The medical sector has seen a surge in the past couple of years and several new technologies have been developed to simplify the work in the medical sector. Open Source EMR Software is one such invention that has created a niche in the market through its affordability and cost-effectiveness. The demand for Open EMR Software services is increasing every day and many software development companies have already been involved in the development of this software. 

What is an Open EMR Software?

EMR stands for ‘Electronic Medical Records and it is a web-based Electronic Medical Records software used to store patient data, medical history, prescriptions, etc. This software is widely used by medical personnel in the medical sector. Almost all doctors, nurses, therapists, and psychologists, are using open-source EMR software these days. Besides its small-scale use, it is also used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and many other healthcare facilities where patients are treated.

EMR software is ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR certified and hence the most trusted platform for storing medical records. It features a fully integrated platform for storing medical records, scheduling appointments, and electronic billing. 

Open source EMR software is best employed to improve communication between doctors-patients, streamline clinical workflows and improvise the virtual consultations experience. It helps medical staff to maintain a proper record of patients without paper wastage and it is also used for E-Prescription. 

Core Benefit of Open EMR Software:

1. Paperless process

Open EMR Software is excellent digital software and it helps medical businesses to reduce paper wastage. It supports E-Prescribing, online Patient Portals, and easy Clinical Support from experienced doctors. 

2. Scalable

OpenEMR is scalable and it can accommodate medical data including demographics and clinic decisions for a large number of patients and physicians. It supports multiple practice models including solo practice, group practice, hospital-based practice, and multi-specialty groups.

3. Cost-Effective

Open EMR is affordable and cost-effective. This means that medical professionals can afford to purchase this software at a reasonable price. Just download and install the software in your system and you are ready to go. 

4. Open-source hence Customizable

The software allows users to download and alter the Source code according to their needs. Users can add modules to suit their specific requirements. This makes OpenEMR suitable for different types of practices. 

5. Affordable

OpenEMR is affordable. It does not require any special licenses or subscriptions. All the features are included at no additional cost.

6. Easy to Use

OpenEMR software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. This means that even non-medical professionals can access the software and perform their tasks without any difficulty.

Why choose Adequate Infosoft for Open EMR Software development?

Adequate Infosoft possesses huge domain expertise of more than one decade that help us to understand the market demand. We are the best software development company in India engaged in delivering a wide gamut of IT services including mobile app development services and software development services to our clients. We will our clients create interactive and user-friendly Open EMR Software solutions for business use. Our application will aid in reaching the maximum potential customers and increasing your market presence.

Types of open EMRs services provided by Adequate Infosoft:

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software is used to store patient data, medical records, and other health-related information. This software helps doctors to manage their patients efficiently.

Patient Management System (PMS): A PMS is a software application designed to help physicians and nurses manage patient care. It allows them to enter patient information into the computer and view patient history.

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS): CDSSs are used to assist physicians in making clinical decisions. They are based on evidence-based medicine and are used to improve the quality of healthcare services.

Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE): CPOE is a software program that automates physician orders. It allows physicians to prescribe medications and procedures without having to write down the order themselves.

Health Information Exchange (HIE): HIE is a network of computers that share electronic patient data. It provides real-time access to patient information from various sources.

Electronic Prescribing (ePrescribing): ePrescribing is a method of prescribing medication electronically. It uses technology to transmit prescriptions directly from the doctor to the pharmacy.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR): An EMR is a complete record of patient information stored digitally. It contains all relevant patient information including test results, images, notes, etc.

Electronic Medical Record Interoperability (EMRI): EMRI is a standard that ensures interoperability between different EMR software programs.

Final Words: 

Adequate Infosoft is a notable custom software development company located in India that believes in delivering quality products to its clients. We have our hands in multiple IT businesses that permit us to under the market demands so well. We are among the top  Open EMR Software development company in India that deploy only dedicated developers to design this software. If you are looking for a software development company to hand over an Open source EMR Software development project then you can always count on us. 

We have maintained a legacy for over a decade by delivering user-friendly software and Mobile apps for our clients. Also, we understand the criticality of time, hence ensuring to deliver the project within the deadline to keep good relations with clients. 

Clients can reach us anytime to hire dedicated EMR Software developers and design interactive EMR Software that will bring a lot of fortune to their business. We will ensure to promote unique ideas while designing the Open source EMR Software. 


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