On-demand app development is the main component of the IT industry. Most IT companies run their business around creating web and mobile applications. You will find on-demand services everywhere, you will hardly find any field of the market that does not need app development. The on-demand app includes speed, quality, convenience, and many different kinds of services. 

All these factors make an app widely acceptable around the world as a fast, reliable, and user-friendly platform. In this article, we have mentioned what is app development, the cost of app development, factors, types, and various industries that use mobile and web applications for their services. This is where the role of the app development company comes. 

What is On-Demand Service App?  

On-demand software services act as a medium through which companies provide their services to their customers. It is a digital means that connect companies to their targetted customers. For example, the Uber app is used for cabs, Airbnb is used for booking hotels, and Grubhub for food delivery. Customers can download this application on their mobile and get the services quickly. There are multiple on-demand app development companies that help in developing quality, robust, and efficient applications. 

Cost to develop an app

The cost for app development depends on the type of application, the industry you are working for, and the dedicated on-demand developers you have assigned for app development. The cost for providing complete on-demand app development services depends from company to company. However, we can give you an average estimation of the average cost to create an application. 

The average cost to create an on-demand app:

Complex apps- $250,000-$300,000

Medium complex app- $125,000-$200,000

Simple app- $25,000-$120,000

Important Note: The data above are approximate. The final cost of app development will depend on the project’s specifications like platform, functions, features, and third-party integration. 

Why on-demand app development is important?

There are around 6.3 billion smartphone users in the world. It is no surprise that this number will go up in the future and the mobile app market will keep thriving. App users and smartphone penetration are still surging at a constant speed. In the past six years, the tablets users have also increased by 36%. 

Mobile is the primary platform for the app development that customers use. Mobile is expected to generate a revenue of $935 billion in 2023. All this data is enough to give you a glimpse of why on-demand app development and mobile app solutions are important for the growing digital market.

Factors that make app development important

There are a few factors that make web and mobile apps so popular among the mass. The following factors will help you understand the importance of on-demand app development. 

1. Lower cost: This is the prime reason why customers love to order from apps because these industries offer less prices for their services compared to the traditional providers. This is the main reason why most consumers are now switching towards online delivery rather than buying from stores. 

2. Efficiency: The on-demand app development can make complex and tough business operations easy and increase its overall efficiency. It also increases productivity and makes the business operations efficient. 

3. Scalability and security: Every industry wants to scale its business and reach the maximum customers. On-demand apps will help them to achieve this goal. More importantly, the online payment method makes it simple for the customer to order anything online without actually visiting the stores. 

4. Minimum efforts: Different payment options, interactive user interface, location detection, and other such features make it easy for customers to order anything online without exerting much effort. 

5. Newer opportunities: Like any other business, app development also provide other business opportunities and ideas that you can add to your business model. The real-time data of customers and their reviews will help you promote your business further.

6. Variety: There are a plethora of varieties of apps in each industry that people are using. You can add new services to your business and create a separate app to provide the service. 

Types of On-demand App Development

There are three types of on-demand app development that business focuses on and hire an on-demand web and android app developers to create one. They are as follows:


Business-to-Business on-demand app development connects one business to another. They provide complete software development services to other enterprises. Just like B2C, B2B business models also except 100% service satisfaction. 


Similar to marketing businesses, B2C connects the business to its customers. For example popular e-commerce businesses, food delivery apps, hotel booking apps, and other such apps. The user only needs to find the app and get the required service it wants. 


This business model requires the person to do the business transaction through the specialized platform. For example, BlaBlaCar where the customer can find their co-travelers and travel with them. 

On-demand app development across the industry

Till now you might have known about the spheres that on-demand app development can help you. Whether you talk about food delivery, taxi, dog walking, laundry pick-up, etc, on-demand app development can take care of any business you think of. There are many custom software development companies that offer on-demand app development services. 

However, not many deliver quality products on time, and therefore, proper research is necessary before you hand over your project to an on-demand app development company. If you are looking for a quality app development service then Adequate Infosoft is the right custom software company for you. Our years of work experience and skilled developers will help you develop a quality product to scale your business. 

About Adequate Infosoft

Adequate Infosoft is a renowned custom software development company in India that provides quality software worldwide. We have provided our services to more than 20 countries including India, the USA, Sweden, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, Ghana, Netherland, Hungary, Austria, and Denmark. 

Trusted by 100+ industries we are one of the leading app development companies. Our skilled and professional developers are competent and have the hands-on latest technology. 

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