Software developers might have an idea about what is embedded software development. But how embedded system software benefits the business? If you are here to find this answer, then you are on the right page. In this blog, we have covered key points that will help you understand the impotence of embedded system software. 

What is embedded software development?

Embedded system software is not developed on traditional computers but on other devices. That software act as the brain of that specific device without which the system will be useless. In short, it is the brain of any non-computer device with the help of which devices are controlled.

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For example, software built into a traditional calculator helps you to do mathematical calculations. Another common example is the TV remote, in-built embedded system software in the TV remote that commands to carry out the functions. 

Why embedded software design has a market value?

As per Global Market Insights, the market size of embedded software development surpassed $13.5 in 2020. It is further projected to grow by 7% from 2021 to 2027. An increase in the demand for various devices like wearable watches, and other such gadgets increases the demand for embedded software design.  

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However, the shortage of embedded software engineers topple the growth of embedded software systems. The shortage of skilled embedded software engineers in the US and UK creates problems for product-based companies to develop electronic devices. 

Basic components of embedded system

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Any device needs a hardware and software engineer to create a useful device. Therefore, an embedded software developer is needed in order to develop software that runs the hardware. Embedded system software consists of three layers of components that build the device. 

Hardware consist of:

  • ROM or RAM memory
  • The user interface has features like buttons and actions
  • Display screen for user-interaction
  • Outlet for a battery to charge the device
  • Communication ports like USB ports, Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C),  Controller Area Network (CAN), Firewire, etc. 


Almost all the non-computer device software is coded in C and C++ language. Only specific programming languages are used and C language is the most popular one. 

Embedded operating system

A Real-Time Operating System is used in embedded system development

Challenges of embedded software development

Let’s first talk about the challenges that embedded software development is facing with the increase in its demand. 

  • Talent shortage

The talent shortage in embedded software development is real and it cost a lot to tech-based companies. Skilled and professional engineers in this field are relatively small compared to application developers. The number of skills is certainly not enough for the ever-growing industry. For example, in the USA there were at least 10,000 posts were unfilled as per the 2020 data. 

  • Security

Security is the key aspect of embedded software development and thus it is important that you see its critical aspects of it. There are four most important security problems on embedded projects. 

  • User awareness

A developer has a substantial amount of the burden for creating safe embedded software. To increase security awareness among professionals, it is vital to select a provider that offers frequent security training.

  • Critical in robust security protocol

A few factors are essential for overall system security. For instance, they include secure network protocols like point-to-point encryption, security certifications, and message-passing protocol.

  • Improper device update

Because the software embedded devices use is frequently out-of-date, they are susceptible to hackers. Device manufacturers should prioritize creating smaller patches more frequently than creating large upgrades to address this issue.

  • Build-in security patches 

Because of out-of-date security software, embedded software is frequently vulnerable to security risks. The issue is that a lot of devices lack sufficient hard drive space for fresh fixes and upgrades.

  • Rapid change in the market

In recent times, change in wearable devices has immensely changed, and thus the demand for embedded software engineers. It is important for the industry to pace up with the market needs. 

Benefits of embedded software development

What makes embedded software development so appealing to businesses? There are a number of factors that businesses get benefitted from embedded system software. 

  • Strong performance

The performance of the software depends on various factors, for instance, embedded software is just assigned to perform specific tasks or multiple tasks. The number of tasks and their complexity decided the speed of the device and its reliability. 

Furthermore, the complexity of the embedded system software depends on the number of tasks it has to carry out which include multiple software and hardware elements. 

  • Small size

Embedded systems are far more compact and portable than conventional computers, making them ideal for mass production. Because they are compact, embedded systems operate more quickly. Since there are fewer items to manage, the loading time is shorter.

Due to their compact size, embedded devices also have the advantages of being less expensive and using less power than larger systems.

  • Ease of management

Due to the low cost and long lifespan of the components used in their construction, embedded devices are very simple to maintain. On top of that, they require less upkeep. However, the managerial disadvantage is that because embedded systems can be complicated, it may be necessary to hire a skilled embedded systems engineer who can solve the issue.

  • Cost-effective

All of the components in embedded systems, including the processor, Wi-Fi chips, motherboard, read-only memory, and random access memory, are built of low-power materials. Since embedded systems use less energy, they will also provide post-installation cost savings. Furthermore, because all of those components are so few, using less material to make them also results in cheaper manufacturing costs.

Final Thoughts

Embedded software development needs a skilled and professional team of embedded software engineers that help the business to build a unique and secure product. Adequate Infosoft is a renowned custom software development company in India that inculcates experienced embedded software engineers. 

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