What is ASP .Net? What are its architecture and uses? Searching answers to all these questions, if yes then you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we have mentioned in detail ASP .Net and its uses. 

The trend of shifting the development process from old and obsolete systems to tech-based ones has become popular over the past decade. Digitization, AI, machine learning, and IoT has become the talk in the tech industry. Get this ASP.Net tutorial to learn the basic of this framework which will help you develop a dynamic application.  

Every industry wants to register itself as a trusted brand and a digital presence will open the door for reaching out to new potential customers in a short span. Plus, it helps you grow your business with less cost and increases ROI. 

Now, there are various technologies that you might work on like HTML5, PHP, Magento, WordPress, and many others however, ASP .Net technologies are a popular choice among developers.  

ASP .Net is undoubtedly considered one of the best frameworks for web application development. You might ask, but what’s so good about this technology? Well, there are many benefits that you will enjoy while using Microsoft’s ASP .Net. 

What is ASP .Net?

It is one of the best frameworks that is introduced by Microsoft. Developers could build all types of applications from developing from simplest application to the most complex one. Plus, it allows you to reuse code and build brand-new applications using programming languages like VB, C++, JS, C#, and so on. 

Benefits of using Asp .Net framework

Asp .Net is an open-source, web app framework with lots of benefits and some of them are mentioned below. 


The scalability of ASP .Net is admirable and it helps you build a robust, dynamic, and scalable web app for your company. The best part about ASP.Net-based software development is that they all handle requests during run time by managing and monitoring processes to replace dead ones with new ones. You can also perform simple tasks like client authentication, submission, site configuration, and deployment using ASP .Net for web development

Preferable framework

This framework is popular among developers because it eliminates unwanted and lengthy tasks which take the majority of the time while building an application. With just minimal coding you can build a large application by using a toolbox and in-built Visual Studio. The friendly features of ASP .Net like WYSIWYG editing, drag-and-drop server controls, and automatic deployment. 

Another reason why developers love this framework is it is easy to build an application and maintain it because of the HTML and source code. 


ASP .Net is also a preferred choice because it can create a secured application that has in-built pre-application configuration and Windows authentication. 

ASP.Net components and architecture

ASP.Net is a Microsoft framework that is considered one of the best technologies to build a web application. 


The basic components of this framework are shown below.

Design and code

The separation of code and design makes it easier for a developer to maintain an application in ASP.Net. The different file name for code and design is the best example. For example, assume that we have a web page named as MyPage.aspx, there will be another file for the same web page named MyPage.aspx.cs, denotes the code part of the web page. 


With ASP.Net you can settle a concept of caching and improves the performance of your app. Caching helps your pages to process data smoothly and increases accuracy. Caching makes your pages stored in temporary locations for the system to retrieve the data faster thus increasing the performance of an app. 

State Management

ASP.Net gives you the facility to control state management and do the job on your behalf of you making your work easier. The complex implementation of code for data management gets complicated. In such a situation, the ASP.Net framework is a blessing in disguise. It remembers the data given by the people and takes action accordingly. 


The architecture of ASP.Net is given below. It will enable you to understand ASP.Net software development much easier. 


A number of programming languages exist .net framework. These languages are C# and VB.net and are used to develop a robust and reliable web application. 


There are a number of common class libraries included with the.NET Framework. The Web library is the most popular library used for web applications in.net. The web library contains every element required to create .Net web applications.

Common programming language runtime

A platform is the Common Language Infrastructure or CLI. On this platform, programs for the internet are run. The CLR is utilized for carrying out crucial tasks. Among the tasks are garbage collection and handling exceptions.

Essential tool of ASP.Net 

ASP.Net inculcate many tools and techniques that you will benefit from while developing a web application. Some of them are mentioned below. 

Visual Studio Gallery

This tool aids in improving the website’s visual appeal. It offers rapid access to controls, templates, and the Visual Studio extension. The greatest IDE pairing with Visual Studio Gallery provides access to more than 7,000 currently offered products.

Microsoft web platform installer

The most recent Microsoft Web Platform components can be managed with the aid of this tool. It provides simple access to handle a number of other Microsoft programs, including NET Framework, SQL Server Express, IIS, and Visual Web Developer. The Microsoft Web Platform Installer utility provides to update the system to the most recent version of the program and to install the most recent version of the software.  


It is an extension of Visual Studio and it is developed by JetBrains. This tool helps you analyze the code quality and fixes the error without consuming any hurdle and time. You could get various shortcuts for navigation and refactoring. 


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