QR (Quick Response) code technology quickly turned into a powerful tool for instant information sharing ever since it was introduced to the public. QR codes transformed into a communication channel that makes potential clients immediately follow the necessary link in the world of business-to-customer marketing. While in some countries QR codes remain an unusual technological advancement, in Asia, for example, QR tech is a daily-use thing you’ll see literally everywhere in large cities. 

Why Choose Us?

Adequate Infosoft upgrades and customizes software systems to generate QR code labels used on invoices, marketing (scanner data), logistics, and inventory warehouses. Our team of software developers creates robust systems using API’s to simultaneously address a multitude of labeling solutions in many industries. We also integrate two-dimensional (2D) barcodes and dynamic QR codes to manage asset tracking using geo-tags, scan & pay mobile payment solutions, and launch marketing tools in conjunction with third-party software. For accuracy tracking and quality assurance, let us create your Quick Response (QR) software.

Our Features

  1. Scanning QR Code

This QR code reader app lets you scan and valid QR code of your choice. This feature shows you all the specifications of any product or content type and you can also view information like product name, manufacturing details, store pricing, and photographs. You can also store your scanned QR codes and barcodes.

  1. Barcode Scanner

By either scanning barcodes or by typing the barcode number into the app, you will get information about millions of products worldwide. Every time you scan a barcode or number, details are fetched from this database.

  1. QR Code Generator

If you have subscribed to the QR Code Reader and Barcode Scanner app, you can make and share unlimited custom QR codes. Choose any color combination for the code as per your choice. This includes MeCard, calendar, email address, URL, and text.

  1. Folder

As mentioned, after scanning any code, you can store these into different folders as per your choice. You can conveniently organize and retrieve your scanned and created QR codes as well as barcodes. You can store these QR codes and barcodes in folders like Weblinks, Email addresses, Instagram, Whatsapp, Text, MeCards, and so on.

  1. Scan History

Another feature that we integrated for the user’s ease is Scan History. This feature lets you scan your history according to categories. All the searched results are stored and sorted by categories like Weblink, Texts, Phone Number, or Email Address. You can delete or organize the scan results. Also, put them in folders that you can create for easy storage.

  1. Search

This is a unique feature of this QR scanner app. Along with searching in the app, you can do an online search for any product using the barcode/ QR code. You can use advanced search options like search on Google search, Google Shopping, or Amazon eCommerce site. You can find product details and also shop for it on these shopping sites.

  1. Batch Scan

Scanning one QR code or barcode at a time, when you have 20 to do, can be time-consuming. If you want to scan multiple QR or barcodes in one go, you can use this feature. Using this feature, you can scan QR codes in multiple batches. The speed for scanning QR codes increases and you get results in one go. You need a subscription PRO version to use it.

  1. Filter

This feature makes retrieval of your scanned codes extremely easy with just a click. From the Scan History section using the filter feature, you can find any QR code or barcode. You can apply filters like ‘From date’-‘To date’ and the type of scans like Web links, Email Adress, Barcode, Message, Phone Number, Text, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, and Spotify.

  1. App Lock

We believe security as our top priority for any app we develop so we integrated the feature of App lock into the QR code scanner app. For your own QR code reader app, this amazing feature lets you create a secure password. You need to enter this code every time you want to open the app. This way, this pin protects your details in the app from intruders.

  1. Subscription

The free QR app lets you scan only 3 QR codes a day and has limited access to features. You can have the paid version called the PRO version by subscribing with weekly, monthly, and yearly plans. This version unlocks various features like generating unlimited QR codes and Batch scans.

Benefits of QR Code Scanner App in Your Business

QR code software applications give you a great operational and reputational advantage no matter what kind of business you run. Whether you are a retail chain owner, an independent grocer, an FMCG company, or an automotive giant, QR codes make you more efficient. From marketing to manufacturing to customer support, these QR code software solutions make your processes faster and better.

  • Convenience for Customers & Businesses

Software applications and transactions based on QR codes make your interaction with customers seamless. They also drive customer engagement by rendering better experience in shopping, payment, etc.

  • Cost-Effective Operations

The cost of developing and maintain QR code-based processes is significantly low. This makes QR code applications one of the most useful business tools in this digital age. That’s why many businesses use them.

  • Versatile Business Processes

QR code applications are versatile in terms of their application across business processes. Be it marketing, operations, or loyalty programs, QR codes are applicable everywhere.

  • Record-Keeping & Reporting

Two-dimensional barcode-based record-keeping of products makes processes more accurate. Unique product information incorporated into QR codes also improves the quality of reporting.

Our Services and Solutions

  • QR Code-based Marketing Solutions

Make your marketing campaigns information-rich and effective. QR codes enable you to deliver great amounts of information to target audiences. Use the combined power of data and technology.

  • QR Code Digital Payment Solutions

We develop mobile apps that enable seamless digital payment based on QR code scanning. Allow customers to easily scan and pay while you get automated payment processing.

  • QR Code Logistics Solutions

QR code-based digital invoice, shipment tracking, and asset tracking, etc. transform logistics operations. Seamlessly embrace digital logistics management.

  • QR Code Inventory Management Apps

Make your inventory management smooth and efficient with mobile apps that use QR codes to manage products. You can track and manage inventory anywhere in your warehouse.

Technology We Use?

Front-end Technologies:

  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

Programming Language: 

  • PHP 
  • WordPress 
  • Python

Web Server: “CentOS Linux” VERSION=”7 (Core)”


  • iOS
  • Android 
  • Web

Database: MySQL

Other: Stripe Integration

Hope you understood all the relatable regions of QR Scanning App Development that Adequate Infosoft, prospers to offer on every customized web development grounds. You can extend your power source in the commerce industry through our efficient and secured QR scanning app development solutions embarking from the complex use of various tools and technologies. Just contact us through the given below form or Email your requirements at contact@adequateinfosoft.com

You can also call us at 0120-4198878

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