined the target platform (Android, iOS, or cross-platform) based on the intended audience.

  2. 02
    Step 2

    We designed a user-friendly interface, incorporating features like map view, real-time tracking, and historical route and mileage access. We also utilize wireframing or prototyping tools for efficient design.

  3. 03
    Step 3:

    Our dedicated developers choose the appropriate technology stack, including programming languages (Java, Swift), frameworks (Android SDK, iOS Framework), and map-related APIs or SDKs (Google Maps, Mapbox).

  4. 04
    Step 4:

    Develop key features such as route tracking using GPS, accurate mileage calculation, and storage of historical data. Implement notifications to remind drivers to start and stop tracking.

  5. 05
    Step 5:

    Integrate mapping services like Google Maps or Mapbox for accurate and detailed maps, enhancing navigation capabilities. Establish a secure database (e.g., MySQL, MongoDB) to store driver data, ensuring privacy and compliance.

  6. 06
    Step 6:

    Finally, we perform thorough testing and deploy the app to relevant app stores (e.g., Google Play Store and Apple App Store). Also, we regularly maintain and update it to address bugs, and user feedback, and introduce new features.

Technologies Deployed

  • Android SDK, iOS Framework
  • Xamarin 2.0 (C#)
  • Adobe Flash (Flash/AIR)
  • HTML/Javascript
  • Swift and iOS SDK
  • Payment Gateway

Development & Implementation

We have designed the following screens for this app:

  • Login Screen: If the user has not previously registered, he must first register before being logged into the driver's account.
  • Location: After completing his profile information, first screen will be as shown below if any user’s GPS is not working, then it will give a warning.
  • Live Location: After turning GPS on, It will show its live location on map.
  • Driver Info Screen: After Login if Driver not complete his profile info then app automatically redirect to profile screen to fill the all compulsory fields and click on SAVE and UPDATE button to update the profile info.
  • Company Request Screen: Once the Driver completes the profile information and admin approves the driver profile for advertisement. Then the driver can get the advertisement requests from Advertisers.
  • Payment History: The driver can accept the request and see the payment history.
  • Upload Car Images: The driver can upload the vehicle images in the upload section.
  • Driver Profile Detail: The driver can see the profile details if click on the User icon in the top right corner.
  • Update Driver Info: The driver can also edit the profile by clicking edit button, which is in top right corner of driver image.

App's features:

  • Route tracking: Implement the ability to track the driver's current location and record their route in real-time using the device's GPS capabilities.
  • Mileage tracking: Calculate and display the distance traveled by the driver during each trip. Utilize the GPS data to calculate the miles driven accurately.
  • Historical data: Allow drivers to view their past routes and associated mileage information. Implement a history feature that stores and retrieves the recorded data.
  • Notifications: Incorporate notifications to remind drivers to start and stop tracking their routes, ensuring accurate mileage calculations.

Final Outcome

What Our Clients Say About Us

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