What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a very popular open-source, PHP-based framework that is widely used for designing software and applications. All trending applications need a suitable language for designing and Laravel is widely used as a framework for designing advanced web applications. It was created by Taylor Otwell in June 2011 and has proven to be an outstanding backend framework for app designing. Laravel is completely a server-side framework and it works on Model-View-Controller (MVC) design. The main role of a Model-View-Controller is to break the backend architecture of any application into multiple logical parts without affecting its performance. 

There are so many Laravel Applications that have been in trend since development but only a few applications that would be going to conquer the market even in 2022. Also, there are various companies that are working to develop top-notch Laravel applications and Adequate Infosoft is one among them. Adequate Infosoft is a custom software development company and our huge expertise in similar domains allows us to create high-end and useful Laravel applications. Our professional team of developers makes sure to fulfill all your requirements through these advanced and custom Laravel applications

Here are some famous Laravel Applications in 2022:

laravel applications
Laravel applications

1. Voyager



Voyager is a famous application designed using Laravel framework Packages. Developers so much cherish Voyager because it is time-saving and it makes the application development funnier and easier. Voyager incorporates BREAD functionality that allows the developers to browse, read, write, add or delete any function available in their database. You can use Voyager as a media manager, a menu builder, or can do many more amazing things through this Laravel based application.



2. Cachet – Open Source Status Page System


Cachet is a universally used open-source status page system that works irrespective of the domains. Anyone having minimal knowledge would be able to use the Cachet application with ease. It is basically a fully integrated translation system that owns a useful JSON-based API, various scheduled maintenance tools, and several visual metrics that make this an advanced application. The elegant design of Cachet is designed using Bootstrap with some significant features that make this a highly used application for obvious reasons. Above all, Cachet provides a two-factor authentication feature that enhances security and protects all the information of the users saved in the application.

3. Polr Project



Polr Project is an open-source link shortener application designed to shorten URLs of any length and size without disturbing the website’s interface. Everyone including from website owners to eCommerce firms and entrepreneurs to multinational company owners everyone is using Polr Project on different levels. Polr Project is the modern and quickest way to shorten URLs. 

4. MyRank



Facing issues in learning innovative things offline? Here is an advanced application just for you. MyRank is a today’s generation online learning website available for everyone. 

It is the result of the excellent features of the Laravel framework and the true dedication of Laravel developers. This awesome online learning website is very easy o use and accessible for everyone. Anyone who wants to learn new things online can register themself on this application.

5. Koel (Personal Audio Streaming Service)



Koel is a prominent web application commonly used for audio streaming. Koel consists of VueJS and Laravel respectively on the client-side and server-side to offer the personalized audio streaming result to the users. There are many other audio streaming applications that are trending in the market but none of them matches the excellence of koel. Users can stream live audio on koel without having any prior technical knowledge of the application. So, if you too are fond of recording audios then use Koel now to create your own personalized voice streaming service. 

6. Vuedo



Vuedo is a famous online platform built using Laravel and Vue.js commonly used for blogging services. It is an open-source project that users can easily get on Github. If you really want to know how everything works well then use Vuedo to analyze it all.

7. PyroCMS



PyroCMS is a trending content management systems (CMS) application designed with the help of the Laravel framework. It is one of the renowned  Laravel projects that has been in demand since it got live on the internet. This lightweight, eye-catching application helps users efficiently manage the content of their respective websites with utmost flexibility. Th  e seamless integration of PyroCMS with the Laravel filesystem makes this a necessary application for any online business.

8. Invoice Ninja 



As the name says it all, Invoice Ninja is a famous invoice and payment management application designed using the Laravel framework. This awesome application is widely used among business owners of different fields to efficiently manage their invoices, payments, and expenses. Users can also, customize their logos in the invoice, create auto-bill and recurring invoices for official use. Moreover, Invoice Ninja supports real-time invoice management that making invoice management much more smooth. 

If you want to design such an application then contact Adequate Infosoft. We are an experienced Laravel web development company and till now we have developed multiple Laravel applications with the help of our skillful developers.

9. Attend



There are several ticket booking applications that are designed in various languages but only Attendize is built on Laravel. It is basically an open-source application that can be used for ticket booking and event management purposes. Almost every theatre owner and event organizer is using Attendize to organize and manage their entire event. From managing all the volunteers, attendees to inventory, Attendize makes everything smooth. You can do all these things on the Attendize application without paying any additional charges to the third-party ticketing companies.

10. Intervention Image



Intervention Image is one pioneering application designed with Laravel technology. It allows us to handle PHP images and manipulate them. Intervention Image provides users with an easy and expressive way to create, edit, and compose images. It supports two major image processing libraries i.e. GD Library and Imagick and allows users to manipulate and customize images according to their requirements.

Intervention Image allows users to create image thumbnails, watermarks, and change the image size in the easiest possible manner. 


There are numerous software companies that are providing a wide range of Laravel web development services. But the simple and practical one works well with technology. So no matter if you have used any Laravel application before or not, you can easily use any of the above-mentioned applications with utmost ease. These top 10 Laravel applications will be in trend in 2022 as well as before. 

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