Pet's Social Media and Marketplace Development

Project Summary

This App have all the random posts related to dogs with price and like button of someone click on like it will directly add the no to like shown on the page.

If someone wants to purchase dog then it will be added to cart, for cart there a button on the top right corner and if any user want to comment for the dog then comment screen will be open on a document

Client Requirement

Client is looking for Android and iOS mobile app, Back end work, Web Admin.

  • App integrated with Paypal for purchases, picture/video upload, Social Networking features, (follow, like, newsfeed, comments).
  • It is a "Marketplace" where only web admin can sell products in the app.
  • App is integrated with Facebook API.
  • User can follow other user.
  • App can send invite notification
  • App can save purchase history.

Solution Provided By Us

1. Login Screen:

2. The Bark Screen:

Once user will log in the first screen he will seeThe Bark Screen. Here all the post will show whom user is following all the post, news, event and Lost&found.

3. Buy/Sell Screen:

From this screen user can find any Breed of Dog to purchase and the marketplace also where all the dog related accessories are available, there is switching tab between both.

4. Inner Section Of Buy/Sell:

If any user click on any breed it will show all the dogs of that breed.

5. Filter Section:

There is two type of filter one is sorting filter and another one is choose between color, age etc.

6. News Section:

If user click on news button it shows three types of section which is news, event and Lost&Found.. All these three screen has tabbing.

7. Add Section:

From add section user can add any post or any dog for buy/ sell or any News, Event, Lost & found. Here also two switching tabs it switches sections to add dog post/Buy or News/Event?Lost&Found. There is two section in adding dog (Left Screen) from top there will be only post and in bottom section user need to specify everything so that dog will go to buy/sell section.There is a drop down in News section(Right Screen) on which there is written Select News/Event from here you can define your post that it is a News Or Event Or Lost&Found.

8. Message Screen:

Here user will get notification of whom liked there post and whom commented to their post and whom purchased their dog and if Schnaubii team sends any message to any user that will also show here.

9. User Profile Others:

Here is two types of user profile one is when user see anyone else profile and the next is when user see their own profile. When user will see any one else profile he can follow that user and give rating to that user by clicking on rating text.

10. User Profile Own:

When user will see their own profile then their will 3 options to them one is Edit profile another is wallet and Log out.

11. Edit Profile and wallet screen:

From here user can edit their personal info and login info and From wallet screen user can see all the transaction who purchased their dog and how much amount is in their account and user can transfer that amount as well as.

12. Following screen:

when user will click on following text where it is showing total count of follower at their own profile or anyone else profile it will take them to following screen and there is an option to see followers search followers and remover followers.

13. Post Screen:

This screen shows how post will open everywhere in app when user will click on Buy/sell or news/Event/Lost&Found or anyone’s profile etc the post will look like this.

14. Comment Or report post Screen:

When user will comment on any post or there is a three dots on the right side of the screen when user will click on the that dot will ask for report if user will click on report option it will ask the reason.

15. Cart Screen:

This screen will show when user will add anything to cart

Technologies Used

  • NativeScript with Angular
  • HTML, CSS3
  • XML
  • Xamarin-Form, MYSQL

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