Surveys help businesses make informed decisions. However, a few years ago, conducting surveys manually was a real problem. When a data-centric approach became a necessity of the hour, surveys were traditionally time-consuming. An effective solution for this is to conduct surveys of smartphone applications. 

In order to accelerate business growth, it has become essential for the entrepreneur and start-up owners to adopt a data-centric approach. We recognize that data is an integral part of any business, so business owners are quick to find ways to quickly gather responses. Our survey application solution serves as an attractive medium for surveyors to create new surveys that visitors to the application can find. Surveyors can create an account in the app to add a survey.

With on-demand survey application development, they can manage their public profile and their already added surveys. Once the surveyor has added the survey, you can view statistics about them and share them on their social media network. They can view the ratings and evaluations they received for the survey.

People can visit the app and find the surveys they want to do. They can select a surveyor category to search by keywords. Adequate Infosoft offers a unique survey app development that allows users to view survey details and a surveyor’s profile. People can participate in the survey and share it on their social media network. Once the survey has been completed, an assessment can be given along with the review.

Why do Businesses Need Survey Apps?

Online survey applications are a platform where companies can either create their own surveys or use external survey applications to design and manage online surveys.Such platforms attract user responses, collect and analyze survey results, which can then be evaluated to achieve a relevant solution.

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Survey applications help analyze results with automated summaries and charts. They allow for guaranteed uptime, have cloud-based productivity, and are available from any device. Regardless of the type of survey, obtaining feedback, and acting on it is key to a company’s development. It is a springboard for continuous improvement and effectiveness. After knowing the importance of feedback, it is important to have the best methods for collecting data.

Benefits of Online Mobile Survey Apps

  • Online mobile survey app helps you save costs, time, and convenience.
  • You can easily access them via the link in the email and set up later reminders through an online feedback management system.
  • These can be quickly sent to multiple partners.
  • The survey can be customized to meet the needs of the target audience.
  • In addition, a web-based system allows you to skip navigation, where respondents can skip questions where they have no opinion.
  • Respondents can express their views and remain anonymous. If confidentiality is ensured, participants will feel better in open and honest feedback.
  • These give objectivity to feedback and much more, this positivity affects response and completion rates, which are one of the keys to the success of the survey.

Key Benefits Of Our Survey App Development

  • Advanced Search/Filters

To search for surveys visitors can use the categories  or they can use keywords

  • Survey Rating

Visitors can give an assessment of the surveys they have conducted, which can also be viewed by other visitors and the surveyor.

  • Social Media Sharing

Visitors can share their favorite surveys on their social media networks.

  • Survey Statistics

Surveyors can view detailed statistics from a survey conducted by visitors.

  • Surveyor Public Profile

Surveyors can keep their profile, which can also be seen by survey visitors.

  • Upgrade Membership

Surveyors can update their membership to access detailed statistics for the app.

Our Survey App’s Features

  • Surveyor Profile

Manage your profile with all the details, add, edit, or update data in the dashboard.

  • Survey Creation

Create any survey by adding the required details, updating the details, and deleting the details.

  • Survey Statistics

Check the survey statistics; the total number of users included in the survey and the success rate of the survey.

  • Survey Details  

Check the complete survey data, survey type, category, description, survey location.

  • Advanced Reporting

The admin can check the preliminary report of the survey, which contains all the details of the survey.

  • Manage Category

The admin can manage the category of the surveys, add multiple categories, or delete the category.

  • Schedule Email Invitations

Schedule emails for users to remind them or update them about the survey and its details.

  • Manage Surveyors

Manage the people who do surveys and check their total numbers. the ratio of surveys to survey success.

Our Survey App Development Solution 

  • Idea 

The idea for the app starts with you. He came to us with his idea and it is our duty to turn his idea into a business. We always give value to your idea. Your idea and suggestion can be a great solution for development.

  • Concept

We analyze the market, design the user interface to provide a great and efficient solution for your business. R&D plays an important role when starting any business. It is our duty to stand out from the competition.

  • Testing

We have a tested team of experts who test your application with advanced tools. We assure you to find the right testing and error-free application. We are always available if you find any problems in custom development.

  • Implementation 

We will implement according to your needs. We believe in transparency and work with your unique features and services. The custom solution focuses in particular on meeting your requirements by adding the necessary features and functionality.

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Technologies We Used

  • RhoMobile

It is an open-source framework that allows all native application development accessibility across multiple platforms. Web technologies such as CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, and Ruby are used to build all kinds of applications, including survey application development for most major operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

  • Appcelerator

One of the classic open-source frameworks is one of the best choices for developing hardware-based applications. But Proper Infosoft employs mobile app developers who can play with such classic frameworks to give our customers something creative and useful. The platform uses HTML, PHP, and JavaScript to create native applications for iOS, Android, and Windows UWP.

  • PhoneGap

It is one of the famous open-source software, also known as “Apache Cordova”. This software uses CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript to create native applications on multiple platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS. With such incredible technologies, you can very easily build lifetime wallet applications. Because this framework allows you to mix native and hybrid code snippets, you can create applications that aren’t really native mobile or web-based applications.

  • React Native

This JavaScript library is an open-source framework that has become the most preferred medical consulting application development technology today. It offers sustainable support for IDEs and other mobile application development tools and allows developers to create native applications for iOS and Android platforms very easily.

  • Ionic

It is a framework that uses front-end programming languages such as HTML5 and widely favors the development of survey applications. This framework combines HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript to build native-based applications and easily create user interface features in web development technologies. Such mobile applications developed with this technology run on iOS UIWebView or Android WebView applications.

  • Xamarin

It is one of the famous cross-platform frameworks that have the advantages of C # coding and uses a single code between iOs, Android, Windows, and other platforms that provide one of the higher statuses in the coding patterns of developers. The right Infosoft hires application developers who can combine these benefits of code sharing to create productive applications for our customers.

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