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How Your Property Advisor Can Help You?

  • Comprehensive and Reliable, We are proud to house the most extensive property database in Malaysia. Coupled with our state of the art data cleansing technology, users can have utmost confidence on data accuracy.
  • Transparency, Data obtained from is fully transparent which source of data is directly extracted from Jabatan Penilaian Dan Perkhidmatan Harta (JPPH). We believe a transparent and unbiased data will help clients to form better analysis.
  • Social Proof, Other than historical data, we believe that social proof is also an important component when it comes to property investment. At, you get the chance to communicate with other likeminded investors or buyers.
  • Exclusive Insights, Our research team comprises some of the market most experience property experts. With the availability of latest data, our team is able to produce distinctive insights and thought provoking research reports that you cannot find in the market

Finding a Property in Property advisor:-

Property advisor makes finding the property according to your desired location. Property advisor provides you a very clean and sorted filters so that it display the only the appropriate results. There are several types of filters like state you can define the state in this field so that it will show you all the properties of that particular state.

1.1 - Searching By Address, Street or Suburb

The address search function in Property Guru allows you to search for either a specific property or for a wider area, such as an entire street or suburb.

To search the address in any state first select the state from the left drop down and click in the address bar (as shown below) and start typing the street number and name, followed by the suburb. A list of possible results will appear after the first 5 characters are entered, matching what you have entered into the address bar. The more characters you enter, the more refined the results list will be. If after typing a full address no results are returned, the most common reason is due to a typing error, so check you have entered in the address correctly

After typing any street, Area/Town, Projects/Townships it shows you auto suggestion as shown in above image when you select on any of them and click on search now it will show you all the statistic of that property of last 5 years like Low (RM), Median Price (RM) High (RM) what was the lowest, highest and median price of that property in last 5 years, so you can easily get to know the property rate fluctuation & Property Price vs Property Size Analysis.

Along with these data it shows Transacted Graph and median Graph Tabs you can switch between then and get all the statistics with the table of all data like transaction date , address, property type, tenure, floors, land area sq feet, build up, price, transaction price(RM)

It shows Terraced shop nearby the property you have entered with graph and table in between property name & median price. There are search again button to search more/another property.

These are all the data related to one property of last 5 years so that its very easy to get property with more knowledge about what you want and easy to get confident about what you are looking for and get desired property.

Along with all these statistics there are a few section in the home page as well as in navigation bar which is on the top or the each page like Residence, Commercial, Industrial, Land, Agriculture. So you can select any of this section according to your requirement & according to what you are looking for.

If you need a property for Residence then select for Residence section and look for all the available property.

1.2 - Searching By Transaction data of Residence Property in Malaysia

The transaction data in property advisor allows you to find the property according to your requirement purpose, Like if you are looking for Residential property then click on Residence.

It will take to the all residence properties available so its very suitable to find the locality according to the choice. You can select State to get the all in available properties of that particular state as shown below.

There are all the residence property there, if anyone is not sure where they should look or want to compare price range/look all range of property & availability, then also all property list is there with pegging, so by default you see all the property which is available for residence as shown in below image.

1.2.1 - Searching By Transaction data of Residence Property by State/All Property Group Types/All Median Prices

There is three drop down on the top all are related to each other and work individual also. First is State if you want to select any Residence property in any particular state then select that state it will give all result related to selected state when you will click on filter button

If you want to filter data with Property Group Types then click on the drop down it will show you all available option and when you click on filter it will provide you result according to the option you have selected.

If you want to select Property Group Types in any specific state then select state form All state drop down & select Property Group Types form All Property Group Type drop down, when you will click on filter button will give all the data of selected Property Group Types in selected state.

If you want to filter data with Median Price range then there is a drop down of all Median Price click on that drop down and select the range and click on filter button to get result in that price range.If you want to the price range in specific state then select the state and price both from drop down and click on filter button to get the property in selected state and selected price range. If you want property within a price range, in a particular state & Property Group type then select all the fields from there drop down and click on filter to get result in selected state, selected Property Group Type & selected price range.

1.2.2 - Searching By Transaction data of Residence Property by Scheme/Township, Tenure/Type

With all the above sorting filter there are two more sorting filter in which you can type anything according to your suitability so that there will be everything will be covered in sorting data.

Scheme/Township helps you to get more sorted result in any state from drop down you can select only state from this field you can type any scheme/township of any or a specific state will provide you all the results.

Tenure/Type helps you to get more sorted result of tenure type you can find specific type by entering in the input field. It also sorts with Scheme/Township. You can type in both fields will provide you the common result of both.

1.3 - Searching By Transaction data of Commercial Property in Malaysia

This section will take you to all the commercial property, From here it shows all the commercial properties available in Malaysia, there are all same filter available as Residence like drop downs (State/All Property Group Types/All Median Prices), input (Scheme/Township, Tenure/Type)

1.4 - Searching By Transaction data of Industrial Ares in Malaysia

If you are looking a property for industry then you can directly click on the Industrial Area section. This section provides you all types of industrial properties, This section also work as other all section, there are all same filter available as other section like drop downs (State/All Property Group Types/All Median Prices), input (Scheme/Township, Tenure/Type)

By default it is showing all the properties available for Industry.

1.5 - Searching By Transaction data of Land in Malaysia

This section provides all the available development lands, If you are looking for land itselfthen this option is very suitable for you. It provides all the development lands available in Malaysia with all the filters sorting.

There are all same filter available as other section like drop downs (State/All Property Group Types/All Median Prices), input (Scheme/Township, Tenure/Type)

1.6 - Searching By Transaction data of Agriculture in Malaysia

This section provides you all the agriculture lands available in Malaysia, If you are looking do any agriculture land the this is the best suitable section for you. This section also has the same filters available as other section like drop downs (State/All Property Group Types/All Median Prices), input (Scheme/Township, Tenure/Type)

All these section are to refine result and to provided you more filtered data at one place so its easy for you to understand, compare as well as check all the available areas and from all these section you can easily switch to one another by the navigation bar on the top.

1.7 - Snapshot of Projects/Townships with Most Transacted Properties

With all the above filter you can get easily refined and sorted property in less time with wide range of Ares, This Section provides you all the statics of Projects/Townships with Most Transacted Properties with different different fields as shown in image below, Its showing the top Landed Residence, Non-landed Residence, Landed Commercial, Non-landed Commercial with all the details of land also. This helps to get to know what is trading and which property is in the highest demand, helps you to make your mind for confident that where you want the property.


  • CSS3, HTML5, Canvas, Microsoft-SQL, Azure,
  • Google-search-API, Payment-Gateway-Integration,
  • Elastic Search, Native Script, React-Native,, Angular JS,Web API, Testing


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