The whole world is in the race of developing the best technological solutions that can transcend higher profits and people can use such products in their everyday life. What better example of such technology other than a Vehicle tracking software that almost anyone travelling outside from high-tech vehicles uses them for various reasons. We already have our smartphone devices to track the locations of any strange place we encounter today but the Vehicle Tracking Software development is a booming success because most of the corporate industries and other large scale companies are providing their employee’s extra entities to reduce their struggle. A struggle-free employee can work more efficiently and willingly than any troubled employee. Such tracking systems not only keep track of someone’s activities but it also reduces the wastage of time that comes while being on road. Such solutions provide real-time monitoring capabilities of the truck location, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, etc.

The major role played by the significant tool in any Vehicle Tracking software is the GPS or Global Positioning System navigation tool. This is a device that is capable of receiving information from GPS satellites to accurately determine the current geographical location of anyone on Earth. Nowadays, many GPS receivers are used in vehicles. In fact, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices have pre-installed assisted GPS or A-GPS technology that utilizes base stations or cell towers to ensure location tracking when the satellite signal is lost.

How Vehicle Tracking Software Works?

We have hundreds of satellites that are orbiting around Earth with a time of clocks that are perfectly synchronized (they are atomic clocks). GPS tracking devices use this clock to fetch broadcasted location signals from various satellites. As your normal devices can’t take such high bulk of data, therefore, when a signal is received on the GPS vehicle tracking system, your GPS hardware solution has a program in it that compares the incoming timestamp information. This timestamp information is later compared to a hardware clock’s time which aids in the calculation of the distance from the satellite. Therefore, all you need is three satellites broadcasting this information to your GPS located on your vehicle.

Adequate Infosoft’s Categorisation of Tracking Softwares

Mobile app-based GPS vehicle Tracking: These systems are heavy in demand nowadays as everyone is carrying a smartphone, therefore, instead of creating another GPS based device, we create mobile applications that use GPS sensors to merge the vehicle tracking software system of both the vehicle and your smartphone together.

OBD II based vehicle GPS Tracking: Most of the vehicles manufactured after 2004 have an onboard OBD II interface built-in already. An OBD II based port is analogous to a USB port that you see on your computer. It allows external hardware to communicate with your vehicle. Such vehicle tracking software demands are rare but Adequate Infosoft has offered intricate assistance in building such software for our clientele.

Hybrid OBD II based solution: This is a slightly different version from the OBD-II type as the vehicle directly gets information. Since OBD II type interfaces push information over Bluetooth low energy to a mobile app, this is a more advanced and eco-friendly approach towards the vehicle tracking software development services. We saw cellular connectivity adding unnecessary expenses to these programs therefore, such approaches are highly appreciated by the upcoming enterprise or clients.

Adequate Infosoft Technological Approach for Building Vehicle Tracking System 

There are numerous sessions of discussion involved between our developer and creative task handling team of Vehicle tracking software services. There are high levels of the following components that are a part of a GPS based vehicle tracking solution:

  • A phone, or a hardware-based GPS receiver
  • A holding case for your hardware
  • Car adapter
  • A firmware that helps the hardware to work
  • Direct power supply or an inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • Cellular or BLE connection module
  • Cloud application

Benefits of Using Vehicle Tracking Softwares

Why your firm requires such software can be easily solved by going through the following advantages of having a Vehicle Tracking Software:

  • It reduces the repair expenditures
  • It slowdowns the depreciation processes
  • You can increase the cargo volume due to reducing fuel consumption costs.
  • This also increases the responsibility of the employees towards their company-provided items.
  • You can have emergency aid through rapid response under any abnormal situations
  • It also reduces the cost of the communication model “driver–the company”.

Hope you understood the significant assistance of these models and need of Vehicle tracking software in your devices or firms as well. If you want the top refined Vehicle tracking software system just contact Adequate Infosoft through the given below form. Otherwise, just email your requirement to discuss your queries at

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