QR (Quick Response) code technology quickly turned out to be a powerful tool that helped us to share information instantly since it was introduced to the public. In today’s era, QR codes have been transformed into a communication channel necessary for making potential clients. They can immediately follow the link to connect with the world of business-to-customer marketing. While in some countries, QR codes remain an unusual technological advancement, in Asia, for example, QR tech is a daily-use thing you’ll see literally everywhere in large cities running on QR Code Scanning applications.

Why Choose Adequate Infosoft?

Adequate Infosoft is a recognized IT firm engaged in delivering unmatchable web and app development services across the globe. We know how to upgrade and customize software systems using modern techniques. Our QR Code Scanning App Development service will help generate invoices, manage inventory in the warehouses, or gather information regarding products. Our software developers are trained to create robust QR scanning applications using APIs to address labeling solutions in many industries. We integrate two-dimensional (2D) and dynamic QR codes to manage inventory tracking. We are also engaged in offering geo-tags scanning and location apps for accurate monitoring and quality assurance of the products.

Benefits of QR Code Scanner App in Your Business

QR code software applications give you a great reputational advantage regardless of your business type. Whether you are running a retail chain, a grocery shop, an FMCG company, or an automotive giant, QR codes make your business efficiently profitable. From marketing professionals to manufacturing plants or customer support, these QR code software solutions make your processes faster and better.

Convenience for Customers & Businesses

QR codes let the business owner interact with customers seamlessly. It also helps us to track the engagement of customers in our business by rendering a better experience in shopping, payment, etc.

Cost-Effective Operations

The development and maintenance costs of QR code-based projects are significantly low. This makes QR code applications one of the most useful business tools in this digital age. That’s why many businesses use them.

Versatile Business Processes

Business runs on QR codes are versatile in terms of their application. No matter whether it is marketing, operations, or loyalty programs, we can apply them everywhere.

Record-Keeping & Reporting

QR codes are Two-dimensional structures, and it makes it very easy for business owners to keep a record of their customers, thus making products accurate. Unique product information incorporated into QR codes also improves the quality of reporting.

Our Features

Scanning QR Code

This QR code reader app lets you scan and validate the QR codes of your choice. You will get complete information regarding that product: name, manufacturing date, expiry date, pricing, and batch number immediately. You can also store these scanned QR codes and barcodes.

Barcode Scanner

Users can scan barcodes by a scanner or by typing the barcode number into their application. It will show you information about millions of products worldwide at your fingertips. Every time you scan a barcode, it will fetch the details from the database.

QR Code Generator

If you have subscribed to the QR Code Reader and Barcode Scanner app, you can make and share unlimited custom QR codes. Choose any color combination for the code as per your choice. This includes MeCard, calendar, email address, URL, and text.


QR Code Scanning App allows the user to manage the scanned codes separately. They can store these codes into different folders as per their requirement eg. Weblinks, Email addresses, Instagram, Whatsapp, Text, MeCards, etc. It will also make it convenient for the user to retrieve the scanned and created codes/barcodes. 

Scan History

Scan History is another beneficial feature provided by QR code scanning applications. It lets the user filter their scanned or created codes depending on their categories. Also, the user can delete or organize the scan results at any moment without any hassle. Sorting these codes in folders in another folder is the wisest way of storage management technique.


The search option in the QR code scanner application is another unique and amazing feature. Users can now search for a particular code by entering a few keywords related to the product in the search bar given in the application. It also allows them to activate advanced google search options by immediately shifting the search result to google shopping or any e-commerce website where you can check the details and shop for that product. 

Batch Scan

Generally, the user has multiple codes with themselves to scan, and separately scanning them all is definitely time-consuming. Batch Scan feature in QR code scanning application allows the user to scan multiple codes in one go. So, if you have too many codes to scan, you can subscribe to the Pro version and use the Batch Scan feature to simplify the scanning task. 


Filter and search features in QR code scanning applications are somewhat similar to each other. You can simply use the filter feature to get specific search results among the scanned codes from the Scan History section. To get specific search results, users can filter code by dates, product type, or category. 

App Lock

We believe the security of users’ data (scanned codes) is our top priority. Hence, most of the QR code scanning application comes with App Lock feature in it. The App Lock feature in the QR code scanning application avoids unauthorized persons accessing the application. Hence the information saved in the application is completely safe, whether it is the scanned codes or the details of the clients. 


Subscription is obviously the income source for most clients, but it also provides additional benefits to the users. The basic (Free) version of any QR scanning application only allows you to scan up to 3-5 codes. Also, features in the unpaid version of these scanning applications are somewhat limited to an extent. Whereas if you need multiple codes regularly, we suggest you go for the paid version (buy the subscription). It will give you access to an unlimited number of scans and countless other benefits to apply filters, perform batch scans, or other additional features. Users can opt for weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription plans as per their business spectrum and generate unlimited QR codes.

Our Services and Solutions

Adequate Infosoft is a wealthy software firm with enthusiastic developers and programmers. We know how to make optimum use of resources to develop performance-oriented results. We offer below services and solutions associated with QR code scanning applications. 

QR Code-based Marketing Solutions

Marketing campaigns are one of the most intricate tasks that every organization must follow to promote their business. We are offering efficient QR Code-based Marketing Solutions to our clients that are also information-rich and effective. QR code-based Marketing Solutions enable the user to deliver important information about the product or services to the targeted audiences. 

QR Code Digital Payment Solutions 

We are affluent in developing seamless QR code scanning mobile apps and web-based applications that allow users to gather the correct information and make hassle-free digital payments. Our professionals know how to use the combined power of data and technology to make scanning and automated payment easier.

QR Code Logistics Solutions

In this era of digitalization, everything is so smooth if we follow the correct procedure. With a QR Code scanning application, we would generate digital invoices, track shipments, or even locate our logistics seamlessly.

QR Code Inventory Management Apps

Were you facing issues in managing inventory or the location of the defective product in the warehouse? Yeah, everyone has to go through these types of problems while managing their business. A QR code scanning application is also efficient in managing the inventory stored in the warehouse. You can locate any product smoothly and efficiently by checking the scanning history and finding the warehouse’s inventory.

Technology We Use?

Front-end Technologies:

  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

Programming Language: 

  • PHP 
  • WordPress 
  • Python
  • Web Server: “CentOS Linux” VERSION=”7 (Core)”


  • iOS
  • Android 
  • Web


  • MySQL

I hope you understood all the relatable regions of QR Scanning App Development that Adequate Infosoft prospers to offer on every customized web development ground. You can extend your power source in the commerce industry through our efficient and secured QR scanning app development solutions embarking from the complex use of various tools and technologies. Just contact us through the given below form or Email your requirements at contact@adequateinfosoft.com.

You can also call us at 0120-4198878

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