Online Food delivery applications are now becoming the new way of enjoying the food sitting at your place. There are already multiple restaurants in the market that are standing rigid with their online applications and most of them are boosting their finances through these applications. These applications are easy to design and are accessible for everyone depending on their locations. So, if you are backed with a progressive idea then hire experienced developers from Food Delivery Software Development Company to design relevant food delivery software that helps you compete with the giants in the market. This real-time food delivery application comes with cutting-edge solutions for customers, delivery partners, restaurants, and developers. Adequate Infosoft is providing complete assistance to the clients to create a dynamic online food delivery application and website that conquer the market and provide an optimized solution for everyone. At Adequate Infosoft we are committed to delivering promising results to our clients no matter how complicated the application framework is. 

Features customers will get in our food delivery application

Real-time Tracking

food dilivery app development
food delivery app development

The situation must have a real-time tracking facility for the delivery of their food. Customers will get a message with complete details of the delivery partner immediately after placing the order. This feature allows our customers to keep track of their food. Additionally, it also permits customers to avoid chaos in case of delays due to traffic.

Advanced Technology

We are an advanced Custom software development company that is harnessed with trained Food Delivery Software developers who always choose to use Advanced Technology over the modest one. 

Fastest Payment Options

We offer the best in the field, hence we make sure to provide the application with the best possible feature for payment. Our application comes with an optional Payment Gateway and Digital Wallet options are sure a treat. There is no need to keep an eye on the enhanced technology.

Get Instant alerts

Getting curious about your food is obvious when you are starving. But with our instant alert feature no need to refresh the application again and again. You will get an instant update as soon as you place the order confirmation, preparation of food till it gets delivered to your doorstep. 

Attractive offers

We are providing Attractive offers and discounts on ordering food through our application. These offers are lucrative and depend on the location of the customer. Moreover, order more to get more discounts and pleasing offers. 

Advanced Filters and reports

With our exceptional On-demand Food Delivery Application customers would be able to choose their choice of food and restaurant conveniently from the comfort of their home. Also, These lucrative offers are the cherry on the top that will help you to minimize your monthly expenses on food. These applications are also encrypted and don’t allow anyone to copy your idea, so stay relaxed as your app will remain safe from all malware. 

Features Merchants will get in our food delivery application:

Not only for the customers but our applications and website is a blessing for the restaurant’s owners as well. All sorts of food business owners can hire trained software developers from Adequate Infosoft to design a progressive website or application that helps them to handle orders efficiently. There are various Restaurant Chain owners, Single Restaurants owners, Entrepreneurs, Food startups, and Independent Chefs who are seeking a platform to help their business to flourish. Our On-demand applications and website come with a gamut of features that will only make the entire process easy for you.

Single Dashboard

Our professional developers provide a single dashboard in all Online food delivery applications that allow business owners to manage all their services conveniently. They can operate all the functions and operations using a single panel that evidently saves their time and effort. 

Immediate notification of orders

Our application will immediately inform you about the placed order so that you can start working on it immediately. It helps to cut off the chaos for both customers and restaurant owners. 

In-app Call/Chat panel to connect with customers

We provide chat/calling panels for restaurant owners to connect with the customers. This feature will allow you to serve customized dishes as per the demand of the customers. Also, customers will be able to contact the restaurant for customization in their order. 

Easy Order Management

Food joint owners can now conveniently accept, reject and manage their orders with just a few taps of their fingertips. Just login with the correct credentials in the software and all your business is in front of you. Our progressive application also allows food chain business owners to track the profits, sales, and inventory of different branches sitting in one place. 

Ratings & Reviews

The Reviews and Ratings shared by the customers are clearly visible to other customers that provide potential support to expand your business. It’s simple, if you provide the best quality service, you will get the maximum customers. 

Features that the delivery partner will get on their end

Availability Toggle

Our all dynamic on-demand food delivery application comes with an Availability Toggle feature in it for the feasibility of drivers. This function allows the delivery partner to choose whether he is available or not available to deliver the orders.

In-built chatting facility

This is a vital facility for all the food delivery partners as this allows them to remain in touch with the customers for feasible delivery. Also, It creates a 2-way communication between the delivery partner and customer that makes the entire process smooth.  

Effortless intimation of orders

Delivery partners will get an instant notification on their panel as soon as the restaurant receives any orders from the customer. It provides them enough time to reach the restaurant and deliver the food at the customer’s location without any trouble. 

Easy Location Tracking

All food delivery partners are not familiar with the routes and location of the customer. So, we have provided an inbuilt map in our On-demand Food Delivery Application and website that allows the delivery man to track the location of the customer. Also, he will get to see the easiest route with less congestion that helps them to deliver the order on time. 

Services We Provide Under Food Delivery Software

Whitelabel Solution

The major benefit of our service is that we are offering white-label solutions to our clients.  This Whitelabel Solution will allow them the permission to give the software a brand name of their choice and we will remain overlooked. Whitelabel solutions are budget-friendly yet reliable and provide high-profit margins.

Completely Native App

We are among the top mobile app development company and our developers are aware of all the trending technologies that allow us to develop a native application. These applications are both iOS and Android-friendly. Additionally, these applications are designed to save time and money both to develop separate applications for distinct platforms.

Completely Responsive

Being updated with the latest technology allows us to create an application that suits the modern requirements of clients. These applications are designed with an easy interface, really fast, and completely responsive to meet the task. 

Payment gateway integration

All our applications come with Payment gateway integration. This allows users to make payment quicker, safer, and at their convenience.

Modern Dashboard with all advanced features

No matter whether you are using these on-demand food delivery applications as a restaurant owner, customer, or delivery partner, you are harnessed with all the modern features in our application at your fingertips. For a customer, this application will allow them to effortlessly place an order, make feasible payment, track it, and give feedback for the restaurants. On the other side, restaurant orders have the convenience to accept or reject the order, connect with customers for any customization, check Analytical Reports, and keep live track of all the accepted orders. On the counterpart, delivery partners have the viability to choose whether they are available to deliver the order or not, check their ratings and track the location of the customer to eliminate engagement of other third-party applications.

Our advanced On-Demand mobile app development services allow clients to get glimpses of their business simply on the dashboard with Food Order status, notifications, sales, etc.

Hope we have mentioned all the aspects and features that we are providing under our food delivery app development services. If you own a restaurant chain, food cart, or even a local food shop but not getting enough prestige in the market then you are just one step away from getting the entitled significance. You can immediately contact Adequate Infosoft to hire the best mobile app developers and tell us your requirement to boost your business. Our application will definitely extend your power as a food delivery business owner and permit you to gather all the entitled reputation. Just contact us through the given below form or Email your requirements at

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