PHP is a famous server-side programming language that was first introduced 25 years ago and is still a preferred programming language among full-stack developers. Whenever a new programming language introduces you would always come across the discussion about whether PHP is ‘dead.’ Even though PHP has slipped down in the programming language popularity from 5th position in 2017 to 8th in 2020, according to Stack Overflow, it is still in the top 10 list. 

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For web development, PHP is still a popular language and 80% of websites are built using PHP. Some of the powerful online platforms like WordPress and Facebook are developed using PHP, this must give you a glimpse of how popular PHP is even after 25 years. 

In this article, we have mentioned reasons why PHP is still preferred by developers. What are the parameters that make PHP one of the most powerful programming languages even after two decades after its release? 

7 Reasons why PHP is a popular programming language

PHP is considered a perfect web development programming language for beginners to learn because of its general-purpose scripting programming language. This was one of the first server-side programming language that is embedded into HTML. This allows to add the functionality in the website without calling external files for data. Web development companies provide a skilled team to develop an unique websites for the business. 

New updates and version of PHP has decoded many possibilities and capabilities in adding features and functionalities. 

<!DOCTYPE html>







        echo “Hi, I’m a PHP script!”;




The below are 7 main reasons for popularity of PHP among web developers that you must know.

1. It is easy to learn and use

It’s simple server-side programming language allows the beginners to easily start with PHP programming language. Compared to other programming language syntax use in PHP is easier to learn. Even if you are a beginner and does not have extensive experience or knowledge in web development, you can easily create a basic webpage using only one PHP file in a very short period. 

The main problem that a web developer face is learning a functionality and syntax of a programming language. PHP eradiacte this barrier because its command functionality and syntax is easier to learn and understand. This gives you a greate start with a programming language to create an webpage. 

2. It is open source and hence free to use

PHP is an open-source platform that allows developers to start using PHP without initial investment and install in your system quickly. Plus, it also gives you access to various PHP frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, WordPress, Yii, Slim, and many more. This features adds up to the benefits of PHP that web developers can take. 

Additionally, open source helps companies to cut the cost of web development and increases the revenue. The frameworks of PHP are well structured and gives you a lot of features for web development.

3. It is versatile

The versatility of any programming language makes it dynamic and you can code an application for various platforms including iOS and Android. PHP is a platform independent language and it can be used on platforms like Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android. Most important, it supports almost every web browser. You can use PHP on almost every major web server and makes it easy to run on various devices and systems at a very low development cost. Youcan easily work on many PHP web development projects without facing major difficulties. 

4. It is secure and fast

Two important things that every company wants in their website is that it should process quickly with strong encryption. Even when you use a new server to run a PHP based website, it can easily read data by using its own memory and competes nicely on speed. 

Earlier, questions was raised regarding the security of PHP language but you must understand that its security is neither less or more compared to other programming languages. More importantly, PHP is a popular language and so its community; therefore you can take community support to solve any issue or vulnerability faced in your website. The community can also help you solve bugs and protect your website against cyber threats. 

5. Legacy code 

Although this isn’t actually a benefit of adopting PHP in and of itself, the fact that so many websites already exist were created with PHP makes it a crucial factor to take into account. Simply said, it is typically simpler to make improvements in the original language rather than attempting to rebuild everything. This makes PHP more resilient in the face of possible personal preferences for other languages among some younger engineers. Additionally, this legacy effect means that it is typically simpler to locate a PHP developer for your company. 

6. It easily gels with CMS

PHP gives scripting flexibility. Developers can modify codes in accordance with their needs and preferences. In addition, almost all PHP websites offer complete customization. They are easily adaptable to clients’ wishes and needs, and can be changed slightly or significantly. And because PHP is the primary foundation for Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others, all of this is possible. Blown away in the mind!

Because of this, creating or integrating a powerful, custom CMS solution with your website is easy. This is why PHP is still a preferred programming language and popular among web developers. 

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