AngularJS has become the boon for developing a user-friendly and dynamic website. Developing the code in an old-school way takes a lot of time and effort. Keeping the deadline in mind, the main goal of any developer is to complete the project on time. An AngularJS developer understands this fact and tries to follow the time rules like other software developers. It is necessary that developers use the best tools for AngularJS


A modern software development tool helps developers to increase speed, improve code quality, and minimize time. Thus, working on the best IDEs, development tools, text editors, testing aids,and debugging tools becomes important. If you are a developer and not using these tools then you are wasting a lot of time and obstructing yourself from using your full potential. 

10 best tools for AngularJS development     

1. Karma

Karma assures the quality of the code and helps in solving complex problems in minimum effort. Given the size and complexity of the problem, it is unrealistic to depend on manual testing in order to test the notice regression, new features, and catch bugs. 

Karma is the best tool to carry out these tasks easily and effortlessly. With the help of this angular testing tool, you can take on various tasks including unit testing, midway testing, E2E testing, and so on. Karma allows you to test on mobile devices and real browsers like tablets and handsets. Karma can test your codes on real devices, test framework agnostic, use open source, debug easily, and integrate simply. These features make it the best tool in the list of top 10 AngularJS development tools.

2. does not come with JQuery which means it provides flexibility to the programmers. Plus, this AngularJS development tool supports macro widgets and mentions. Therefore, you can directly apply for any selectable content data sources and components. It only accepts selectable text inputs.

3. SublimeText 

 A customized text editor helps to carry out multiple projects in one go. Coding on a notepad is long gone. It is a tough and tedious task especially in solving complex and lengthy problems. The best solution for this problem is Sublime Text which has an inbuilt package ecosystem and powerful API. 

Its features include command palette, project switching, definition checking, split editing, quick navigation to lines, files, or symbols. These features will help you increase your productivity and code quality. For AngularJS developers and text editors, it’s a go-to tool. This is why it is the best AngularJS development tool for developers.

4. Djangular

What is it like to skip the content development part in an application? Isn’t it great? Djangular is a reusable tool that helps in application integration for AngularJS. This tool is a boon for AngularJS developers. Djangular allows you to create content for a single Angular application instead of creating a bunch of content at once. 

Plus, it allows you to use applications per site. You can create separate content as per your preference for your Angular application and then integrate each task using Django. This provides flexibility to the developers.

5. Protractor

Protractor is a Node.js program that offers end-to-end testing and runs on the web browser. It is a complete test structure tool that works as a solution integrator. With the help of various tools such as Selenium, Jasmine, Mocha, NodeJS, and Cucumber it creates tests for AngularJS apps. Plus, it increases the speed of your testing as it eliminates the need to rest and wait until your test is completed. The test that Protractor organized is based on Jasmine which allows you to write both function and unit tests on Jasmine.

6. WebStorm 

Talking about SublimeText and not giving a compliment to its competitor? This will not justify the list of best tools for AngularJS development. WebStorm is one of the best text editors and AngularJS IDE plus, it is compatible with all future technology. WebStorm supports various programming languages including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.JS. Most importantly, this tool includes in-build rich features that identify the errors and eliminate them at the time of coding. Furthermore, you can easily refresh the page to see whether the changes have taken effect.

7. AngularUI

During AngularJS development, developers focus on the quality code and make sure everything is in sync to avoid any unnecessary obstacles. However, speed and time is also great factor that developers must focus on. AngularUI replaces widgets by using bone-naked directives and speeds up the AngularUI. Many AngularJS development companies recommend this Angular tool to their developers to increase productivity.

8. Mocha.js

Another one of the best Node.js dependent tools that enables you to test JavaScript is Mocha.js. If you are looking for a demanding and versatile AngularJS tester then Mocha.js is the best option. It allows you to test the changes on the framework as well as the browser. Mocha.js includes regexp testing support, auto-exit, async support, browser support, global leak detection ability, and many more capabilities.

9. NGX restAngular

This tool is perfect for extracting data from any API. NGX restAngular tool allows you to identify the custom HTTP methods while targeting the specific response from the server, utilize the Restful API, and define names for the URLs. With the help of this, you can send requests such as Update, Post. Delete, and Get easily.

10. Videogular

Videogular is the best tool to provide video-related services. With the help of Videogular, the Angular project can attribute HTML5 based videos that simplify the video player process as well as implement the design. 

AngularJS is slowly becoming a popular framework among web application developers. The need for well-trained and experienced Angular developers is growing day by day. Being a leading custom software development company, Adequate Infosoft incorporates a pool of talented and skilled AngularJS developers. Connect with our AngularJS developers and build dynamic and robust web applications. 

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