House Automation System (Softcontrol Cleverhouse) Owner of a leading electronics and automation company based in Denmark approached Adequate Infosoft to design house automation software. Check out the complete details of the project here.

House Automation System

(Softcontrol Cleverhouse)

The Softcontrol Cleverhouse Product platform is a complete range of devices used in residential and commercial building with focus on price, reliability and usability. The compatibility in extensive range of devices.

Client Requirement

The client is the owner of a well-known and expertly run "Electronics and Automation" based business in Denmark. The company deals with a huge variety of equipment used in residential and commercial construction.

The client wanted to create software called “Softcontrol Cleverhouse” that would integrate many different technologies into a single, unified package that would appear to end users to be a single product. Since the software has already addressed all the challenging setup and initialization procedures, users can simply have a plug & play experience with it. Users can control all equipment and devices in their house through the internet via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Our Approach to Develop Project

We followed a systematic approach to develop this house automation software that will control all the equipment and devices in a residential building. The task was quite complicated, so we started by identifying the requirements of the house automation software. This includes identifying the devices and equipment that need to be controlled and the desired functionalities of the software.

  1. 01
    Platform Selection:

    Next, we selected the platform to develop the software. We used different platforms for Android, iOS, and web-based devices.

  2. 02
    Design the user interface:

    After that, we started working to design the user interface. The interface needs to be simple and straightforward so that the user can operate all of the gadgets and machinery with ease.

  3. 03
    Develop the software:

    Then we developed the software according to the client’s requirements and made it responsive to the UI design. We kept the software reliable, efficient, and secure.

  4. 04
    Link all hardware and software together:

    Hook up everything that needs to work with the program. We used different protocols, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee, to connect all devices and equipment.

  5. 05
    Test the software:

    After everything was linked up, we gave the software a thorough test to make sure it performed as expected. This involves checking the software's security, functionality, and connectivity.

  6. 06
    Deploy the software:

    Finally, we handed over the software to the client, as it was ready to be installed in the apartment complex.

  7. 07
    Provide maintenance and support:

    Presently, we are providing maintenance and support to the client for this software. This includes fixing bugs, updating the software, and providing customer support.

Technologies Deployed

  • For Control Box ( ghi electronics module G120): C#, .Net Micro Framework 4.3
  • For Web-based Applications: C#, .Net Framework 4.5 , Asp.Net , HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, J-Query,
  • For Backend: ASP Core, SQL Server 2012
  • For Android App: Java, Eclipse, Android Development Framework.
  • For Apple App: Swift, iOS Framework
  • Firmware Development: Embedded C, C++
  • Protocols: LoRa, ZigBee, BLE, WIFI, MODBUS, M-BUS , CAN-BUS, TCP/IP
  • Others: SCC controller, Sensor, Temperature, Humidity, motor, electricity, Power, etc.

Development & Implementation

Functional Overview

We created this software to meet the needs of our clients. The Softcontrol Cleverhouse Controller (SCC, G120 module of Ghi electronics) is linked to the house's internal LAN network and to the router, which has a WAN port that connects to the internet. When there are no fixed internet connections available, a GPRS modem can be connected to the SSC.

The SCC is first configured by creating a Softcontrol Cleverhouse account (SCA). When the SCC is configured, it is ready to communicate with the back-end service running in the cloud. If the user wishes to communicate with the SCC, he or she must do so via the front end or a local web server running within the SCC. The front end is available as a web page or as an Android or iPhone app.

When the system is up and running, the SCC controller communicates with the back end, saving and retrieving relevant information, as shown by the blue dashed line in Figure 1. If a user needs to obtain information from the SCC, they typically do so via the cloud, using a computer, laptop, smartphone, or other devices to communicate with the front end, as shown by the red dashed line in Figure 1. If the user is not within his or her own network, the tablet only requires an internet connection to communicate with the cloud.

Product Features

  • Heat control in houses with wireless energy harvesting temperature sensors.
  • Out Heat control in houses with wireless energy harvesting temperature sensors
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Alarm system with wireless energy harvesting sensors
    • Door/Windows contact
    • PIR sensor
  • Energy consumption monitoring
    • Water (Pulse)
    • Electricity (Pulse, MODBUS)
    • Heat (IR interface to KAMSTRUP)
  • Energy production monitoring
    • PV (RS485, or pulse count)
    • Heatpump (IR interface to KAMSTRUP)
    • Windmill (RS485, or pulse count)
  • Datalogging/control through cloud
  • Control through web-page
  • Control through the Android app
  • Control through the iPhone app
  • The controller should be accessible through the Ethernet interface
  • Delivered with a quick guide that contains the following information: A Connection diagram, an overview of available accessories and support options
  • The customers can setup the controller with a PC tool available as a free download or a built-in web server in the unit
  • The unit must be registered on a web portal through its unique serial number

Final Outcome

Client Profile

Client: Leading Business House Location: Denmark Industry: Electronics & Automation Engineering

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