Coin/Token Maker Marketplace See the complete process to develop a digital platform to exchange tokens. We have used trending Blockchain technologies like Ethereum, and Polygon to design this system.

Coin/Token Maker Marketplace

Web based token exchange system MVP, where there would be two type of users viz, seller and buyer. web based token exchange system MVP, where there would be two type of users viz, seller and buyer.

Client Requirement

The Client wishes to create a web-based token exchange system with two types of users: sellers and buyers. Sellers or token creators would be able to create their own customized token, which would be listed on the exchange, and buyers would be able to purchase these tokens to trade.

The client is looking for the following features and functions:

  • ERC 20 Token Template Development
  • A ERC 20 Token named ROCK token development
  • Wallet Creation
  • Registration and Wallet sync
  • User Accounts for Admin, Seller, and Buyer
  • Home Page
  • Token Creation: Allow token minting using ERC20 standard.
  • Ensure that migration from v1.0 to v2.0 will be easy, without forcing artists to re-mint.
  • Token Details such as token information, Tokenomics, Other details, Transaction activities, Trade activities, and purchase CTA
  • Token Purchase: Buyers would be able to purchase any client created tokens from the exchange after paring with the company token, which is ROCK token.
  • Admin Portal: Authentication, Dashboard, Tokens, Reports, User Management
  • Provide Blockchain options for token minting like on OpenSea, Polygon, Ethereum, Mumbai, Rinkeby
Token Maker

Our Approach to Develop Project

To develop this app, we have followed the below approach to design the mobile app:

  1. 01
    Requirements Gathering

    Clearly define the features, functionality, and target audience for the Coin/Token Maker Marketplace website.

  2. 02
    Technology Stack Selection

    Choose an appropriate technology stack based on scalability, security, and ease of development, including frontend and backend frameworks, databases, and integration tools.

  3. 03
    Token Creation and Marketplace Features

    Implement user-friendly interfaces for token creation, listing, buying, and selling. Include order books, trading charts, and secure payment integration.

  4. 04
    User Management and Authentication

    Develop user registration, login, and account management functionalities. Implement security measures like encryption, secure password storage, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  5. 05
    Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance

    Thoroughly test the website for functionality, usability, and security. Deploy the website on a reliable hosting platform or cloud infrastructure, and regularly maintain and update it to incorporate new features, security patches, and optimizations.

Technologies Deployed

  • Back End: Node JS
  • Front End: React JS , Web3 JS
  • Database: Mondo DB
  • Server-side language: Type Script , Java Script , Solidity
  • Contracts: Solidity (refer OpenZeppelin )
  • For Block chain: Ethereum, Polygon
  • API: Alchemi/Infura API

Development & Implementation

We developed the following pages for desired Marketplace with the given functionalities:

Home Page

  • Top navigation bar
  • Banner for highlighted Information about market place
  • Important Collections and Cover pages
  • How it works: Steps and video
  • Site feature
  • Footer

Buyer Panel

  • Validate your account on Marketplace.
  • Onboard to the marketplace
  • Create profile and update the desired details.
  • Forget Password
  • Reset Password
  • Account Lock
  • Order to purchase and trade tokens created by various sellers.
  • Connect their MetaMask or Trust wallets to the web application.
  • Access to the token List
  • Token Search: Buyers will be able to search any token based on, but no limited to:
    • Name
    • Price range
    • Market cap
    • Date of creation
  • Token Details: Buyers will be able to view any token details by clicking the token link as
    • Token information
    • Tokenomics
    • Other details
    • Transaction activites
    • Trade activities
    • Purchase CTA
  • Token Purchase:
    • After purchasing/buying the ROCK token with cryptocurrency such as ETH or fiat currency and holding ROCK in their wallet.
    • Buyers can purchase other client-minted tokens using ROCK token.

Seller/Creator Panel

  • Validate account on Marketplace
  • Onboard to the marketplace
  • Create a profile and update the desired details.
  • Forget Password
  • Reset Password
  • Account Lock
  • Add details and upload the tokens to manage your own collections.
  • Token Creation:Apply for a new token simply by filling and submitting a form with the below information:
    • Token name
    • symbol
    • Description
    • Decimal
    • Tokenomics
  • After that, the system will process the request and create the ERC20 token based on the form submitted.
  • Initial and maximum supply
  • Supply type - Coin features
  • Token functions: Burn, Mint, Tx fee, etc.
  • PreSale information: Presales supply date range
  • Token lock
  • Lock period
  • Connect their MetaMask wallet to the web application.

Admin Panel

It will have access to the back office control panel for monitoring and controlling various activities happening on the site. Such as

  • Access the portal using the login credentials.
  • Manage Dashboard
  • Manage various activities going on with the application through the dashboard, such as,
    • Number of tokens created
    • Number of User registered
    • Token traded volume
  • Manage Seller Account:
    • Create/suspend accounts/turn off/pause.
    • Ban IP addressed (broad and specific) based on abusing the system.
  • Manage Buyer Account
    • Create/suspend accounts/turn off/pause.
    • Ban IP addresses (broas and specific) based on abusing the system.
  • Manage Token
    • View the list of token created by the users.
    • Filter the list of token by various filter criteria such as name, address, contract, date of creation, etc.
    • View details of a token and their supporting documents
    • Disable (remove) enable any coin from listing.
  • Manage Listings
  • Manage Payment queries
  • Manage Reports: View extensive reports of various activities from reports, such as
    • Token reports
    • Transaction reports
    • Trading reports, etc.
  • Manage Review/Rating
  • Manage Notifications
  • Manage Crypto Integration/Wallet
  • Manage Bidding system

Wallet Creation

  • Users will have a safe place to receive and store their non-fungible tokens.
  • We will provide a method for users to connect their wallets (MetaMask or Trust wallet) to the web application.
  • Users can create an account, register on the platform, and link their wallet.
    • The seller wallet address will be the owner wallet address after token creation.
    • Whereas on purchasing the buyers address it will be used to transfer the token.

Final Outcome

What Our Clients Say About Us

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