Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) is an event-driven object-oriented programming language that can be considered the result of Visual Basic (VB) installed on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Including robust VB.NET Web applications, desktop applications, and Windows Mobile applications, Visual Basic.NET is a dynamic programming tool for creating .NET applications.

What is VB.NET?

VB.NET or Visual Basic .Net is an object-oriented programming language used for product development of Microsoft-based system applications that runs on the .Net framework. It is known for its many advantageous features, including the VB.NET structured object and the component-oriented general-purpose language, and works on a platform-independent .NET framework to build highly efficient and high-performance applications. With simple structural syntax for programming code blocks, Programmes VB.NET is one of the advanced and most popular programming languages.

Why Choose VB .NET

Support For Legacy Keywords

Although some keywords have either been discontinued or their use has completely changed, the old keywords still enjoy tremendous support; this is useful for converting old projects to current language specifications. Many people say that the VB.NET Conversion Wizard has many pitfalls; this is true, but at the same time it is a starting point in the transformation process that many other languages do not provide.

Project Wizards

When you create a new project, or just add a new form or button, the environment automatically creates the default encoding so that the objects appear; in some cases, there are wizards that can provide default encoding to have certain features within the application. It is a working application that can be designed and coded in a fraction of the time than some other languages.

Handling Pointers Indirectly

This provides less scope for instability in the application produced; applications produced by pseudonyms are more secure and stable.

Easy to use Rapid Application Design (RAD) Interface

A complete graphical user interface (GUI) can be created in a few minutes; thus, less programming time and less design time is required.

Why choose Adequate Infosoft for Visual Basic .NET Solutions

At Adequate Infosoft, after the introduction of several products, our dedicated VB.NET development team continues to be the choice of many of our clients and they are happy to hire our VB.NET programmers because they provide important results for their clients. We serve and meet a wide range of requirements from a wide range of industries as an offshore VB.NET development company.

  • Highly reputable and stable Microsoft VB.NET company.
  • Our talented and combative VB.NET developers have extensive knowledge of this technology.
  • We offer solutions that are ideal to meet your needs.
  • Excellent post-project delivery maintenance and support according to your time zone.
  • Cost-effective development services with a 100 % quality guarantee.
  • We have served global clients in various business areas.
  • State-of-the-art development centres have a high-performance software development environment.

Our unique expertise has attracted a wealth of global clients who have given us the confidence to provide cutting-edge solutions in VB.NET application development services. With our world-class infrastructure, we have created a valuable work environment that facilitates a high-performance software development environment.

Our VB.NET Development services

  • E-commerce application development
  • Development of CMS based Websites
  • VB .Net Architecture and Design evaluation
  • Custom Control Development with VB.NET
  • Migration of application from VB .Net
  • VB .Net Application Development
  • Custom web application development in Dotnet
  • Client/server application development
  • B2B and B2C portal development
  • Migrating simple applications to VB.NET
  • Migrating legacy applications to VB.NET

Our VB .NET programmers have extensive industry experience and experience in various aspects of VB .NET development. They are good at communicating and understanding and have proven to be consistent in understanding customer needs as they use their technical skills, analytical power, and creative skills to develop not only technology structures but also business-centric applications.

Benefits to Hire VB Developer from us

  • Dedicated VB developer working just for you
  • Choose from our mix of VB Developers
  • Cost benefits
  • Support
  • Trustworthiness/Dependability
  • Third-party selling rights

At the Adequate Infosoft, VB.NET developers deliver robust, secure, and stable applications with easy-to-use code execution. Adequate Infosoft developer is provided for business-relevant application development, database application development, software development, custom web application development, and more across a wide range of business segments.

Dot Net Technologies We Use

Our VB.Net (Dot Net) programmers provide instrumental expertise in cutting-edge technologies related to the VB.NET platform. You can encode your project in VB.NET, Angular JS, and other code languages appropriate for your project.


  • Webix
  • React.js
  • Xamarin
  • Infragistics


  • Umbraco
  • Orchard
  • DotNetNuke
  • mojoPortal
  • SiteFinity
  • Kentico


  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon web services EC2
  • Exchange Server
  • MS Dynamics
  • SharePoint, BizTalk


  • Oracle
  • SQL Server Compact
  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL




  • X.509, SSO
  • Encryption, Kerberos
  • Kerberos, Auditing
  • Logging, OAuth 2.0

.NET Frameworks

  • VB.NET
  • VB.NET Core
  • VB.NET Web API
  • VB.NET SignalR
  • .Net Mono

Web Services

  • OData
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • WCF Data Services
  • WCF Services
  • WSDL

Сloud Providers

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Services
  • Google Cloud Platform

RTC Technologies

  • WebRTC
  • WebSockets

Hope you understood all the relatable regions of VB.NET Development that Adequate Infosoft, prospers to offer on every customized web development grounds. You can extend your power source in the commerce industry through our efficient and secured VB.NET  Development solutions embarking on the complex use of various tools and technologies. Just contact us through the given below form or

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