Cloud based POS system with Buyers App


Client: Wholesaler    Location: Australia    Industry: Trading


  • Client want to be developed a Cloud based Progressive Web Application (POS Software) optimized for sellers who will use a 12.9 inch Ipad Pro and desktop.
  • Required modules are as Products, Input Sale, Input Business Sale, Purchases, End of Day, Inventory, Transactions, Customer files, Supplier Index, Pallets, Settings, etc. with multiple functions.
  • Client also want to be Developed an app for Buyers optimized for mobile and desktop to order any item from anywhere.
  • Client want to be integration of both wireless and wired connection ability as:
    • Thermal printer integrations
    • Starmicrosystems Printer SKU
    • A4 Printer integration
    • Card reader integration, such as Square terminal using API


Section 1: POS Software: Below are the features and functions which we Developed in POS:
  • INPUT NEW SALE: We add following features in user's point of sale system:
    • Provided a Add Station option with a drop-down menu of Stations so that Users can link their printers and devices to station.
    • Provided a Add Salesman option with a drop-down menu of Salesman so that user can select.
    • Created a Pallets Out option to allocate pallets to the sale for future records as well.
    • User can also write a Delivery Note to the transaction.
    • We will Created a Draft Invoice option to record invoice to be finalized later on.
    • User will be able to Created an invoice for this transaction and will have ability to email and print it as well.
    • User can use Cash option for taking payment cash.
    • User can use Card option for taking payment via card.
    • Add a Credit Note Button also to initiate a refund and print a credit note.
    • A PROCESS button to show the inputs and the pathways.
    • There will be other option for desired functions as
  • INPUT BUSINESS SALE: We add the following desired features
    • Created a Add New Business button that will allow user to add buyers information to their system.
    • Created Filters for SMCS Business only or Non SMCS only
    • Created a Keyboard as well with letterboxes to filter for businesses (Buyers)
    • Created a Customer File Option so that user can get businesses transaction record and balance.
    • Created a Button for Credit Note.
  • PRODUCTS PAGE: We add the following desired features:
    • Search Filter for searching Product/Supplier as desired.
    • Created a column to Show the name of product type
    • Created a column to show Units/Supplier
    • Created a button to Show Active consignments only that would be ready to sold.
    • Created a Undo Button
    • Created a button to Add Product with desired details.
    • Created a column for Price ($) (Inc GST to input default prices for each unit of their products.
    • Created button to Add Units (+) by adding the desired details such as Select unit, Type Unit, Unit weight (KG), units, Scroll bars, Add Product
    • Created a Button to Add New Units by adding the below details
    • Created button to Save price
    • Add a column for Enable/disable option
    • Provided a GST column with a check
    • Created a column for Inventory Code to assign a code to a unit of product.
    • Created a button to Save inventory code
    • Created a button for Delete option in the shape of a bin to delete the product from the user's system. (by selecting only).
  • PURCHASES: In this section, We added following features:
    • Search Option to search for consignments from a certain supplier. Here, it shows details in column such as: Supplier, Type, #Con.note, ID, Documents, Priced, Value($), sold (%), Completion Date, Status, etc.
    • Created a Add Consignment Button to add a consignment to the system by inputting the required details such as
      • Variety Name
      • Product to input the type of product with a photo.
      • Unit to input the units the product is sold in.
      • Consign# to input the products consignment number.
      • Advised to input the advised amount of inventory.
      • Received to input the received amount of inventory
      • Waste to input the waste inventory
      • Graded to input the number of products that were graded and it will just appear here.
      • Cost Per Unit to input the cost per unit from the supplier.
    • Created a Create Consignment Button to Create a consignment to the system by inputting the required details.
    • After this, it open CONSIGNMENTS Page with the details: Total Stats, Total Costs, Total Sales, Gross Profit, GP (%), Print Info, Print A4 Balance, Complete Button, etc.
    • Created a COMPLETE CONSIGNMENT page so that user can complete the consignment but without the status options.
  • INVENTORY EQUATIONS: In this section we provided the following button and columns for user to see the inventory details:
    • Created a Search bar to search for products listed.
    • Show Products
    • Allow Overselling button to sell products after the stock has run out and be able to go into the minuses.
    • By searching, user get the following details of inventory in column as
    • In this section, User will have following details:
      • Transaction type(for Invoice, SMCS Invoice, Cash, Card)
      • Customer Address
      • User Logo
      • Transaction Date for any selected type of transaction.
      • User address
      • Invoice Due date
      • Ref# for reference number of the transaction.
      • Reprint Docket
      • Reprint Invoice
      • Print A4
      • Email Buyer to email the buyer an A4 invoice pdf of the transaction
    • Add an Export CSV option to download a CVS (Microsoft Excel file) for All or Selected.
    • It will show the transactions details by selecting the Select Box:
      • Date: This is the date of the transaction
      • Time: This is the time the transaction occurred.
  • CUSTOMER FILES: User can see the customer files in the desired format as per your given design.
    • Balance Box that has the totals which the customer owes to the seller. Here, The data will be as follows:
      • Opening amount
      • Bought amount
      • Closing amount
      • Paid (-) amount
      • Credits (-)amount
    • Select Dates Option through which user can select the date range of the transaction.
    • Sort By Option: User will be able to sort data by, time,trans type, total high and total low, smcs notified, status
    • Filter Option : Users can filter the data by: Cash Transactions SMCS Invoices, Non-SMCS Invoices Credit Notes, Paid Unpaid, Overdue Invoices
    • We will also Created a Select column with a box that users can use to select a transaction
    • Date Column to show the date of the transaction
    • Ref# Column to show the reference number of the transaction.
    • Trans Type Column to show the type of transaction.
    • Buyer Column to show the name of the Buyer who purchased the products in the transaction
    • Total Column to show the total amount of the transaction.
    • Partial Payments Option
    • Total owed Column will show the amount still owed by the customer for the transaction
    • SMCS Notified: It will simply state yes or no.
    • Created a Status Button
    • Details Column with a View button
    • Created Action Button
    • Email Buyer Invoice
  • SMCS REPORT ( END OF DAY): In This section user will get some overall sales statistics from the day.
    • User can search by selecting the dates as well.
    • #Units Sold Column will show the total number of units of all products sold that day.
    • Total Sales ($)
    • #Units Refunded
    • Total credits ($)
    • Gross sales
  • SUPPLIER INDEX: In this section,
    • Users can see the information about the suppliers.
    • User can add suppliers to the system by selecting ADD SUPPLIER with required details:
    • User can add the products from the supplier by selecting SUPPLIER PRODUCTS and see what products they have added.
    • Created Filter to filter for Added (products added to the supplier) and Not Added (products yet to be added under this supplier).
  • PALLETS: In this section,
    • User will be able to have a summary of the pallets by searching using above filters. User have following result in Columns:
  • ACCOUNT SETTINGS: Created following sections for Profile, device, Account, and receipt & invoice settings etc. as desired.
  • BUILD POS LAYOUT: In this section, users build the layout of their Point of Sale for Input New Sale and Input Business Sale sections. We Provided following functions in this:
    • On this screen, we will add buttons for categories such as Fruit, Vegetable, Herb, Others to switch to that category and add products under each one (as shown in your design)
    • Add product to POS by searching product type for POS.
    • Add a Enable/Disable column below the button.
    • Created a box over every product column for Type in Heading
    • Added a Save button to save the changes
    • Created Undo Button
  • POINT OF SALE: We provided following features in POS with desired functionalities:
    • Payment or Refund Options
    • Draft Invoice Option
    • Invoice Option
    • Cash Option(If buyer will pay in cash then seller will use this)
    • Card Option(If Buyer will pay using Card then it will be connected via the square terminal API).
    • Cash (no payment)
    • Print Options for Sale
Section 2: Buyer’s Mobile Application: We develop the following screen in the app for buyers:
  • Created a New Account button
  • Buyer Signup Screen:
  • Home Screen: Welcome message with Notifications
  • Orders Screen: On this screen , we provided the following features:
    • Created New Order Section
    • Cart Section
    • Sent Order Section
    • Counter Offers Section
    • Confirmed Orders Section
    • Reorder/Past Orders Section
  • Accounting Screen: On this screen, We added the desired features with their symbols as required by the client:
    • Transactions Section
    • Balances Section
    • Pallets Section
    • Settings
  • Menu Screen: Here, we Provided add features for following functions as required:
    • Profile
    • Subscription
    • Notifications
    • Support
    • Logout
Section 3: Administration Module (Web Based):

