Software as a Service (SaaS) development requires a thorough and different approach than the traditional software development approach. More and more companies are adopting SaaS solutions that are faster and better than any other software delivery model. The development of SaaS requires an in-depth understanding of cloud computing with a strong SaaS technology foundation.

What Is SaaS?

One of the main categories of cloud computing, SaaS or Software-as-a-service, is a software distribution model where the application is hosted by a third-party service provider and made available to customers over the Internet.

In Layman’s language, instead of spending money building infrastructure to install and maintain software, they simply need to use the Internet. So there is no need for any hardware or software to purchase, install, maintain, or upgrade.

Adequate Infosoft will provide a range of services whether you need to transfer your existing products and services to the SaaS model, or implement your brand new concept in the cloud,  and from analysis, development, and testing to hosting and managing your cloud deployments.

Why Should You Opt For SaaS?

There are a number of advantages for SaaS. Some of the most important are the following.

  • Reduction in Costs

SaaS can reduce costs by more than 50% compared to on-premises infrastructure. Your IT department will also become leaner, leading to fewer variable costs for salaries.

  • Streamlined Focus and Productivity

Non-technical businesses do not want to deal with IT problems. With SaaS, these businesses can focus entirely on their core business instead of solving IT setup issues. Therefore, choosing SaaS will increase their productivity.

  • Quick Deployment

SaaS gives your business the power to enable fast application deployment. The implementation time of projects running on SaaS is shorter. If you use Docker or any type of container technology, you can set up your entire system within a few days.

  • Secure

Public cloud services are guarded with the best security systems and also equipped with effective data recovery management tools. You can be at peace with your data if you choose SaaS.

  • Quick and Periodic Updates

Whether it’s EC2, Azure, or Google Cloud, running SaaS always pays off because they regularly add updates to the software (PaaS), many of which are free.

Why Choose Adequate Infosoft as Your Partner for SaaS Application Development?

SaaS is a custom-made software system designed to meet the unique needs of business users. We are experts in various subtleties of SaaS, such as IaaS (infrastructure), BaaS (a back-end system), DaaS (database), or PaaS (platform) cloud-based administrations, which are influenced by SDI to enable your business. PaaS (Platform) cloud-based administrations that are affected by SDI to authorize your business.

When you hire dedicated developers from Adequate Infosoft, you sign up for more of the services we offer. The best part of our dedicated development team is pre-and post-development, distribution assistance. Our fully committed team works on the framework you provide and is always available to you whenever you need it.

  • We are smart, intelligent, and knowledgeable, but many more are incredible. Here are some key features that offer us the perfect choice.
  • We value time and money to ensure high-quality products are delivered on time in the cost gap.
  • We create web projects and web applications that are attractive to satisfy a higher user experience.
  • We have expertise in developing business applications for a large industry. 
  • As technology advances every day, we understand the need to update businesses. Be its portable devices, IoT, chat robots that are “aces” with the latest technology.

Our Services

At Adequate Infosoft, we are a leading software as a service SaaS-based software application development company having relevant experience in delivering top-performing applications for your enterprise. Our advanced SaaS services to look out for:

  • SaaS App Design & Development

We offer end-to-end SaaS-based application design and software development solutions. Our team of SaaS experts can successfully transform your innovative idea into a scalable, feature-rich, robust application solution to enhance your customer experience.

  • SaaS Consulting Services

Our many years of relevant experience in the field allows us to help start-ups as well as experienced players with our professional consulting services to effectively design and deploy the right SaaS application strategy.

  • Mobile SaaS Application Development

To move and develop on-demand SaaS application solutions on mobile devices we have the right resources, abundant expertise, and advanced technology. Fresh start-ups, privately owned small businesses, and large government organizations.

  • Cloud Service Integration

The customer relationship management solutions provided by SaaS have enabled both global and local businesses to change their approach to providing front-office customer service. With SaaS-based applications and CRM software, customers are now under direct control, while businesses are able to respond to customer-specific issues in real-time.

  • Third-party Integration Services

From the development of custom APIs to WordPress SaaS to the integration of external data sources with the addition of secure payment gateways, we ensure the integration of all third-party applications.

  • Multi-faceted Tenant Architecture

We help technology vendors with the right resources through the efficient design and implementation of versatile SaaS-based system architectures, delivery models, and management tools.

  • Analytics and Data Management

Experienced SaaS developers are present who can create and integrate advanced data analytics using custom or pre-built tools and programs that go beyond traditional software solutions in every way.

  • Data Visualization Solutions

Users are looking for more complex and advanced details in the applications they use. Therefore, with state-of-the-art data visualization and interpretation references, we help them make better and faster decisions in every way possible.

  • Software On-demand SaaS Services

Owners of SaaS applications need cloud-based support to provide on-demand services to end-users. And we make sure we provide the best possible service with our expert on-demand software SaaS services as well as advanced cloud computing solutions.

  • Cloud Application Scaling

Leveraging the power of cloud applications can help you effectively scale application-based resources. The cloud service platform allows us to provide the right scaling options – just like in the traditional SaaS model.

  • Migration to SaaS

With us, you are migrating your existing system to SaaS with the best architectural and functional compliance. With our SaaS migration solutions, you can achieve flawless results in data transfer and solution alignment.

  • SaaS-Based CHM solutions

 To commit to best resource management practices our proficient SaaS-based CHM solutions help e-commerce and other online businesses. This provides the best value in terms of supply chain and commitment to the process.

Technologies Used By Us

  • Docker

Docker allows us to create the same development environments as our production, so the entire team works in the same development environment, regardless of the operating system in which they all typically run. For example, when developing or maintaining an application, we can create the same repository in Symfony using PHP, MySQL, Apache / Nginx, and Mongo for the production server where our application will finally be stored.

  • Symfony

Symfony is one of the most sought after open-source PHP frameworks at the moment (along with Laravel) thanks to the massive community behind it, which is regularly delivered with improvements and updates. It can be used for most projects, although it is designed for large web applications. The code generated by Symfony is very easy to read, understand, extend, and maintain.

  • Angular

Angular makes it easy to create a Single Page Application (SPA) for modern web applications. This means that the entire website is loaded into the client’s browser, which provides much faster interaction.

  • Ionic

Ionic enables the generation of hybrid mobile applications because it is an open-source JavaScript framework. What does this mean? That Ionic allows you to create mobile apps for iOS, Android, and web apps using the same code. A big plus for Ionic is its commitment to always run on the latest versions of iOS and Android.

  • MongoDB

MongoDB is a document-oriented database. It stores data in documents rather than records. This is not a relational database, so there is no need to follow a schema. Data from the same collection may have different structures.

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