Solving puzzles and quizzes may be the best way to tickle and keep brain cells active. This can be the best way to kill your free time when waiting for a taxi, traveling, or on an office break. Suppose you don’t like chemistry, math, or GK, an online quiz app will be a lot of fun if you teach yourself in an interesting way. Online quiz app development helps people learn their subjects in addition to having fun.

Who We Are?

We, Adequate Infosoft is a quiz application development company. We think about quiz from both perspectives of learning and fun. We as one of the top online quiz app development company that helps educational bodies in rolling the skills and learning capabilities of the participants. Our online quiz application development helps the kids to get general knowledge as well as develop a good personality. We have a talented and dedicated team of mobile application developers that are working on different platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. Adequate Infosoft assure to deliver the best quality of outputs to our precious clients.

Why Choose Us?

With our quiz mobile application development, you can entertain yourself with a sea of quizzes and learning with the ultimate trivia quiz as well as master this game of quizzing in a simple way possible. Adequate Infosoft is the best quiz application development company in India, knows what suits your business. Also, we have a talented and dedicated team of mobile application developers that are working on a different platform. To all our valuable clients we assure to deliver the best quality outputs. Our application allows you to test as well as increase your knowledge. It is a free multiplayer game and with this, you can easily challenge your friends and find new people and play the game with them. There are a number of unique features, such as a challenge for friends to gain time and quick answers or more. You can also find people by location, age, and interest. Our team of professional developers and web designers has completed a number of projects in full, with complete customer satisfaction. Our only goal is to take the extra mile to ensure that our projects reach their destiny for success.

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Quiz App Development Solution with Adequate Infosoft

We have developed online quiz games that serve different ideas and trends in the segment. We have coding experts who are closely related to the most attractive quiz game concepts that have a big impact on user platforms and the timeline of trends. We combine our knowledgeable technical skills and enterprising digital talent to create great competition opportunities for gamers and those looking to do something interesting with online games. When it comes to quiz app development, we’re everywhere – logo quizzes, general curiosities, world affairs, IQ tests, and weird quests. You can trust us with any idea or design around the mobile quiz app, based on the platform, features, and theme.

  • Coded by Online Quiz Experts
  • Gamified Concept-quizzing
  • Expert Research-based Solutions
  • Extensive Domain Experience
  • High-end Technical Expertise
  • All-equipped Resource Facility
  • Advanced Production Capacity
  • Class-leading Development Services
  • Powerful Assistance Programs
  • Solutions by Domain Specialists
  • Tech-led Interactive Themes
  • Prompt all-round Support

Our Feature

  • Quick And Simple

The quiz is meant to be fun so the registration process in our app is quick and the user experience is too simple.

  • Select Favorite Topic

The user of the quiz app can select his favourite topic. This can be literature, general knowledge, politics, music, English, or any other topic that the user likes

  • Timed Questions

For answering any question, there is a specific time limit set. The user allowed to change the timing as per his choice.

  • Check Quiz History

The user checks how many quizzes he has played and what are their results from our app.

  • Customize The Quiz

To keep the player interested, the admin of the quiz application can customize the questions of the quiz.

  • Display Correct Answer After The Quiz

After the time of the answer ends, the correct answer to the question asked displays to let the user know whether he answered correctly or not.

  • View Report Page

After the quiz ends, a report page displayed showing a number of questions answered correctly and vice versa.

  • Multiplayer Game

The Multiplayer game features in our app allows more than one player to play the quiz at a similar point in time.

  • Challenge Friends For Competition

Challenge features in our app make the quiz even more interesting and be interact with the users.

  • Different Levels of Quiz

The user availed with levels of the quiz. It should start with easy, medium & hard. You can also hold stages of quizzes to increase your difficulty level.

  • Multi-media Based Quiz

For making it fun & user interactive, the quiz can either be in text or it can be in the image or video format as well.

  • League

The player can pick a specific date and time in the case of the league. He/she can play a quiz at his convenient time and the winner gets points.

Technology Used In Quiz Application Development

  • For quiz apps, Invision and Balsamiq are the wireframing tools.
  • We use Photoshop and illustrator, which are the designing tools for quiz apps.
  • We use PHP, MySQL, and NetBeans for backend development.
  • We use Android Studio and XCode for Android and iPhone development.

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Hope you understood all the relatable regions of quiz app development services that Adequate Infosoft prospers to offer on every custom pitch web development platform. With our quiz app development services, you have complete control over the number of questions and answers you want to add that would attract users. Intuitive dashboard for a seamless experience for users.  Just contact us through the given below form or

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