We develop an Admin Panel so that client can access to customers, Seller and complete 360° view of all the activities including full control of system.

  • Major sections that we provided in this section is as follows:-
    • Logon – Standard logon and Authentication
    • Dashboard – Show the complete overview of sales , Disputes , Customers , Vendors , and various Notification alerts.
    • User Access Management – Created, Edit and Control Access.
    • Manage Buyers profiles (inactivate consumer profiles, if consumer does not comply with company policies)
    • Manage Sellers profiles (inactivate non-compliant profiles)
    • Manage POS dashboard generic settings (Created, change, delete)
    • Manage Payment Methods – standard API (Enable/Disable , Edit Keys , etc)
    • Manage Transactions
    • Manage Products quality
    • Manage Seller payments and Audit, Transaction logs , etc.
    • Manage Sellers contract
    • Dispute Management
    • Manage Consumer/Buyers agreements and privacy statements and CMS
    • Configurable system charges (or set various system and payment protocols)
    • Push messages (Customers and Merchants)
    • Reports (Various reports, client will disclose the specs later)


  • IIS:-
    Windows Could Server
  • Progressive Web App technology:-
    ASP.NET Core Blazor Web Assembly , C#
  • Mobile App technology for Android:-
    React Native with Type Script , SQL Lite
  • Mobile App technology for iOS :-
    React Native , Xcode 12
  • MEAN Stack:-
    Express JS , Angular js , Node js
  • Database:-
    Mondo DB and MS SQL
  • Communication Protocols:-
    BLE , Wifi
  • POS Payment API:-


  • We approached Adequate Infosoft for a POS Software, and after some live sessions with their project manager, we finalised a fully functional and advanced POS software to beat the competition. Thanks to the team for making this possible!

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