Lending Management Solution


Client: David    Location: Ghaza    Industry: Finance and Banking


The Client require a lending management solution to basically facilitate the issuance of small loans with repayment conditions.

There will be basically to kinds of borrowers

  • Individuals under a corporate institution and
  • Individuals on their.

Individuals under a corporate institution: In this instance, an admin will be responsible for the setup of corporate institutions. Once the setup is done, their employees can visit the website and self-register under the company. The admin will have the option to capture for example corporate agreed interest rates and payment terms

Individuals on their: These individuals will just visit the website and self-register


Functional overview

We came up with an accurate software solution that perfectly matched the clients’ needs. We develop an online Lending Management system with desired components as Individual/User, Admin, and Support.

1. Home Page:

2. How It Works:

  • Create Registration Page for User.
  • Create and online form

3. User Login:

  • Once registration is completed, users can now request for loan facilities by filing and online form.
  • The request is authorized by their company for Individuals under a corporate institution and then subsequently authorized by the admin (finance user(s).
  • The request move on for disbursement and once than move on to recovery where repayments will be monitored.
  • Disbursement is done via MoMo or Bank.
  • Repayment is done via Momo,Cash or bank. if it’s done by Momo, the system will automatically reduce balance. If done by cash then finance user will log this repayment manually which will also reduce balance.

4. Services:

The main users in the system are as Follow:
  • System Admin (The setup of business and operational requirements such as lending rates, application fees)
  • Corporate Hr/Finance Officer (Authorize requests from employee)
  • Corporate Report User (View reports, number of requests, total loans, etc.)
  • Admin Finance User (Review and authorize loans)
  • Admin Disbursement Officer (Review and disburse loans (Momo/Cash/Bank)
  • Admin Recovery Officer (Review loan portfolio and outstanding payments, send text, email reminders for payment)
  • Admin Report User (System reports, management reports, dashboard

5. Contact Us:


  • For Database :-
    MS SQL Server 2017
  • For Web based Application:-
    C#, .Net Framework 4.5 , Web API, HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, J-Query, Angular 7
  • For Android App :-
    Java, Eclipse, Android Development Framework .
  • For Apple App: -
    iOS Framework, Swift
  • For Hosting Server: -
    IIS on Windows Environment
  • For Environment: -
    Amazon Web Services (EC2)

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