Logistic Solutions

Move Exchange App And Website

The app will allow customers to register and schedule, get price and pay for the move. The customer move price will be sent to all the moving companies registered on the app.

Client Requirement

Clients want an app for their logistics company that will allow customers to register, schedule, check the price, and pay for the move.

The app should have a login/registration panel for other moving companies as well.

  • Once the customer schedules a move, the price will be sent to all the moving companies registered on the app to get accepted.
  • Once the job is accepted by the Moving companies, a confirmation message is sent to the customer.
  • The customer will transfer the funds to the moving company after the move is completed.

Technologies Deployed

  • React Native, HTML, CSS
  • MySQL, Asp.net, MVC, REST API

Development & Implementation

A. Customer Module:

  • Account creation
  • Profile setup
  • Present my move description to a network of movers
  • Get the GPS location of all the movers in the network nearest to my location.
  • Get an accurate price of the move
  • Schedule the move
  • Pay for the move
  • Receive Confirmation that the move was accepted
  • Confirm the move was completed
  • Provide Feedback on my experience with the Mover.

B. Mover Module:

  • Setup an Account
  • Provide the type of mover
  • Moving Radius
  • Provide GPS location
  • Accept Move
  • Add the move to my calendar and notified 30 minutes before the move
  • Get paid via the app
  • Confirm the move is completed
  • Receive Feedback

C. Functionalities Provided:

  • Home Screen
  • Account Setup Screen(CUSTOMER)
  • Landing Screen
  • Account Setup Screen (MOVER)
  • Home Screen for Movers ( After Account Has Been Setup)
  • Driver Accept job (Button)
  • Calculate the Move amount (Programming)
  • More Calculations
  • GPS calculates the Distance of the Move
  • GPS calculates the total time of the move in hours and minutes
  • Databases

Supported Devices

  • Mobile Phone (iPhone, Android)
  • Tablets
  • Computer
  • GPS Application Software
  • Database
  • Payment System (Stripe Connect payment merchant)
  • Web Server
  • Security

Final Outcome

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