Pet's Social Media and Marketplace (Schnaubii) Check out our pet social media platform designed by our talented software developers. From Android and iOS apps to a fully functional marketplace, this platform connects pets socially.

Pet's Social Media & Marketplace (Schnaubii)

Pet's Social Media and Market Development solutions will provide the unique and informative posts related to dogs plus, option to purchase the dog. The options include pet selection, cart, and secure payment system.

Client Requirement

The client wants to develop an app for Android and iOS platforms for pets where customers can post about their pets, share experiences with other pet owners, like other pet owners' posts, and can sell pet products.

Other requirements:

  • App integrated with Paypal for purchases, picture/video upload, and Social Networking features, (follow, like, newsfeed, comments).
  • Only web admin can sell products in the Marketplace app.
  • The app must be integrated with the Facebook API.
  • Users can follow other users, send invites, and save purchase history

Our Approach to Develop Project

Developing a social media platform for pets can be a fun and exciting project for our team, and we carefully make a plan to execute this project as per client requirements.

  1. 01
    Conduct Market Research:

    We started with conducting market research and observing other social media platforms for pets. We checked what features and functions they have offered to their customers and what type of audience they are targeting. This research helped us in the development of this platform and ensure that it stands out in the crowded pet social media market.

  2. 02
    Define the Purpose & Target Audience:

    After that, we did research on the purpose of the platform and the target audience. Whether the platform will be for pet owners, pets themselves, or both. We also work on determining the types of features and content that would be most appealing to this audience.

  3. 03
    Create a Business Plan:

    Developing a business plan is a critical step in the development of any new product or service. Our business plan for this project included a description of the platform, the target audience, the features and functions of the platform, the revenue model, and the marketing strategy.

  4. 04
    Determine the Technical Requirements:

    After that, we determined the technical requirements for the platform, such as server capacity, database management, and security protocols. That helps us decide whether to build this project from scratch or use existing tools and platforms to create a custom solution.

  5. 05
    Design the User Interface:

    All the above steps are followed by designing the user interface (UI). We ensure that the UI is easy to use and visually appealing to attract and retain users. Consider a design that is playful and fun, while also being easy to navigate and intuitive.

  6. 06
    Develop the Features and Functions:

    In this step, we developed the features and functions of the social media platform. Some potential features are mentioned below:

    • User profiles for pets and pet owners
    • Social networking features, such as the ability to follow other pets and pet owners, post updates and photos, and comment on other posts
    • Pet health tracking and monitoring tools
    • Pet-friendly event listings
    • Pet adoption and rescue resources
    • E-commerce capabilities for pet-related products and services
  7. 07
    Test and Refine the Platform:

    Testing and refining the platform is a critical step in ensuring its success. For this, we conducted beta testing with a group of users to gather feedback on the platform's functionality, usability, and overall appearance. Further, we used this feedback to make improvements and refine the platform before launching it to the public.

  8. 08
    Launch & Promote the Platform:

    In the final step, we launched the platform and promoted it through social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and other channels to attract users and build a pet community around the platform. Also, we continued to gather feedback and make improvements to ensure the platform's continued success.

Technologies Deployed

  • NativeScript with Angular
  • HTML, CSS3
  • XML
  • Xamarin-Form, MYSQL

Development & Implementation

We have developed all the screens in this app that would help users to stay connected with other pets and pet owners irrespective of their location.


  • Login Screen: To login the user account
  • The Bark Screen: All the posts, news, and event from other pet owners will be shown on the bark screen.
  • Buy/Sell Screen: Users can find any Breed of Dog to purchase or list their pets on sale. Also, the web admin can use this screen to sell all dog-related accessories. There is a switching tab between both.
  • Inner Screen Of Buy/Sell: Users will get to see the details of the selected product or breed.
  • Filter Screen: There are two types of filters to sort the breed of dog from color, age, etc.
  • News Screen: News, events, and Lost/Found information will be shown on this screen.
  • Add Screen: Users can add any post, dog for buy/ sell, News, Event, or Lost/found from this screen.
  • Message Screen: Users can check the notification for likes, comments, and purchase-related queries and messages from the Schnaubii team.
  • Other Users Profile: Users can check their own profile or other pet owners' profiles from this screen. He/She can also follow other users from this page and give a rating to that user by clicking on the rating tab.
  • User’s Profile: The user can edit his profile, check his wallet and Log out of his account from this screen.
  • Followers Screen: The user can check the total count of followers or add/remove users from this screen
  • Post Screen: Users can add new posts or check their previous posts.
  • Comment Or Report Post Screen: He can add comments or report other users from this screen.
  • Cart Screen: This screen will show all the items added to the shopping cart.

Features Added

  • Profile creation: Users can create a profile for their pets with their name, age, breed, and other details.
  • Photo and video sharing: Users can share photos and videos of their pets and view photos and videos of other pets.
  • Pet community: Users can join groups and communities related to their pet's breed, interest, or location.
  • Pet events: Users can also find and RSVP to pet events happening in their local area.
  • Pet adoption: Users can browse through the profile of pets that are available for adoption in their area.
  • Lost and found pets: Users can post about lost or found pets and help reunite them with their owners.
  • Information on Pet health: Users will get access to resources and information related to pet health and wellness.
  • Pet-friendly locations: Users should be able to find pet-friendly locations, such as restaurants, hotels, and parks in their area.
  • Pet merchandise: Users should be able to buy and sell pet-related merchandise, such as toys, treats, and accessories.
  • Pet-related services: Users should be able to find and book pet-related services, such as grooming, pet-sitting, and training.

Final Outcome

What Our Clients Say About Us

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