Communication plays a key role in the development of any company.  More and more corporate companies and organizations are willing to adopt a variety of new technologies in order to produce effective and efficient communication, nowadays. Audio and video conferencing applications makes it all the easier to carry out conversations to anywhere from any part of the world. However, these audio-video conferencing apps can sometimes prove to be quite annoying because of uneven footage and voice breaking during a client call. In such situations, we at Adequate Infosoft come to your rescue.

Why Adequate Infosoft? 

Adequate Infosoft is not just a distribution of app development services, but a platform that ties up our clients with the world of technology. Our solutions and services guarantee you enjoy a high success rate with respect to audio conferencing software solutions. Our audio-video solutions and services also guarantee to provide unprecedented quality service and with the help of them, our clients’ company can benefit largely. Having foreseen the rise of audio-video conferencing apps, we dedicated a part of our team solely to the streaming app development. Today, we have completed 200+ applications, including those with audio-video conferencing functionality. 

  • Video Calls & Conferencing

It is designed to bring people together. Easy-To-Use scalable audio, web, and video conferencing solutions that offer best-in-class cloud-based conferencing experience.

  • Audio Calls & Conferencing

Adequate Infosoft Logic developed and deployed the indigenous solution to have Audio Call, Push Notification, DTMF dial, Multi-Party call conference, and roaming enabled.

  • Rich Quality

Our quality scores 40% higher than the competition. You can set up seamless video calls in a few seconds whether you’re on great wifi, cafe wifi, or LTE. 

  • Browser to GSM Call

Adequate Infosoft guarantees that you enjoy a high success rate with respect to the browser to a gsm call.

  • Call any Platform

Adequate Infosoft provides a call to any platform feature like a browser to gsm, browser to mobile.

  • Easily Switch Audio to Video

WebRTC enables a good audio/video call experience of any web or mobile application. Unlike Skype, WebRTC is not an application, but it is an extension of the browser.

Our Features And Benefits 

  • Admin Control

To ensure security, the admin or host gets complete control over the attendees. Screen sharing can be restricted to host or passed on to participants as per requirement. Whiteboard facilities, as well as call-recording features, can help track previous discussions to be shared with absent attendees.

  • Diverse Industries

Healthcare, Education, IT, FMCG, HR, and many such industries need to communicate with remote teams. Video conferencing apps can be developed as per the industry requirement. An IT company may have different needs as compared to the Education sector. The cost of app development will also differ in this case.

  • Added Value for Clients

From exhibiting work demos to access and retrieval of important data – video conferencing apps make client communication easier. You can also offer your customized apps to your clients instead of using third-party apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Cisco Webex for communication.

  • Exclusive Features

White labeling of a meeting app can be done by setting up the company profile and show logos and color customization chosen by the company. Background filter for attendees and functioning of a conference through a separate webcam can be held. These exclusive features can raise the cost of developing the video conferencing app.

Our Services

  • Video Strategy & Solutions

The technological constraints can easily overwhelm your vision when envisioning your app or platform’s video experience. Our experienced video strategy team has expertise in the technical aspects of creating video-based solutions and products and in-depth practical knowledge of streaming, transcoding, rate limiting, and infrastructure development. 

  • Video App Modernisation

Yesterday’s shiny new video solution can be today’s out-dated drag on your bottom-line if you don’t keep up with the latest technology. Our combative developers can quickly assess your existing infrastructure and technology stack to design and deploy efficient modernizations for your legacy system. The result is a more robust video experience that can save you time, money, and headaches while earning you more engaged, connected customers.

  • Video App Development & Deployment

Every aspect, from UX and UI to architecture configuration, implementation, and solution deployment, in the world of video-enabled and video-based experiences, requires a high level of detail and expertise. Regardless of the platform — be it VOD, enterprise live streaming, video conferencing, or video commerce — we make sure your audio-video call is top-quality and delivers without a glitch.

  • Support & Maintenance

The launch is only ever a beginning, and when it comes to video, the ongoing maintenance and support necessary to keep your customer experience smooth and seamless can be complicated. We’re here to assist with strategic updates and upgrades that keep your competitive edge sharp and your operations hassle-free as your partner in audio-video conferencing app development.

Our Area of Expertise

  • Custom third-party integration
  • TokBox, Twilio, Vidyo, red5
  • Server-side RTC development
  • Kurento, Jitsi, XirSys, Janus
  • Auto Scaling & Geo Scaling Server Architecture
  • Live Recording

Technology We Used

Front End Technology 

  • HTML 5
  • Angular js
  • Ios & android
  • Flutter
  • CSS 3
  • React js

Back End 

  • nodejs
  • PHP
  • .NET Core
  • My SQL
  • Postgress
  • MongoDB

We are the Top Audio Video Conferencing App Development Company 

We are one of the  Audio Video Conferencing App Development Company who has the ability to develop all the web and mobile application related to Meeting Applications, Email your requirements at You can also call us at 0120-4198878.

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