Global digitization has transformed various industries, including social media, online booking of hotels, movies, and other events, online food delivery, e-banking, etc. The surge in the digital market has led to a rise in the demand for apps. This is the best time to invest in this industry. Adding to the list of on-demand app development, on-demand laundry app development is also creating buzz. 

Why anyone would want to do laundry on their weekends? They would rather do what they love. A laundry app is the best solution for working people who hardly get time to do their daily chores. With just a few clicks, you can book a person who can do your laundry. You can also set a time for the pick up of your laundry.  

All these services are now possible thanks to mobile and web applications, and the number of on-demand mobile app developers has expanded. The demand for dedicated on-demand laundry app developers has increased which shows the demand for this app. 

The smartphone app for on-demand laundry was inspired by this same idea. Therefore, if you want to create a mobile app for dry cleaning and searching for an on-demand laundry mobile and website app development company, we have you covered.

What is laundry app development?

Who would have believed that the laundry mobile app industry could go online? Who would have anticipated that consumers would want a washing app to be created?

Well, traditional firms have a lot to gain from an on-demand business strategy. But if it’s anything, it’s slowly starting to feel like a necessity. Why would anyone spend their weekend time washing clothes when they might spend it doing what they love?

Powerful and user-friendly laundry app development services will facilitate your business goals. It will help you create your digital presence which enables you to target maximum customers thus upscaling your business. 

Let us make it simple for you to understand. This app will involve three stakeholders that are customer, the rinser, and the delivery person. 


Using an app or a website a customer can book laundry and do payments online. He can also schedule a date and time when he wants his laundry done. 

Delivery Person

According to the scheduled date and time, the delivery person would come to take your laundry to the rinser. After the laundry is done, the delivery person will return your laundry to your house. 

Rinser or laundry man

The order is confirmed by the rinser and once it’s done, the rinser would ask the delivery man to collect laundry from the customer and bring them to him. They wash the clothes, dry and iron them and return the laundry to the customer.   

Features of a laundry app

We have included features of the laundry app for customers and businesses individually. Following are the features that will be included in web and mobile app solutions.  

For customers

Account register facility

Customers will be able to sign up/log in using their mobile phones and social media profiles for improved usage. This will spare them from having to enter their information repeatedly.

Types of services

Clients adore alternatives. The clothing can be made of a variety of materials and need careful care. Customers will be given the option to select the fabrics, clothing types, detergents, and preferences for machine or hand washing for this.

Schedule time

Customers will be able to choose the pickup times that work best for them. Their laundry will be picked up at their door after they simply choose the pickup time and date using the mobile app. 

Location settings

The customer can set a location of their house address from where the delivery man will pick up and drop off laundry. 

Online payment options

This is the best option because online payment will reduce manual processing and increase service efficiency. The customer can do the payment via any payment method including credit card, debit card, net banking, or e-wallet. 

For rinser


The rinser will have access to a dashboard where they may register themselves at the restaurant and log in using their telephone numbers or social media identities. They will be given the login information and password to safeguard their account for this purpose.

Accessing client data

Once the laundry guys have accepted a customer’s request, they will have access to information about the customer, including the number of clothing, the kind of materials, etc.

Order history

The laundrymen have access to order records so they may monitor consumer fidelity. They can tailor their offerings for the customers with this.

Statistics and analytics

The rinser will have access to a dashboard where they can track and analyze the data of their service on a weekly, monthly, bimonthly, or annual basis. 

How much does it cost to create an app?

The cost of developing an app solely depends on the development specifications the client has asked for. It includes platforms, types of apps, complexity, the technology and framework used, and developers. The complexity of the project defines the time and cost the client has to spend on it. 

The average cost for simple app development is estimated between $12000-$30000. The medium size complex app development might cost $35000-$100,000, and the complex app might cost $120,000 and above.  

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