Coin/Token Maker Marketplace


Client is looking to develop a web based token exchange system MVP, where there would be two type of users viz, seller and buyer. Seller or token creators would have provision to create a customized token of their own, which can be listed in the exchange and the buyer can purchase these tokens to trade.

Client is looking for following features and functions:

  • ERC 20 Token Template Development
  • A ERC 20 Token named Rock token development
  • Wallet Creation
  • Registration and Wallet sync
  • User Accounts for Admin, Seller, Buyer
  • Home Page
  • Token Creation: Allow token minting using ERC20 standard.
  • Ensure that migration from v1.0 to v2.0 will be easy, without forcing artists to re-mint.
  • Token Details such as token information, Tokenomics, Other details, Transaction activities, Trade activities, Purchase CTA
  • Token Purchase: Buyers would be able to purchase any client created tokens form the exchange after paring with the company token which is ROCK token.
  • Admin Portal: Authentication, Dashboard, Tokens, Reports, User Management
  • Provide blockchain options for token minting like on OpenSea: Polygon, Ethereum, Mumbai, Rinkeby


We developed the following page for desired Marketplace with the given functionalities:

01: Home Page:

  • Top navigation bar
  • Banner for highlighted Information about market place
  • Important Collections and Showing Cover pages
  • How it works steps and video
  • Site feature
  • Footer

02: Buyer Panel:

  • Validate account on Marketplace.
  • Onboard to the marketplace
  • Create profile and update the desired details.
  • Forget Password
  • Reset Password
  • Account Lock
  • Order to purchase and trade tokens create by various sellers.
  • Connect their MetaMask or Trust wallet to the web application.
  • Access to the token List
  • Token Search: Buyer will be able to search any token based on, but no limited to:
    • Name
    • Price range
    • Market cap
    • Date of creation
  • Token Details: Buyer will be able to view any token details by clicking the token link as
    • Token information
    • Tokenomics
    • Other details
    • Transaction activites
    • Trade activities
    • Purchase CTA
  • Token Purchase:
    • After paring/buying the ROCK token with crytpocurrency such as ETH or fiat currency and hold ROCK in their wallet.
    • Buyer can purchase other client-minted token using ROCK token.

03: Seller/Creator Panel:

  • Validate account on Marketplace
  • Onboard to the marketplace
  • Create profile and update the desired details.
  • Forget Password
  • Reset Password
  • Account Lock
  • Add details and Upload Token and manage own collections
  • Token Creation: Apply for a new simply by filling and submitting a form with information such as:
    • Token name
    • symbol
    • Description
    • Decimal
    • tokenomics
  • After that system will process the request and create the ERC20 token based on the form submitted.
  • Initial and max supply
  • Supply type - Coin features
  • Token functions: Burn, Mint, Tx fee etc.
  • PreSale information: Presales supply date range
  • Token lock
  • Lock period
  • Connect their MetaMask wallet to the web application.

04: Admin Panel: It will access to the back office control panel for monitoring and controlling various activities happening with the site. Such as

  • Access the portal using the login credentials.
  • Manage Dashboard
  • Manage various activities going on with the application through the dashboard such as,
    • Number of token created
    • Number of User registered
    • Token traded volume
  • Manage Seller Account:
    • Create/suspend accounts/turn off/pause.
    • Ban IP addressed (broas and specific) based on abusing the system.
  • Manage Buyer Account
    • Create/suspend accounts/turn off/pause.
    • Ban IP addressed (broas and specific) based on abusing the system.
  • Manage Token
    • View the list of token created by the users.
    • Filter the list of token by various filter criteria such as name, address, contract, date of creation, etc.
    • View details of a token and their supporting documents
    • Disable (remove) enable any coin from listing.
  • Manage Listings
  • Manage Payment queries
  • Manage Reports: View extensive reports of various activities from reports, such as
    • Token reports
    • Transaction reports
    • Trading reports, etc.
  • Manage Review/Rating
  • Manage Notifications
  • Manage Crypto Integration/Wallet
  • Manage Bidding system

05: Wallet Creation:

  • Users will have a safe place to receive and store their non-fungible tokens.
  • We will provide the option through which User will be able to connect Wallet Option (For MetaMask or Trust wallet) to the web application
  • User can create account and register with the platform and connect their wallet.
    • After token creation seller wallet address will be the owner wallet address
    • Whereas on purchasing the buyers address it will be used to transfer the token.


  • Back End:- Node JS
  • Front End:- React JS , Web3 JS
  • Database:- Mondo DB
  • Server-side language:- Type Script , Java Script , Solidity
  • Contracts:- Solidity (refer OpenZeppelin¬†)
  • For Block chain:- Ethereum, Polygon
  • API:- Alchemi/Infura API

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