Fintech is a blend of finance and technology. It means applying technology to deliver financial products and services better, faster, and more cost-effectively. Fintech companies consist of startups, established financial institutions, and technology companies. The financial services environment is changing worldwide through the application of technological innovations in financial services. Some of the examples of fintech services are crowdfunding, payment transfer, peer-to-peer lending, Blockchain-based transaction ledgers, credit rating, e-KYC, stock, and trading.

The products and services of fintech companies can be misused. Therefore, due diligence, the fight against money laundering, counter-terrorism financing (CTF), data protection, and other such country-specific and global compliance measures need to be reworked to detect and deter suspicious activities.

Who We Are?

Adequate Infosoft offers innovative solutions for intelligent automation of modern problems in financial ecosystems, from risk management to compliance. We serve you from your vision to the design and implementation of custom fintech applications tailored to your individual business requirements. We have the expertise to provide you with deep technology FinTech solutions to industry challenges to shape the digital transformation. Whether it’s a P2P lending platform, the Crowdfunding platform, the digital wallet, or the Finance and Investment Management platform, contact us to make your FinTech dreams come true. Our FinTech application development is related to several factors. Integrating appropriate security provisions with the help of specialized security officers is key. Another factor is that special developers of the FinTech application are employed to develop FinTech applications that meet the needs of the financial industry. The financial sector has revolutionized the technological development of the last decade.

The Fintech Ecosystem

  • Payments & Transfers
  • Lending & Finance
  • Digital Banking
  • Financial Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Management
  • Market and Exchanges
  • Equity Management

Why Adequate Infosoft For Fintech Solutions?

We are an application product development and service company specializing in user experience design and cutting-edge technologies. Working with global startups and businesses of all sizes, we build, develop, and scale products on platforms utilizing mobile, web, cloud, analytics, AR, and loT technologies.

  • Product Engineering

Our clients stay ahead of the competition with our solutions and products delivered to them following industry-standard best practices from Ideation to Product Launch.

  • Agile

Agile approaches help our teams respond to development, iterative workflows, and empirical feedback, and unpredictability through incremental.

  • DevOps

Seamless communication, collaboration, and collaboration between developers and IT operations teams for faster, high-quality deliverables.

  • Continuous Integration

It integrates code faster into mainline code, and Fast Time can continuously deliver enhancements to feature-rich applications to the market with our expertise.

Why Adequate Infosoft For FinTech Application Development?

Our expertise in FinTech application development encompasses a wider range of world-class services and features. We tackle every challenge with innovation, making your business a global leader in the financial world.

  • Agile Development Approach

We focus on delighting customers throughout the FinTech development process and strive to provide the best solution in the shorter run. The secure development approach is practised during the application development process.

  • FinTech Expertise Team

Using deep tech technologies and innovative practices our highly skilled cross-functional teams will help in building financial applications.

  • Remittance & Payments

We offer a wide range of development services for money transfer and payment solutions for FinTech start-ups and businesses, such as electronic transfer and payment portal, mobile transfer and payment solutions, system integration for partner solutions, integration with payment gateways, ETL consulting and integration, regulatory systems development reports, developing custom solutions as well as the online email and SMS notifications.

  • Client Engagement

In order to provide continuous feedback, we involve our customers in the development process, thus providing solutions according to the customer’s needs. We deliver FinTech solutions backed by cluster tools that have a positive impact on your business.

  • DevOps

We assure you that our highly trained application development team will make frequent and reliable code changes that follow operating principles that lead to better collaboration, application quality, and a shorter time to market.

  • Future Think

Our team not only aims to implement a workable system but also focuses on making FinTech solutions very stable in the future. FinTech products are designed with performance ranges in mind.

  • Bug-free Sprints

Our FinTech cross-functional team strives for perfection in every application where the team follows and acts according to customer requirements.

  • Hire a Developer

Our dedicated resource model allows you to choose from talented professionals for FinTech application development. This model would allow inputs and framework requirements to be specified and the technical team will act accordingly.

  • Security

We provide data protection, a secure service architecture, including server and database storage, an in-house communications team, encrypted data transfer, a secure payment gateway, compliance management, and platform operations that are critical to the FinTech application development process.

Technologies Used By Us

  • Docker

Docker allows us to create the same development environments as our production, so the entire team works in the same development environment, regardless of the operating system in which they all typically run. For example, when developing or maintaining an application, we can create the same repository in Symfony using PHP, MySQL, Apache / Nginx, and Mongo for the production server where our application will finally be stored.

  • Symfony

Symfony is one of the most sought-after open-source PHP frameworks at the moment (along with Laravel) thanks to the massive community behind it, which is regularly delivered with improvements and updates. It can be used for most projects, although it is designed for large web applications. The code generated by Symfony is very easy to read, understand, extend, and maintain.

  • Angular

Angular makes it easy to create a Single Page Application (SPA) for modern web applications. This means that the entire website is loaded into the client’s browser, which provides much faster interaction.

  • Ionic

Ionic enables the generation of hybrid mobile applications because it is an open-source JavaScript framework. What does this mean? That Ionic allows you to create mobile apps for iOS, Android, and web apps using the same code. A big plus for Ionic is its commitment to always run on the latest versions of iOS and Android.

  • MongoDB

MongoDB is a document-oriented database. It stores data in documents rather than records. This is not a relational database, so there is no need to follow a schema. Data from the same collection may have different structures.

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