Most people in this generation are leading a hectic life and don’t want to indulge themselves in daily house cleaning chores. Most of the time they remain occupied with other important tasks whereas other times even being idle they choose to avoid the household chores. Most lads suppose that these chores are not meant for them to do. It happens with most of us that we hire a maid for household chores but their daily tantrums pissed us off. In such scenarios, we all think of creating an application in our mind that can provide us, friendly people, for Cleaning and other household chores. Adequate Infosoft is struggling hard to make your dream application come true and has developed a few On-demand House Cleaning Apps and websites for several international clients. Yes, you heard it right, now with the power of technology and our trained House Cleaning Apps developers, we are the best On-demand Apps development company ready to conquer the market with some admirable House Cleaning Applications.

The sudden upsurge of the demand for On-demand Apps will indeed help you to make a good profit out of your existing business. So, Hire software developers from a custom software development company to design an avant-garde On-demand application for House Cleaning services. Additionally, we are introducing you to some of the best features that we are providing in these applications.

On-demand House Cleaning app development services
House Cleaning app developers

Easy account creation:

Generally, signing up for any application requires a lot of time and effort at the user’s end and developers are unaware of all these struggles. But being a pioneering organization we are committed to delivering the best services to our clients and customers. Under our wide range of On-demand House Cleaning app development services, we provide flexible account creation features. There is no need to follow lengthy procedures and verify your phone number and email id with us. You can choose to create an account using an email id and all your information will get synchronized automatically. 

One-tap Booking

No need to waste hours on selecting a suitable cleaning service. Our progressive application comes with easy filters that allow customers to sort out relevant services without doing any further delay. Also, users can make one-tap payments after choosing the appropriate service. 

Customize Selection of services:

Why pay extra charges for the work that you had already done? Customers can include or exclude multiple cleaning services in a single booking through our developed House Cleaning websites and applications. This customized selection of services also gives your financial relaxation as per the opted services. 

Easy cancellation:

It’s the right of users to make changes in their booked services. By keeping this in mind, our best mobile app developers are coming up with an application that permits us to cancel the service prior to execution. 

Secured Payment gateways: These applications come with a secure payment gateway to provide optimum security to the user. Moreover, the phone’s pin or password enhances the security and does not allow any unauthorized person to use the application without the user’s consent.

Check Availability before booking

We are offering manual services and it is obvious to not find any person on your chosen booking slot. However, our application gives customers’ the authority to check the availability of the service provider before booking. This will save our customers from the last time hassle of cancellation in case no person is available to render the service.  

Live customer support:

The service person doesn’t reach your place at the scheduled time, or you are unsatisfied with the offered service, here is the live support option for your convenience. Customers can get in touch with the customer support team to know the exact reason behind all the issues. 

Easy Booking and Rescheduling option

Our Booking and Rescheduling features in the On-demand House Cleaning Application allow the users to book preferable time slots for all cleaning services. Also, they can reschedule the booking in case of any emergency and the available person will come to your place to render the booked service.

Support multiple languages:

We want to introduce this application globally, hence our application supports multiple languages. Customers need to simply install the application and choose their preferred language to use the application further. Moreover, customers can change this language anytime in the future from the settings opinion in the application. 

What makes us unique?

Adequate Infosoft is a trusted name in the market as a top mobile app development company. We have delivered a wide array of software and apps on the latest technology for our clients all across the world. Of Course, there are countless software development companies available in the market that are offering the same services at relatively low prices. So, our customers and clients need to know our forte that makes us different from others. 

We are a Well Trusted Tech Organisation providing Extraordinary Customer Service with Proactive Approach. Our Dedicated Developers Believe in Responding Quickly to the customer’s queries and providing them One-Stop-Shop solutions for all mobile app development services. Clients who are willing to develop a dynamic On-demand House Cleaning website or application can contact us. All I can assure you is that the application or website will not only satisfy your needs but also be proven to be a great helping hand for other potential customers as well. 

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